12 Natural ways to do a Colon Cleanse #coloncleanse

So in this video I am going to give you 12 natural foods and remedies to cleanse your colon You.

So in this video I am going to give you 12 natural foods and remedies to cleanse your colon You don’t want laxatives, certainly not on medication, So number 1, is you’ve got to reduce your exposure to toxic environments, and toxins in the environment and they can be in personal health products, like in deodorants, in beauty products like creams can also be in tap water, in cleaning products, there are so many cleaning products, that are full of toxic chemicals, that eventually get into our bodies and and destroy our good bacteria, toxic chemicals in the environment, if you are exposed to agriculture or industry, lighten the load on your body, so that your organs of elimination aren’t given that extra work to do No 2, is to reduce your intake of processed and fast food, because we know that processed and fast food is very low in nutritive value, and high in toxic material that is hard to digest and will not be absorbed into the blood stream because the body figures out that this tuff is not good for us, and so its seeks to break it down and eliminate it, toxic and processed foods are full of chemicals and additives, that are hard to digest and that end up in our gut no 3 is water, water is such a natural substance and we need water up to two litres per day and it increases peristalsis, the natural movement of food and waste through the body, if we are congested and dehydrated that slows down so water is really important for good digestion and good bowel movements some times when people have constipation they can end up having headaches and its really the result of being dehydrated So at least two litres of pure water, or distilled water, as pure as you can get it, not necessarily tap water, 2 litres per day, 8 glasses per day, and its really going to help bowel movements no 4 is to increase your intake of foods high in fiber, fiber is really important for digestion in a number of ways fiber is especially important for peristalsis, for that movement of food and waste through the system it also absorbs water in the bowel and increases bowel movements and its really important for the healthy gut bacteria to create that perfect environment for break down and elimination good sources of fiber include flax seed which you can grind in a coffee grinder add it to your smoothies or your cereal also apple, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, apples are a really good source of pectin, a good source of fiber, then there is healthy grains, porridge oats for example, No. 5 is eat a diet rich in green vegetables and antioxidants fruits these are going to bring the natural enzymes that are required for the break down of food and the absorption of these antioxidant nutrients into the cells, that cleanse and nourish the cells, that get rid of, absorb and kick out those nasty toxins no. 6 are probiotics and we all know that probiotics are a natural source of healthy natural good bacteria we need a good balance of good bacteria in our gut to promote good digestion and elimination, probiotics provide a good source of healthy bacteria, you can get probiotics from good sources of sauerkraut, Kiefer, natural yogurt, you can also go to the health store, and buy a probiotic in a tablet form, but if you can get it in foods its going to be better for your over all health, and well being, and probiotics enhance better digestion and ultimately elimination No. 7 is Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera is a natural remedy known for reducing constipation its a natural laxative that has many benefits to colon health, Aleo vera is full of vitamins and minerals that are really important for good health, digestive health and a healthy colon No. 8 is Triphala, triphala is an Ayurvedic herb from India, it has a long history and association as a natural laxative and idea remedy for treating constipation, Triphala helps to regulate digestion and increase bowel movements so is a really good natural colon cleanser No 9 are prunes, prunes are a natural remedy for constipation, you can take them as the fruit or in prune juice and they help to stimulate bowel movements prunes are also an important source of potassium, and fiber, two important ingredients promoting good digestion and bowl health No. 10 is exercise, exercise is essential for healthy bowel movements, constipation is the lack of movement, so obviously exercise is going to creat some movement and especially walking and swimming and rebounding if you can do it, really important for the lymphatic system and for increasing movement through out the whole body, circulation, lungs, and especially bowel movements so its a very simple one, increase your exercise, waking at least, maybe some swimming, No. 11 is let go of toxic and negative emotions, when we have ourselves loaded, packed and congested with toxic and negative emotions we tend to be negative about the food we eat and the habits we have were holding on to the past, were holding on to hurts and pains that no longer serve us, they do a disservice to use and they increase the risk of eating foods that are high in salt, sugar and fats all the foods that are not so good for us, if you want to do a colon cleanse in a sustainable way you have got to let go of those toxic emotions, which are often down here in the gut think about ways of getting psychological and social support to let go of some of that negativity No 12 are colon cleansing herbs, there are many herbs I can use to cleanse, nourish, clean, disinfect and restore health to the colon and in the next video I am going to go into more detail about the herbs I use in a colon cleanse, todays video was primarily to help you become more aware of the natural ways you can cleanse you colon thanks for watching this video and I will see you in a video very soon, take care, Bye

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  1. Thanks for sharing this video. I almost do lots of things that u advised in this video. Waiting for your next video about herbs for colon cleansing. Thumbs up.

  2. hi mental health herbalist do you this i need a conal cleanse for weeks now i'm having watery yellow stool 4 to 5 time in the morning with a little bit of fresh blood sometime.waiting your reply.aurora

  3. This is really great, because hydro- therapy is not good you wash away the good bacteria, It is never good to waste money on a colon cleanses. Natural is the way to go.

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