4 HERBS in my pre-workout smoothie (Natural supplements)

it’s your brother Paul Otote, today I’m going to beast in the gym I’m talking PBs galore, anytime I’m about.

it’s your brother Paul Otote, today I’m
going to beast in the gym I’m talking PBs galore, anytime I’m about to smash a
PB I always drink my herbal pre-workout smoothie, on this video I’m going to show
you four key herbs that go into my herbal pre-workout smoothie if you want
to learn more watch this video let’s go I’m officially a herbalist now I’ve
passed more qualifications so I’m a master herbalist and I have a book on
herbs, so if you want to get into herbs click the I and check out the book on
this video I’m going to show you four key herbs these herbs, some might be
obvious some might not be obvious but if you add just a little bit of them to
your smoothie before you go gym you will see the differences. In the past six
months I’ve actually achieved some of my best lifts in two years some of you guys
who you’ve followed me for a while know at one point I had a back injury so that
pushed all my lifting capabilities back for like a year and I had to rebuild
from scratch but in the last six months I’ve achieved 280 deadlift for two reps
have achieved 170 kg on a bench for one rep and 220 squat for one rep, each time
I’ve done these I’ve always drunk a herb smoothie that day it looks exactly like
this you might have seen a smoothie I’ve done previously with vegan hustle it’s
very similar but just two herbs would be different these two herbs are major keys
there’s four key essential parts of a good pre-workout for one they need to
have your branched chain amino acids for two, they need to be energy boosting maybe they can have a caffeine or something of the sort for three they need to have a
little bit of carbs something to give you energy so filling up your glycogen
stores so once you’re pushing you can push past your limits number four it needs to
aid blood flow so carrying nutrients carrying oxygen. Every single herb that
touched on in this video will affect that least one of these four points the
first herb I’m going to speak about is a herb called haritaki, haritaki is
something you don’t need a lot of I add like a little bit to my smoothies every
day and I personally can feel the benefits. On a very basic level it helps
increase oxygen in the blood it cleanses the blood it aids energy and also boost
your digestion digestion is something that are not a
lot of people consider when it’s time to lift the when it’s time to bodybuild
but we spend on average about thirty percent of our energy breaking down food
so if that energy can be reserved or if you can actually release energy on time
when you need it when you’re lifting it can boost your lifts but that’s not the
main benefit of this herb one of the things that I find interesting about
haritaki is this effect on pain one study suggests that it increases pain
threshold higher than a placebo which means it could actually benefit you for
pushing through the pain in your workouts pushing through the next level
by increasing your pain threshold another benefit of haritaki is it said
to actually help increase nitric oxide production nitric oxide is one of the
main things that help your arteries and veins dilate so blood can flow blood
flow is very essential in body building especially nitric oxide during exercise this means a more efficient delivery of
oxygen more efficient delivery of nutrients all-round haritaki it’s good
to add to your pre-workout you know be careful of dosage you know do your
further research but something that really has benefited me you know it has
a lot of other benefits too, it increases focus, it increases drive, it can
increase stamina but you know that’s something for another videos to
subscribe part 2 will be coming soon the second herb that is key for your
pre-workout smoothie is maca powder maca powder is potent is something I have all the
time bear in mind if you drink maca powder is always good to take a break
and come back to it it’s got to take a break from anything that’s good for you
to be fair because if your body can get used to it and potential benefits
actually goes down. Maca powder has been useful for centuries but its
benefits are very very vast like did you know that maca powder was given to tropps centuries ago as a aid for strength in battle not only for the strength element
but for the feel-good element for the actual you know I can do this I can do
this that confidence bet you didn’t know that one, if you
did know that one comment below if you didnt drop a like and subscribe
maca powder contains a significant amount of amino acids it actually
contains 18 of the 20 amino acids so speaking earlier you want a pre-workout
it has the branched chain amino acids these building blocks of protein to help
you heal and actually push through your workouts. Amino acids not only improved
performance but also increases muscle recovery and it also increases muscle
growth. carnosine helps regulate a muscle pH that’s the pH in the muscle which in
turn helps control lactic acid buildup so the more of this carnosine in
your muscles the less likely they’re going to get fatigue from potential
lactic acid buildup it helps control that and carnosine is formed from beta
alanine and histidine histidine is found in ample amounts in maca powder and the
second herb that we’re going to speak about later on in this video
now something to consider as well helps in the creation of something to help
regulate lactic acid which means you should be able to push further there’s
two types of amino acids there’s essential amino acids and there’s
non-essential amino acids essential amino acids are the amino acids that a
body can’t produce itself whereas non-essential amino acids the body can
make them itself or combine two other amino acids to create this particular
amino acids and both these amino acids are speak about which is histidine and
pizza alanine are non-essential amino acids but having those in your diet can
still be beneficial for you especially if you’re getting it from a natural
source and not just a product maca is also good to help you feel good the
better you feel the better you live the more confident you feel that you live
the more focus you have the better you know the maca powder will help with all
