An Herbal Formula for an Embarrassing Condition

hey there everybody Sajah Popham here founder of the school of evolutionary herbalism and i had the opportunity the other.

hey there everybody Sajah Popham here
founder of the school of evolutionary herbalism and i had the opportunity the
other day to treat a condition that i had never had an opportunity to treat
and so I thought I would shoot this video here for you sharing with you the
formula that I had used for this person and that was incredibly successful
incredibly wrap it in its results but it was for a bit of a slightly embarrassing
condition so for the first time ever I had an opportunity to treat hemorrhoids
and I know this is something that often times can be a little awkward and
uncomfortable for people to discuss especially for clients sometimes it’s a
little feels a little bit embarrassing and they don’t really like to talk about
it super openly and and so I thought I would take this time to share with you a
holistic approach to treating hemorrhoids and as well as talk a little
bit about more of what the underlying tissue states in pattern and herbal
actions and kind of the approach that you want to take towards treating this
condition so really for me I actually had no idea how incredibly uncomfortable
and painful a hemorrhoid could be and really but so essentially what a
hemorrhoid is is the the veins in the the anal region become engorged with
blood and actually protrude from the anus
right so that’s pretty much what I my understanding of what a hemorrhoid was
what I didn’t realize which this person helped to illuminate for me was how
incredibly painful and uncomfortable they are and so this person was
primarily complaining of a very intense hot burning irritating pain pronounced
by a lot of itchiness as well as this sensation of full
of like this pressurized pain this person was actually saying you know I
almost want to like take a needle and like Lancet to drain the blood out to
relieve all of the pressure it was so bad that this person really couldn’t sit
down without significant discomfort it was affecting their sleep and it was
overall producing a serious concern for them and basically they had described
that the vein because they had been looking at it in a mirror that the vein
was approximately this big around the largest one was this big around
protruding out down there so what was interesting to note though is that I
think in general an interesting thing to note is that a conventional approach to
treating a hemorrhoid is really topically right so the kind of main
preparation that we see in over-the-counter medicine that you like
get at a drugstore is a called preparation age right preparation
hemorrhoid and it’s got a whole bunch of different stuff on it and I actually did
some research on it and it was interesting that I noticed in the
inactive ingredients there was some aloe vera which I thought was was kind of
interesting the aloe was considered an inactive ingredient when of course we as
herbalist note that it is totally active and medicinal now it’s also really
common for herbalist actually to approach treating a hemorrhoid topically
that instead of preparation-h they’re using more of an herbal salve or cream
that is just applied topically throughout the day but before I share
with you the formula that I use for this person I want to explain a little bit
about kind of the what leads to a hemorrhoid like what it is and how we
want to approach holistically treating a hemorrhoid from the inside out like not
just taking a topical approach but actually correcting the underlying
tissue state that gives rise to the hemorrhoid and so
what we see here is that this is a pattern that we might describe as a
relaxation tissue state and basically what the relaxation tissue state is
looking at the spectrum of the tone of the tissue right so when we’re looking
at tissue tone you have this spectrum where you have relaxed tissues over here
and you have kind of overly tight tissues here so overly tight there like
this and like in a state of constriction or spasm and then over here we have
relaxed or kind of loose apathetic weak flabby the tissues basically have lost
their structural integrity they’ve lost their tone and this hemorrhoid is
basically what we’re seeing is relaxation of the veins of the the
vainest side of circulation and the thing about veins is that you know it’s
the veins are basically moving deoxygenated blood back to the heart and
in that way they don’t have the elasticity of an artery right veins
don’t expand and contract like arteries do that actually helps to move the blood
through the vessel veins are much more passive in that regard which makes them
significantly more prone to blood stagnation now what we see is that the
veins have and this is going to be a very crude drawing so I’m not very good
at drawing but if this was a vein basically they have these little valves
that allow the blood to move up and then those valves can when the blood is maybe
not moving it’s trying to flow down there’s these valves that close that
