12 Herbs to cleanse your colon #coloncleanse

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19 thoughts on “12 Herbs to cleanse your colon #coloncleanse”

  1. I notice all your herbs are in powder form. Is it just as beneficial to grind my own fennel seed and NOT powder it? Same with Ginger? I buy the dried Ginger Root and make tea, must I grind these two herbs into pieces when making teas? People need to know that they do not have to stock all these herbs, just use what is easily available in your part of the world. God gave us many herbs to pick from in each and every part of the world. Thank you for sharing your herbal knowledge, Tom. I am sipping on a cup of Holy Basil/Fennel Tea right now. :0)

  2. Good learning. Thanks, Tom. My sister suggested a yearly, 30-day cleanse with a tbs. of psyllium husks in cold water. And a tsp. of Vit. C powder to loosen old waste.

  3. Don’t mind making my own capsules. What combination of herbs would you recommend for cleaning the colon, removing mucous plaque and supporting the major organs. Thanks

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