$234 HERB haul. Many herbs for bodybuilding, healing & growth

I just spent over £180 on herbs. I do this every so often to stock up. In this video I’m.

I just spent over £180 on herbs. I do this
every so often to stock up. In this video I’m going to show you the exact herbs I
bought and some new herbs I’ve added to my over 40 herb collection. Let’s go I’m going to show you all the herbs, it’s
quite intensive, i listened to all you guys feedback too, some of you guys were commenting
about certain herbs, I went along and bought these herbs, i did some research on them to
see if there were suitable for my new goals and I bought
them The first herb is tongkat ali, I bought the
powder version which ill be adding to my smoothies. When i made the testosterone and steriod herb
videos, a lot of you guys brought this herb to my attention, Full review on this herb
is out soon, Next I bought some gingko, man, this herb
is powerful, it’s good for the brain and it’s good for blood flow, key things especially
for my new health goal of getting a little bit leaner and maintaining my strength, so
this herb is key and what ive done this time to make sure i dont run out is buy a huge
bag. I got both the powder and the loose leaf Next i got the re-up of maca powder. I got
both black maca powder and yellow maca powder. I bought both the raw, version and gelatinized
versions, there are key differences and benefits of each, i’ll dive it into a bit more in
my benefits of maca powder videos, in short i’ve found gelatinized maca tends to be better,
who’s got maca in their collection? The next herb I got is fenugreek. I thought
let me go give this herb a try and ill be doing another full experiment on this herb
to let you know if this herb is worth your time or not. As some of you guys know who follow me on instagram will know that, I’m relatively very strong and relatively lean. If you watch my last 6 or 7 videos, i’ve leaned up quite a bit, ive lost a bit of weight especially since i came back from thailand and bali but i aim to keep that up i aim to lose a bit more weight and maintain my strength, so it’s a very hard thing to do to be big lean and strong and trying to stay as healthy as possible so the herbs that ive bought in this collection are to help aid this goal and some of the ways they help and some of the ways this helps is by blood sugar control and
appetite control. and fenugreek, It’s said helps with appetite control and blood sugar levels, so it’s one of the herbs that should aid my next goal. A video will be coming I know what you’re thinking so far, this
is a lot of money, and yup, it’s a little bit, but the interest on
this health investment is worth the initial investment, i’m really looking forward to
the dividends, interest and compound interest too. That upward spiral The next herb I bought is Tribulus Terrestris
aka goats head. I spoke about it in a previous video, I did say i haven’t tried or do i plan
to try but, let’s give it a go. The next herb I got is some cat’s claw. When
I got injured last week, I literally lived off this. It’s so good! Next i got some Organic Horny Goat Weed Powder,
i ain’t really gotta say too much about this one. I also bought some milk thistle and burdock
root both of which haven’t come yet but i can’t delay making this video any longer It’s crazy to think, at some point, herbs
where the main go to for optimizing life and wellbeing,for example, herbs such as burdock
were used by ancient greeks for snake bites and internal pains but these same herbs where
completely banned for extended period of times in some countries due to certain perceived
links with the supernatural, rituals and the advent or spread of certain religions. For those who have my herb guide I dive into
the history of herbs but I’d love to do a video on it here as the channel grows, big
thank you for 18k subs guys. If you liked that video, be sure to drop a
like, if you want to get into herbs, click my face and get my herb guide And before you go, check out this video right
here and right here

36 thoughts on “$234 HERB haul. Many herbs for bodybuilding, healing & growth”

  1. Hey Paullll
    , are u interested in a new plant base protein powder that contain more B12 , more nutritional value more protein than spirulina ?
    It tastes like matcha tea

    This plant is a superfood but they are also one of the only plants that is a complete food

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    If you are interested, i can send you the link articles that talk about this plant

    Bless 🙌

  2. A big thank you to everyone for birthday love, I got back to the UK yesterday so more videos coming soon. Hope everyone is well!

  3. Looking forward to these upcoming reviews
    I got Gelatinized Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Ashwaganda, Burdock Root & Gingko Biloba all through learning from your videos and your E-Book and they are amazing much respect bro 👊🏾

  4. Geeat content brother. What’s your opinion on ksm-66 Ashwagandha. I’m having difficulty understanding the differences between regular and ksm-66. I would appreciate if you breifly explained which one’s superior in your opinion?

  5. Make sure your tongkat Ali is from a reputable source, I bought some tongkat Ali once, it works nice but it was full of mercury the second day I couldn’t remember what I was eating 1-2 hrs before it was terrible I thought I’m losing my mind….. later I researched that 50-70% of the tongkat Ali on the market is full of mercury!

  6. I use tribulus but for some strange and funny reason its make me fart a lot so i stop using it Loll i wonder if there other people in the same situation as me🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Hey P show us how to make them could or should we put them together or drink them separate make next video on which ones we should put together

  8. How much do you usually use when using cat's claw. I'm getting back to lifting and have a couple of issues with an old foot injury. Thanks

  9. Question…do any of these herbs react negatively if taken together? Is there a guide or website on the interactions of prescription meds and herbs?

  10. Can you do a video on how you take horny goat weed. Daily Dosage and how long before you see the benefits.. plus how long you took it for…peace brother

  11. Very informative video. I appreciate it. Could you do a video on the time of day to take herbs? With meals or before or after? & also which type of liquid is more efficient for herb absorption into the body?

  12. How are you researching your herbs ? How do you know you can take all the additional herbs with your seasmoss and Bladderwrack daily intake?

  13. Hi Paul
    This is Les, I had sent you a message about 6months ago and you had responded and had asked me if I wanted you to put together a plan. I tried to respond and couldn't. I had also quit working out and now I am ready to body build and I want to do it the way you do. What do you recommend that I take for herbs and what work out routine. Can I do this with the Beachbody workout Body Beast. I look forward to hearing from you.
    [email protected]

  14. much better to drop $200 on herbs a month than to slowly spend that $200 on processed food throughout the month. this video inspired me to take time to plan out my meals for the week tomorrow. Setting a goal for a junk free week. LETS GO

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