prevent the blood from from back flowing through the vein what happens with a
relaxed vein is that the the of the vein has become lost if the valve
is up here it’s it’s kind of permeable right so the blood is able to flow back
through the vein and pull in these little pockets right and so now the vein
becomes swollen and filled with stagnant blood oftentimes it becomes inflamed
hence the heat the burning the irritation and because it’s filled with
stagnant fluid it’s pressing against it and it’s leading to this sense of
pressure and kind of heaviness and what went in the case of a hemorrhoid right
we’re seeing the veins around the colon and gorging with that blood and then
becoming heavy and basically dropping out of the opening of the anus right so
definitely not pleasant and as we can see this might be white some it’s
considered a little embarrassing I mean I even feel a little awkward talking
about it right now right so imagine having one and going to someone and
being like yeah I got this thing and it’s kind of hurts like I I can’t sit
down very well if you get my meaning right so so this is what’s happening
here is it’s relaxation of the veins and now one of the things that’s very
important to understand here though is that if we have relaxation of the veins
down in the region of the colon it’s quite likely that we have relaxed veins
elsewhere and what we see with this specifically in regards to a hemorrhoid
is it’s specifically affecting the portal vein or just portal circulation
now what the portal vein is is it’s actually one of the largest veins in the
body and the portal vein is draw is connects the small intestine to the
liver so anytime your food is B when food and nutrients are being absorbed
from the intestinal wall it’s all going into the portal vein to be delivered to
the liver where it goes through further metabolism and for it to be shipped out
to the rest of the body and use right so what ends up happening is that
this whole portal circulation area oftentimes also becomes relaxed and what
happens there is that we can see a certain degree of liver stagnation we
can see difficulty in the liver to receive those nutrients properly from
the intestinal tract and we just see overall stagnation basically but it’s
stagnation because all the tissues have lost their tone so this is a critically
important thing to understand about a hemorrhoid is that it there’s a deeper
level of tissue state imbalance happening throughout the whole pelvic
and even gastric region here that will not be addressed if a hemorrhoid is only
treated topically right so this is why we need to have an internal approach to
treating a hemorrhoid now so so this is all basically the what is called the
damp relaxation tissue state and it’s called damp relaxation because with a
relaxed tissue what we see is it changes that the flow of fluids right so I like
to think of you know if you think of a river right the only way a river can
flow properly is if the banks are solid and holding it holding the water in
place if that riverbank starts to erode the water starts to flow with less
direction and so this is kind of what’s happening within the body so in that way
damp relaxation this tissue state can manifest in a couple different ways one
is that tissues are relaxed that’s allowing fluids to flow out of the body
right so like with relaxed kidneys we’re gonna see excess urination with a
relaxed pores of the skin we’re gonna see excess sweating with a relaxed bowel
we oftentimes see diarrhea conversely we can see relaxation occurring where
the fluids aren’t necessarily leaving the body but they’re flowing into
inappropriate areas of the body so hemorrhoids is the classic example
they’re a varicose vein is a classic example and really a varicose vein and a
hemorrhoid are essentially the same thing just in different parts of the
body varicose veins are usually in the legs the backs of the knees and such a
hemorrhoid is pretty much the exact same thing just in that general area relaxed
tissues can also manifest as like organ prolapse where connective tissues become
weak and relaxed and those the organs can then fall out of place but I mention
this because what this allowed the understanding tissue States enables you
to see the specific category of herbs that you want to use for treatment of
that tissue State and what we see here with relaxation is that it’s universally
treated with astringent so astringent or that core is that category of plants
that will have a tightening puckering tonifying action upon a tissue so it’s
like if you ever eat a banana that’s too green and it kind of dries your mouth
out and it tightens everything up that’s astringency or you know if you’re
ever making yourself a cup of tea a green tea or something and you allow it
to steep for too long and it gets that really kind of drying effect and
tightening puckering effect on your tissues that is astringency and that’s
really what we’re going for here so the tissue is loose like this and the
astringent is gonna tighten it up and kind of stitch those tissues together so
