A Celebration of Life for Herb Kelleher | Southwest Airlines

Dear Herb, thanks for always remembering our names … … for keeping our airline flying high and our spirits even.

Dear Herb, thanks for always remembering our names … … for keeping our airline flying high and our spirits even higher … … for being both the hardest worker and the life of the party … … and for turning a Company into a Family. We will be forever in your debt, and we will aspire to keep your spirit alive. With love and gratitude, the Employees and Retirees of Southwest Airlines.

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  1. What a man! Filled with such love for his company and his employees. Always keep his memory going SWA by honoring him with pride as he watches from above.

  2. Great video and I respect the man a ton but why at 0:06 is the red balloon in the left background moving in a still image?… o-O

  3. Condolences to Herb. You have built a beautiful empire, for the beauty is you. May your Spirit live, with Southwest Airlines.

  4. Rip Herb southwest has always been my favorite airline and mostly because of you, you changed the world of aviation with your ideas we all love you herb 😘

  5. From a proud SWA Employee…I am glad to have met and walked the halls with such a wonderful man. He stopped his convo with a businessman while in the parking lot just to tell me goodbye. Will never forget this wonderful man.

  6. Herb did put Buffalo on Southwest airline route map and airline is still growing in Buffalo. Thank Herb for all you done for Buffalo

  7. I felt like I knew Herb personally, even though I never met him or worked for Southwest. I think that's the kind of man he was — that even through a TV screen he made me feel as though I did. He might not have been a native Texan, but he lived like one — larger than life! He was an inspiration and we all will miss him!

  8. He was a great leader that changed the face of aviation and will be sorely missed. I am grateful I was able to meet during my time there.

  9. Dear Southwest, i hope you have a flypast of various SWA 737 models over Love Field and Southwest HQ. Short of free Wild Turkey shots for everyone, that would be a fitting tribute to Herb.

  10. Loved and adored him and loved working for him and our beloved SWA so much. I was SO lucky! Some of the best years of my life were spent as a Marketing Manager under Herb. Will NEVER be another great like Herb. RIP and thank you to Herb (and Colleen, too) for the genuine luv. #HonoringHerb

  11. The day after Herb's passing on Southwest Flight 1776 Baltimore to Oakland during the last hour of the flight they told us the history and meaning behind the company and Herb. They had all passengers make hearts with our hands and fingers as they walked down the isle taking pictures followed by a complimentary shot toast to his memory for those 21+. Also, all Southwest employees were wearing a black ribbon that day. The LUV airline workers loved you and truly miss you and promised to keep running the airline like you did with the β€πŸ’›πŸ’™ caring love first.

  12. Herb sounds like a loving and kind man, with a heart of gold, and everything that follows to a person like him.

    RIP, and keep Southwest Airline flying from the sky.


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  14. Rest in Peace Herb! You built an airline that we can love. Hopefully, you're drinking some Wild Turkey as we comment this.

  15. My favorite & most admired CEO.Β  The company you built out of Love Field, is like none I've ever seen.Β  Thanks for adding some light to our city….R.I.P.

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