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(upbeat digital music) – Hi, my name is Nikki. – And I’m Bennett, and this is our 452 square foot.

(upbeat digital music) – Hi, my name is Nikki. – And I’m Bennett, and this is our 452 square foot apartment
in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (upbeat digital music) – [Nikki] My personal
style is Jonathan Adler meets Golden Girls dumpster diving. – Nikki is really the designer. – You helped pick out the wallpaper. – I did help pick out the wallpaper. – He talked me out of a lemur wallpaper. – Well, there was talking out,
and there was also the fact that it was out of print. – It was lemurs. – It was lemurs. – My proudest DIY project in the house was definitely the bed. So, I designed this captain’s
bed, as you can see, it has four drawers and
a cubby on each side, so both Bennett and I
have plenty of storage. – [Bennett] The biggest
challenge was definitely just the lack of space, I
mean, it’s a small place. – There’s a lot of compromising. I got rid of 25 handbags. – Yeah, that was a lot. (uplifting piano music) – I’m lucky enough that with my job, I get a lot of free time, and I like to spend most of my money and
most of my time traveling. We have things in the house
from all over the world. One is the rug that I bought in Morocco, it was in the medina in Marrakesh, and I fell in love with
it, and I was backpacking, so I rolled it up, and I
carried it for three weeks across Morocco, in my backpack (laughing). If I could give advice, if you
don’t love it, set it free. Get rid of it. Don’t be afraid of color, and
even though you’re renting, just painting one wall can make all the difference in your space. – If you’re actually
working with a partner, speak your truth. If there’s something you
feel really passionate about, put it out there, so
that’s what I would say. – Go with your gut? – Well, with your heart, too. (upbeat digital music)

25 thoughts on “An Artist’s 450-Square-Foot Apartment | House Tours | Apartment Therapy”

  1. Lemurs! I love lemurs too, but it is too much statement to ask my significant other to live with them. But, man o man, lemurs. It would be tempting. Love the wallpaper they compromised on, however. That is one lush microcosm.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I'd say unique is a cool word for your place. I like that you make up your own ideas along the way. Btw is bennit a model 🙂 if not he would be a great model.

  3. Finally a home that is NOT beige and sterile and a home that actually has books!! Unfortunately the video is way too short….

  4. « I got rid of 25 handbags. » HELL NO GIRL, THROW THE MAN AWAY INSTEAD!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    (jk they’re cute)

  5. I absolutely love their home. One request, can you make these videos a little longer and more frequent. Please and thank you.

  6. This apartment is incredible. I love color and in a small apt. like theirs color is good even if it's just on one wall or on ALL OF THEM. if your're renting you can always paint over it. It's small and cozy and I like this couple, their smart and cool, and I love their style with things from their travels. I just saw a video on huge mansions and didn't like it. I would rather have this small apartment then a huge tasteless no character home of vast space any day. Great job.

  7. Wouldn't call this an apartment tour but, rather, an apartment scan. Most of what was on the screen were the faces of the lovely couple.

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