to speak to re-establish their tone and so we use astringents strictly for the
treatment of the damp relaxation tissue state so this becomes a primary herbal
action that we are looking for in a holistic treatment of hemorrhoids now if
we’re thinking in terms of portal circulation the liver the portal vein
kind of digestion as a whole can sometimes be affected here too you know
one way that people can get a hemorrhoid act
as if they’re constipated and when they’re having a bowel movement they’re
straining like they’re pushing too hard and if that vein has already relaxed and
they’re pushing that downward motion they can actually push so hard that they
push the vein out of that region right and so this is actually what happened
with this particular client they were a little constipated and pushed too hard
and then they could literally they could feel the vein falling out so digestion
can oftentimes be impaired liver can become a little bit stagnant portal
stagnation and so from that perspective bitters are oftentimes going to be a
very supportive herbal action here for hemorrhoids to support the liver and
digestion as a whole the other major herbal action that we
want to consider here is circulatory stimulant because we’re really seeing
stagnant blood right in the veins so we want to move that blood we want to move
that circulation we kind of want to warm things up and and just help to relieve
that blood stagnation that’s present there and generally you know a
carminative could be beneficial here I mean
carminative czar a type of circulatory stimulant specific for the gut but karma
natives generally help to just kind of warm and stimulate digestion as a whole
as well so these are really our main herbal actions that we want to look for
we’re mainly oftentimes looking for a warming energetic property because we’re
seeing blood stagnation even though there is inflammation and kind of this
hot itching burning pain commonly associated with hemorrhoids that’s
usually what we might refer to as like a heat from cold effect right it’s like
there’s stagnant blood things aren’t moving it’s generally considered a cold
pattern because of that lack of stimulation and then the the vital force
is responding by creating heat in inflammation to
move that stagnant blood so on the surface there appears to be heat but
underneath of that it’s it’s cold and so we want a warming effect to move and
disperse that blood we generally want something that’s going to be drying as
well because we want to get those fluids moving and then we want something that
is tonic or astringent again in order to relieve that relax tissue so and then as
far as herbal affinities we really want things that are going to focus on the
liver we want things that are gonna focus on the vasculature ideally the
veins we want remedies that are gonna focus on the intestines so these are
kind of so this is a way the way that when I’m making a formula so I’m doing
this not just to show you a really great effective formula for treating
hemorrhoids but also to kind of give you a glimpse into my process for thinking
through how to find the right remedy for a person so as I think through the
tissue state and the affinity and all that stuff I start listening okay what
are the main actions that I want my herbs to have what are the energetics I
want my herbs to have and what are the affinities or parts of the body I want
them to act on so this is kind of the main constellation of dynamics that I’m
looking for with my herbs I’m gonna leave those up here so I can kind of
well know I’ll I’m gonna erase these and show you this formula so here’s the
formula that I came up with we have horse chestnut and I’ll describe
kind of what each of these herbs are doing in the formula so you can get a
sense for why I put it in there horse chestnut red root
organ grape yarrow and ginger and that’s five percent 30 percent 25 20 20 me make
sure I did my math right three four five six seven eight nine ten yeah okay so
that’s a hundred percent so this is the formula that I give this was a tincture
formula and I compounded a one ounce bottle for this client so the lead herb
in this formula is horse chestnut now horse chestnuts are really cool remedy
because it pretty much hits everything we’re shooting for in the treatment of a
hemorrhoid so on the one hand horse chestnut is pungent warming and
very astringent and so what we see with horse chesa is that it’s a circulatory
stimulant and it’s an astringent right so it’s moving the blood but it’s also
tightening and toning relaxed tissues especially in the cardiovascular system
this is why horse Chesson is also considered a primary remedy in the
treatment of varicose veins if you look at a lot of varicose vein formulas that
a lot of them have horse chestnut in them a lot of them also have witch hazel
in them it’s very common for people to recommend doing witch hazel topically
for the treatment of a hemorrhoid that you know you can buy these little kind
of like almost like baby wipe pads that are witch hazel and this person was
