Anderson Cooper 360: Dangers of sexual herbal supplements

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41 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper 360: Dangers of sexual herbal supplements”

  1. He was using cocaine illegally!!! but yet media looks the other way and blame it on the natural herbal viagra. Come on folks!

  2. i get that they are probably under regulated and possibly dangerous, but does it have to be some asshole from Pfizer to tell us that?

  3. That's the same as saying ''don't take viagra'. When your report is on the active ingredient being more detrimental to health (because of the stated fall in blood pressure), you're warning users / watchers against both. The only difference from this perspective is the amount, which is clearly labeled on viagra but unknown with herbal pills. The more unlikely but much more hazardous potential biochemical reactions between the added substance (usually a 'dirty' stimulant) and alcohol and legal and illegal narcotics is the 'real' danger. This information is not deduced or come to by me – this is legitimate information based on medical practices that have been proven via the scientific method.

  4. The West African Root Yohimbe Worked for Cleopatra, And is still around today.. A Little Chew will do Yah and get yah done… Then There's Good Old Spanish Fly.. Both Natural. But I Never use The Pill Form of either? BECAUSE IT MAY BE FUCKED WITH, AND, SCREW VIAGRA!!!…
    Puns Intended…

  5. Where did were the supplements gathered?  What were the brands.  Why haven't we heard about any other deaths?  Did cocaine play any part?  How much cocaine was found in the victims body?  Incomplete all the way.

  6. used to have respect for you Anderson Cooper now I don't know, unbiased report funded by Pfizer yeah I'm biased my ass this is complete b***** these herbal supplements are biting into fighters in mercks profits and that's what this is all about it was the cocaine in Odoms system that damn near killed him not the herbal viagra

  7. So now there is a war against herbal supplements, why didn't this doctor tell the public that all pharmaceutical drugs is lace with aluminium,titanium, mercury, msg,nitrate, an every know carcinogens one can think of,an there dangerous side effects….once again they are trying to deceive the public.
    Sorry pharma, but I am living of the grid.

  8. I think if you did cocaine whether on a supplement or not its going to have a potentially dangerous effect on your health. They are questioning the purity of the supplements but what about the purity of the cocaine? lol I think that is comical

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  13. warning warning DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYTHING THIS EVIL PERSON SAYS. dangerous. i do not have time to say anything now doign other research came across this and he is a trader to aalll mankind .

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  15. so this study just helped out these when men go to buy these perv pills they just have to ready the ingredients and see if its has sidenifal in in..the active ingredient in viagra.Good job moorans.

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