Airis Switch and Herborn Portable Herbal Vaporizers

What’s up guys, Matt from here, back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in.

What’s up guys, Matt from
here, back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest
in herb vaping news and tech. Now, I’ve got two all-new dry herb vaporizers to
break down for you guys today. Both from Airis Tech, both ultra premium
and both design and vapor output, both totally simple to use. So the red one
I’ve got here on the right, maybe your left, is the Herborn, so it’s born to be
vaped. This one here the left, is the Switch pretty similar to the X Max Starry
I find, although the vapor output is a bit more premium. It’s got that terp profile that you’ve been looking for in a high-quality herb vape. And we’re just gonna bust these out now and see what they’re all about. So the Herborn, if you have a look at the front, born for herb, I got that one
wrong but it’s a premium portable vaporizer, the packaging obviously
fantastic, got a little slip on bit at the start. It tells you everything that’s
in the kit, how to use the device, etc. Just a few easy QuickStart instructions
there. Opening the box up, you’ve got your little user manual super user-friendly, it
pictures on how to do everything. So tells you what’s in the kit, what
everything is used for, how to install things, how to clean etc. Putting that
one to the side now, taking out the device. Let’s have a quick look in the
box, so it’s got the accessory pack over to the left and here we’ve got the
device itself. So, this one is available in a number of finishes, however, this is
the red model. So looking at the Airis Herborn here, it was a little tricky
when I first took it out the box, I didn’t necessarily know how it operated
but now I see it’s quite similar to the PAX 3. It’s got this bottom loading
chamber here and the intake for the mouth just comes with this little
silicon pad here. So you’re using this one, just like you would a Pax, it’s got
that air holes in the side here that help to cool the vapor down and
obviously having the chamber in the bottom means that it’s gonna have a bit
more cooling power before it reaches the mouthpiece at the top as opposed to a
device that has the chamber directly underneath the mouthpiece. So putting
this Herborn over to the side here, we’ll have a look at the Switch. So now
the reason that I’m doing these two in the one video, is they are quite similar
devices but they do offer a number of unique differences, so depending on your
style or what you’re used to you may either choose one or the other but it’s
going to compare them both now, for you guys. So looking at the
Switch in comparison to the Herborn at the base, just moving the silicone pad,
reveals the air intake and the micro USB charging cable, so these both come equipped with five pin micro USB charging cables. Both in just underneath this pad, so the
one for the Herborn, it’s just next to the mouthpiece under here, which also has
a little air intake. So there might be the outtake, I guess the intake coming
from the bottom so that air output, where the vapor is gonna come through and then
you little five pin charging port. So that can be replaced with relative ease and
I know the Herborn comes equipped with a few of these little silicone pads, for
vaping so if one of them gets resi or whatever you can put it aside for
cleaning and still get your vape game happening. So I have loaded up some herbs
in the Switch and we’re gonna show you guys how they work today. So they’re both
of a very similar vapor output. I find that the Switch runs a little bit warmer
than the Herborn, obviously having the chamber in the top, but the vapor quality
from this one is a bit better too. I find the terps that come out from this Zirconia
mouthpiece are a bit better of that from the silicon of the Herborn. But both of
these come equipped just with pretty similar functionality. Super simple you
just click these on five clicks and that’s going to help you turn on a
little LED display here, the indicator which just shows you the different
temperatures, that you can vape at. So flicking it on five times reveal green which is the lowest temperature. Clicking it ones, takes it up to blue and then
to white, which is the highest temp. So I believe it’s 430, 450 and 480 degrees Fahrenheit, that these
are running at, which is a bit high, it’s around the 195 Celsius mark, for the
first temperature zone. But it doesn’t actually offer vapor that’s exceedingly
hot. I think the Zirconia mouthpiece helps a lot with that. It
extracts well, it’s very flavoursome, the vapor that’s emitted. And we’ll just see
that now, it’s pretty a pretty big clouds offered to and both of these as well
come with vibration functionality. So soon as it’s ready to go, that’ll let us
know. So while that’s heating up we’re just gonna have a look inside the boxes
here and see what we’ve got. And there we go, that was quick. For herb vapes, there’s a lot out there like the X Vape Fog and
stuff like that, that run a little bit quicker but that’s a decent heat up time
maybe in the twenty second mark. See, that’s a massive cloud of vapor
super terpy, ultra cool for the first hit, that’s a, that’s crazy. I wasn’t expecting it something like that, even on the second temperature zone
which is are up roughly a bit more than 200 degrees Celsius, but it’s not
charring the herb, in any way it’s very flavoursome. And the same again, even of that second
hit, still very consistent flavor, great terps on that, nothing to, nothing to cry about
that’s for sure. So looking at both the devices, next to each other now, we’re
going to break down what goes in the kit a little bit. Let’s flip that one off
obviously the same thing again, five clicks, just interesting to see from a
herb vape, usually off the get-go, as I’ve spoken about in other videos, it takes a little bit for vapes, to get that a cloud game on point and to draw some air and a few times before the herbs can be heated up to deliver a
consistently large cloud but, with this Airis Switch off the get-go, we were
pumping… Looking at the kits now, of the two devices, both come with a pretty
similar box design. Obviously, are into a pretty similar design
of the vapes themselves and equipped in the accessories kit for the
Airis Switch is a number of accessories which help you to vaporize
oils, concentrates as well as dry herb. So if you’re looking to actually cool a system down a little bit, as what
I mentioned these do run relatively hot in comparison to some other herb vapes. If you were to put one of these little convection dry herb dosing carts into
your device’s chamber, it’s going to help to reduce the heat that’s imparted on
those herbs, with it’s going to allow you to have a little bit less
dense vapor, but the flavor is gonna remain for a little longer than if
you’re just baking directly in the ceramic baking chamber, which utilizes a
hybrid convection and conduction heating style. So here from left to right, as you can see in the plastic, we’ve got the cart
for dry herbs, which is just a plain cart we’ve got for concentrates, which has
got a screen in the middle for placing the concentrates on and the third cart
on the end here, just has a little eyelet in its hat which allows you to drop little amounts of oil or liquid into your Airis Switch tank to atomize.
Besides from that we’ve just got the general accessories, so you’ve got this
silicone cover, this is for the base of the device. In case they become to the
resin soaked. It’s got this general cleaning tool,
dabbing loading tool micro USB charging cable, as well as some pipe cleaners for
cleaning up the inside. Putting that to the side now. We’ll look at what comes in the
case for the Herborn. Just opening up that device, you can just
see the accessories poking through. So with the Herbon, pretty similar again you
just got a little pouch, so a carry case that comes with it, which I believe the
Switch has too. So both of them come with this cool branded Airis Tech carry cases,
fits the device, as well as a tiny bag of herbs or a couple of accessories or
anything else that you’re looking to bring along. So now back to the Herbon
guys, as I mentioned same pipe cleaners, dabbing, a loading tool, micro USB 5 pin
charger and a little brush and then it’s also got a couple of spare lids for the mouthpiece to making sure you don’t have to keep them super clean, you can switch it up and then the same braided branded pouch. So the Airis Herborn and
the Airis Switch, two awesome high powered herb vapes, that have great output,
fantastic flavor and won’t break the bank. Check out the VapeFuse store guys for our
whole range of awesome herb vapes and accessories Remember to subscribe to the channel, to stay
up to date with the latest in herb vaping news and tech.

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