actually using the witch hazel pads and the preparation-h for like a week and
the hemorrhoid was getting worse while the preparation-h and the witch
hazel was kind of helping subside some of the pain and the discomfort it wasn’t
actually making the hemorrhoid better and it was actually getting bigger over
the course of a week so horse chestnuts are main herb there this is supported by
red root which is also very astringent very astringent and it has a some
bitterness to it working through the liver the lymph and the spleen and so
red root basically is a very drying plant and it’s commonly used as an
astringent to kind of tighten up the whole portal circulation it’s used too
often times for a lymphatic congestion lymph node swollen lymph nodes clearing
out infection from the body while this isn’t technically infection I like red
root because it’s so astringent and bitter and really tones up that portal
circulation quite nicely and is very very drying I’m gonna switch to the
other science I’m running out of room Oregon grape is predominantly bitter it
has a much stronger liver affinity but it also has a digestive affinity so it
is gonna really help to stimulate digestion move liver stagnation
stimulate digestive secretions to support any you know if there is any
constipation going on we just want to make sure that when this person when
someone has a hemorrhoid and they’re having a bowel movement you want to make
sure it’s just moving really easily we really it’s gonna become worse if
they’re happening to push really hard so the digestive support is really nice
with Oregon grape and the other thing about working grape is that it is a
stringent not a lot of people consider Oregon grape to be astringent because
certainly the bitterness is a much stronger attribute of organ grape then
its astringency but it is a stringent for sure this is why it works so well
for treating things like infectious diarrhea but the Oregon grape is going
to be really nice just by moving all of that liver stagnation and it is gonna
tone things up a little bit more now yarrow is in here and boy yarrow is a
really complex plant we could probably talk about yarrow for like three hours
and still not say everything that it’s all about but what’s cool about yarrow
is that is definitely a circulatory
stimulant that’s specific for the veins right so yarrow specifically stimulates
veinous circulation and as we’ve noted there’s blood stagnation in a vein with
a hemorrhoid so this becomes in my opinion a very specific remedy very very
indicated not only is it stimulating the flow of blood but it’s also very bitter
and is going to support digestion and it’s going to support the liver it also
modulates inflammation which there is some inflammation here with the varicose
vein this can be supportive it’s not to me a primary thing we’re really going
for because it’s not you know just stopping inflammation isn’t getting to
the root cause but it does modulate inflammation and can alleviate some of
that discomfort and yarrow is also very astringent right so we’re seeing a theme
here we’re pretty much giving an astringent formula but the just these
three alone were you know the horse chestnuts moving blood but I wanted to
add something that’s really specifically blood moving and just very specific for
the blood I mean I was taught that yarrow is quote master of the blood so
anytime there’s stuff going on with blood yarrow can really be a pretty good
option there because it just it it’s a very complex remedy there’s a lot going
on with that plant so that’s what you wear yarrow is that and ginger very
simply we’re getting a stronger circulatory stimulant here that’s just
very pungent we’re also getting some carminative support we also get we have
bitterness and carminative with yarrow because yarrow has some essential oils
in it along with bitterness so it’s bitter and carminative ginger is just
straight carminative we’re gonna injure is going to help again increase blood
flow in the whole digestive region it’s going to help to relax any constriction
or tension move blood and just overall yeah
just really move the blood that’s pretty much what we’re going for here also it’s
going to make the formula taste a little bit better overall this is a pretty darn
bitter formula so the ginger is kind of nice it’s going to balance the
energetics a little bit and make it taste a little bit better so that is the
formula that I administered to this client I had them taking one dropper
full five times a day for three days and then drop down to three times a day
afterwards and what was pretty amazing is that after three days I don’t know
after two days that hemorrhoid really started to reduce it almost they
described it as it almost started to seem like it was deflating which is good
it means that the blood is moving out of that vein and over a period of five days
the hemorrhoid totally disappeared after five days of using this formula that
that hemorrhoid disappeared so this shows that you know I think there’s a
couple dynamics here that are important to acknowledge that sometimes it’s and