of these Maya also has potassium it also has zinc it also has magnesium
and it has a little bit of small essential fats all of which is shown to
help this performance and recovery time off the gym other nutrients it has it’s
be free Neilsen it also has iron it also has calcium did you know that maca
powder contains just in one teaspoon 20% of your copper needs for the day that’s
crazy because copper is Austin lifted its involved in red blood
cell production white blood cell production production of hemoglobin
major keys right there add maca to your shake thank me later
the third herb we’re going to speak about hemp seeds hemp seeds are a major
key if you’re not drinking heav scenes right now what are you doing it’s one of
the most protein dense things you can drink especially from a vegetarian vegan
perspective major keys right there hemp seeds contain a significant amount of
amino acids what are the amino acids that’s worth mentioning here is arginine
arginine is a vasodilator which helps increase nitric oxide in the blood
nitric oxide as we spoke about before will widen your arteries and help with
your blood flow which is key in a gym and it’s what helps you get that pump
hemp seeds are fifty percent protein isn’t that crazy fifty percent protein
how can something so good for you be so good for you as a bodybuilder tea and
BCA’s washed your training is very important so drinking that before gym
will help you push through and it’s something that I noted with myself
how much strong as I’ve ever been and I feel amazing and I’m willing to you know
I don’t really do videos where I’m showing fresh all the time anymore
because I want people to take in what I’m saying
but if I back this off peak for them I’m not gonna touch on all herbs in this
video because as you know there’s hundreds of herbs you can drink and each
them have their own particular benefit especially from a lifters prospected for
one if you haven’t got my book you should definitely definitely go get my
her book a lot of major keys in there I speak about a lot of herbs that can
benefit you as a bodybuilder or was a power lifter in that book go to the end
chapters any herb that sticks bodybuilding major key but yeah the last
time I’m gonna speak about is a half court ashwagandha ashwagandha is an
adaptogen it helps your body adapt to stress it’s really a powerful herb and
it’s been well studied as well studies have shown that ashwagandha can help
boost endurance gym physical activity but it can also help reduce pain sharpen
brain function and help the entire body cope with stress for example one study
suggested moves who were given ashwagandha
supplement were able to swim twice as long as those without supplement so that
shows the potential benefit ashwagandha can give you as a competitive advantage
in a gym or whilst you’re trained or lost you’re running by including
national ganda in your pre-workout you can literally help yourself for less
exhausted whilst you’re training you can go for longer and you can also have
better recovery during and after your workouts in conclusion here ashwagandha
can help with your stamina it can help with your muscle recovery he can help
with your overall performance and it can actually help with weight management
actual galas just a good her to add to your pre-workout or in general the last
herb i’m going to speak about is is a great addition and this touches on the
whole energy aspect because for you to actually boost your energy you need some
sort of a stimulant a lot of pre-workout powders or pre workout shakes will have
a high amount of caffeine so having a little bit of caffeine in the mix in
your herb smoothie is beneficial the last help i’m going to speak about
is cacao cacao is something i drink quite regularly if some very debated
herb some people say it’s poisonous some people say that it’s it’s highly
addictive but you know do your research and form your own conclusions for my
perspective a car for one it tastes good cacao is literally what chocolate is
made from off this process there’s a difference between cacao and cocoa cocoa
is a processed version of cacao so if you’re buying the powder make sure you
buy a raw cacao can I swear a majority or the benefits are cacao contains two
stimulants that will help with your energy whilst you’re lifting the first
Immonen is caffeine and a second stimulant is tio Brahma the caffeine
that I think it covers a lot less than coffees you’re not gonna get that big
spike that you know me do that burst energy but a theobromine is a stimulant
that will help it’s kind of similar to caffeine in the sense and that would
definitely give you that boost that you require we’ve are the potential calm
down but another benefit if cowers is why it
does for the mind the newer transmitters in your brain and also that throw a good
factor if you watch my previous video I speak about huh cacao is beneficial for
the brain especially during exam periods and how I at university became sort of
okay Deno during exam period because people
wanted what I had which is the cacao over drinking red bull or drinking
coffee so it’s very powerful in terms of how it can stimulate the mind to achieve
things cacao contains plenty of tea Oh bro man it said that this will give you
a crash free energy boost so I’ll help you get that energy or is it training
but having you looking like this which is like that caffeine is there so these
four hubs are key guys key guys there’s plenty more I’m going to discuss
in other videos so of course make sure you subscribe and if you want a part to
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briefly how I made this movie long if other herbs are in there as well so
whilst that is happening I want you to be commenting I want you to be liking I
want you to be sharing before I go there’s actually something else that now
I add to my smoothies which is a protein shake I’m going to do a video in the
future on plant-based protein shake so make sure you subscribe I’m not gonna
tell you what shake I use just yet because hey I can’t give you a tag or
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are coming consistent don’t go love all you guys on the see you guys in the next
one peace

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