10 Things To Look For When Hiring An ABA Therapist By A CEO

What are some of the things that we look for when we do hire so this is this is 14.

What are some of the things that we look
for when we do hire so this is this is 14 years of me realizing I should have
asked a question I should have asked certain things before hiring someone
because it would have been much more likely they would have been successful
if at the gate I determine things so the reason I think our turnover is under 4%
for full-time staff it’s probably because we sniff it out early one of
them is how much availability do you have after school because everyone knows
and just as for you guys to know that in order for people to start with our
company we almost always start them part-time and they have to show us
they’re willing to work after school so when someone says I need an 8 to 3 job
and they’re not flexible to travel around after 3 we never hire them so I
just want you to know that if you’re gonna recommend someone to the company
find that out are you willing to bounce around and and work in homes and
unpredictable turbulent schedules at first over all the years I found a
common theme that we fail with when we hire people that that only want to be
part-time and it’s because it’s a side hustle
so in other words there are school psychologists during the day and they
they really are not that bought into behavior analysis they just want a
couple extra dollars they’re working a couple of hours after
school there they’re usually not bought into behavior analysis and making a
career out of it so they’re also less likely to turn their timesheet in graphs
the most important things that that run our company so if you know someone’s not
really all-in then we usually go and hire what our company tries to do is
find the strengths and like we always say gel together someone’s play to
someone’s strengths and someone might be very detail-oriented someone may not be
but they’re great socially so you know try to blend that together then I don’t
know if you’re aware this but we have a cognitive test that people take prior to
coming in the door and the female score higher on that a lot – it’s interesting
in it it’s it’s very objective it’s it’s just like computation you know like math
understanding words and and then like problem solving and it scores from zero
to a hundred so we have found that again it’s just correlational the people that
do very well that score close to the hundred on the higher end or pretty good
at problem-solving it and they’re a little bit better being autonomous
people that score like 9 out of 100 there’s some challenges I think
sometimes so I wanted you to know about that these are all things we didn’t used
to do so that bar is really raised what their niche might be or what are they
what are they interested in when it comes what did they find out of the
hundred and some videos that seem interesting to them you know is it a
good match culturally for what they picked and how they responded and then
secondly whether we’re not they’re detail-oriented and whether they can
follow directions Chelsea does a phone interview and she just listens to their
how articulate they are on the phone and sometimes they’re not very nice they’re
very short with her and they’re and they’re like it’s just so much over you
know like that kind of thing and she and then she says this is the first step and
they’re like then they change it’s really important to determine in a in a
job where you’re going to be dealing with such a variety of stakeholders yeah
you’re gonna go to school district you’re gonna see the receptionist up
front you’re not gonna be an asshole to them and then think that that that’s not
gonna get back to the superintendent it’s amazing could you I don’t give a
fuck if you’re like you know BF Skinner but if you’re an asshole
you’re not gonna change behavior maybe with a rat that you know one wants to
take your advice not really my version told what you have
to say these fries are bar smile goes or how far a little concession can go if
it’s about manners and things like that and especially being a consultant we
can’t remember details about people in the school that when you really get to
know them you’re like all the lake house how’s Johnny doing and like oh we’re you
remember like a detail like oh this weekend they’re having a party you know
how that bird you go it goes like you see the light bulb wow they really cared
okay you know knowing a little bit about their kids if they if they’re they have
an interest and they’re their child’s in gymnastics or whatever and they talk
about it without probing on the first time you meet someone which what do you
do like what your kids do how many of you have you know we’re not bringing
four dozen donuts tomorrow because the guys have been so helpful with like my
kid and like give me a herpe and high fives I’m gonna say like this is Jim I
work with someone said like thank you all for giving appropriate high-fives
when he’s asking appropriately yeah I was like you’re giving real descriptive do not hesitate that’s oh goodness I’m
so using you’re going to be paired with breakfast reinforcements oh yeah things
for you to know when you’re when you’re gonna recommend someone find out if
someone’s career goal if you can find out yes and what’s your goal in 10 years
and when they say a licensed social worker nothing wrong with that I mean
that’s cool it’s a noble profession but that’s not the direction we’re gonna go
and their time will be spent getting their license your hours where if
someone has a degree it’s it’s preferred because we often certain funding sources
we have to build a very low rate we actually pay our staff as much or more
than the billable rate so the bachelor’s degree from CA it’s not essential but it
helps but for the for the margin we ask would you like a low salary a low steady
salary or hourly pay for performance with with high opportunity for earning
now yeah most people really you know a lot of times they pick the low salary
but we we want to this that that one question gives us a little indication
because you know how we are here we want to pay people for hard work and the last
thing we want to do is make sure that if Christians being lazy but Jasmine’s
kicking ass Christian is making the same message as me people that do want to
enroll in a BCBA programs highly preferred not necessary but preferred
I’ll tell you what’s not preferred to me over all the years it again it’s not
just my opinion it’s historically whether they worked out well or not
people that have a master’s degree and and it’s not in behavior analysis
it’s like they have a master’s degree in counseling number or something in school
administration they generally demand a high pay rate and they don’t deserve it
and it’s just because I don’t care if they’re an RBT I would rather pay the
RVT with a high school diploma more than the Masters a great person who doesn’t
know about a BA so just just know that if someone had people with master’s
degrees that are not taking a be a track they generally come in entitled like I
have this master’s degree it’s worthless because there’s there’s nothing they can
do with it they’re not licensed as an LPC or whatever and they just they have
student loans that we’re going to garnish their wages I’ll never forget it
was Umbra and math we were going through one interview process we had four or
five people and we we sell them that are not in competition with one another
because they’re really not it’s because you don’t give me higher pretty much
constantly at this point and I had one person on my left who had a high school
diploma or associate’s degree I can’t remember which and the person on my
right who had a master’s degree and the person who had the master’s degree spoke
in a way where they were more entitled and they were both going for clinical
associates positions and all the thing about when this person was speaking is I
do not want to work with this person this is you if you get that feeling
right from the get-go you’re like you know what it’s not gonna work out here
the person with the high school diploma or the associate’s degree she was badass
his shit I’m not gonna say her name because then it’ll reveal her her level
but we hired and I even pulled her to the side afterwards and said like hey
tell me about some of those behavior issues so yeah I got bit yesterday it
was kind of fun like you know a lot of people think that you know I
come in with this higher level degree in everything and I always tell people I
have a master’s degree in complex common sense like our field isn’t we just put
big names on things people live out every day we can train anyone so the
person who not might necessarily have the degree it doesn’t matter if you have
if you’re driven in this field you have a passion for it and you want to learn
more oh we’re at your cool shit it’s like
getting kids you know like I’ll work with it and that was literally all three
of us have the same sentiment there’s no way I’m hiring Miss master’s degree it
doesn’t mean because they have a master’s degree and it’s not a BA
related that they can’t be good because some of them it’s just it’s just our
history events they may have gone through three or four jobs being a Power
in a school at $11 an hour with their master’s degree realizing their master’s
in communication was bullshit you know I mean but then then they start coming
back and realizing they want to they want to do something like be hey you
know engineering or something there’s always outliers but these are like
common historical red flags that I’ve later gone back and done analyses and
realized that it was it didn’t work out you know and that’s why we keep honing
on our screening mechanism to make sure that we we bring people in that are
going to be motivated with with under your leadership

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