it’s to me it’s really important to look at even if there’s something superficial
going on on the body on the surface of the body to not overlook that there
might be a deeper internal cause to that problem and I think a hemorrhoid is a
really great example here that just putting a cream on that hemorrhoid even
if it was an herbal cream of witch hazel and horse chestnut and other things
that’s not going to treat the deeper level of relaxation and stagnation
happening in the liver and portal circulation in the digestive system etc
so this really shows how internal treatment is really important even for
what seemed like things on the surface of the body it also shows the importance
of tissue states right and and kind of the process of thinking through what are
the most appropriate herbs to use like if you notice
I didn’t immediately say you know here’s all these herbs that are good for
hemorrhoids right and it’s like you you can do that but you know as an herbalist
it’s important to not just know what herbs are good for conditions but to
really understand why right why is horse-chestnut so great for a hemorrhoid
right what makes yarrow applicable here for a
hemorrhoid like you’re probably not going to read a monograph on yarrow and
see very often that it’s an herb for hemorrhoids right but it’s very
effective especially when I break it down this way to show how all of your
O’s properties do support in a holistic therapeutic strategy for treating a
hemorrhoid so that process of thinking through the condition and then the
underlying tissue state pathological pattern and then translating that into
your herbal actions your affinities and your energetics listing all of that out
and then being able to build your formula from that and what that does is
that now you know you can check your the the whole the global action of that
formula against that list of actions energetics and affinities that you need
to treat this person and make sure that you’re really encompassing everything
that you need to treat that person so that’s just a little formula that I used
wanted to share a little success story with you here for treating a slightly
embarrassing condition I truly hope that you yourself never have to use a formula
of this nature but if you do yourself or for another client this could be a
potentially beneficial approach again the I’m and I usually don’t take that
approach of you know use this formula for hemorrhoids because you know
oftentimes certain diseases or pathologies or symptoms have different
underlying tissue states but in the case of a hemorrhoid it we’re really talking
about that relaxation tissue state which were pretty much universally gonna use
astringents to treat that so I hope you learned something good
from this video here if you’re watching this anywhere but our website head on
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I truly hope it serves you well and until next time take care and be well

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  1. i like your analysis-your young in your practice with body issues-not a bad thing gr8 analysis/interpretation-constipation always prime consideration re elderly-the pressure aspect could be due to rectum and lg colon levels of absorbtion which goes to liver-the dryness and pressure to evacuate is a natural-it worked before attitude but the esp rectum has some real issues-and learned this one the hard way-as elderly and disabled that there may be other larger more sinister issues within the rectum-of which hemoroids a minor issues-so the older the patient its diet-colon cleansing-proper fluid levels and types and a life of discipline-any way you could translate those herbs to a simpler and more available formula-not everyone has access to such variety-age and diet-esp what goes in and how much and when-timing and how fast slow ect-but it is important to be aware of these factors-your on track and right about its embarassing subjectivity-and its unfortunately a compounding situation-there are many different modes of treating-but internally tightening tissues and viens-one other insight is that if pt female the retention of water=monthly period=hormone imbalances= and especially other illnesses associated with pelvic area makes its a tougher situation-ps2 got your emails but could not connect to your site due to google blocking-so pls post what you can on yt- ps3 your insight on the portal vien a good one-one thing about vericosity in various bottleneck areas-legs-knees-rectum other is the physical manipulation of vien or artery supplying that body part-torsion-adhesion-twisting from physical misuse or trauma-take care glad i got to see your work again finally-anything on alchemical transformations of medicinal herbs and or use the root ball for healing and how to analyse the structure and chart a path to unlocking its alchemical potential–manythxs

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    Is there a way to get a formula that is premade until I can source the appropriate herbs?

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