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hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo mr. cool bear, and today I’m gonna talk about the pros and cons of being.

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo mr. cool
bear, and today I’m gonna talk about the pros and cons of being a physical
therapist or a physiotherapist. so let’s get started. you ready? so a lot of people have been asking me
what do you like best about your job? why do you like being a physical therapist?
and so I want to kind of give you my pros and cons of being a physical
therapist. so the number one reason is you help people. so if you enjoy helping
people, if you like seeing people get better, it’s a super Pro because you get
to spend a lot of time with your patients. I’ve had patients ask me
well why don’t you just go and get your medical doctorate? but you know a lot of
times medical doctors only get to spend about five or ten minutes with their
patients. I get to spend a whole hour of my patients, and not you’re not going to
get that in every clinic, but you know I really get to know the people, and I
really get to help them, and I really enjoy doing that. I also get to move
around throughout the day and talk to people, and I don’t have to sit in front
of a computer screen and not talk to anybody all day. so that’s another Pro. I
think that you you know you don’t have to just sit there you get to move around
you get to exercise with your patients if you want to, so it’s a lot of fun in
that case as well. and just in general if you like learning
things, I learn new stuff every day. you know especially about the human body,
anatomy, how things work, biomechanics and so I just really love learning. and I
think this profession is a really great profession that you want to keep
continuing to learn because you don’t want to just learn what you learn in
school and then never progress from there. so I really think that’s a pro as
well. but there are sometimes some cons to the physical therapy or physiotherapy
side of it, and I know it’s a little bit different in other countries where
you’re a physiotherapist, but here in the States a lot of times one of the things
that I hate the most is that you are sometimes limited by insurances. and so
I’m treating somebody and I might I might only be able to get to see them
one or two visits because their insurance doesn’t cover it. or you know
they can’t pay the out-of-pocket fees or the co-pays, and so sometimes that’s a
little frustrating because you’re you’re kind of blocked by those things. but
sometimes you can work around it and kind of why I made my channel so I can
help you out even if you’re not in the clinic with me. but another thing that
it’s not really a con but sometimes it’s just frustrating is some people come to
physical therapy and they they don’t buy into it. they just come in and say you
know my doctor told me I had to come here before I could get an MRI so I’m
here. and you know people don’t want to get better sometimes which is sad, but
you know they might have secondary reasons or they just maybe they’ve tried
physical therapy once and it didn’t work for them. so you know sometimes that’s a
little frustrating because you really have to get behind it you have to want
to get better to be able to get better, and so sometimes that’s a little bit
frustrating part of the job as well. but overall I think you know if you’re a
person who likes to talk to people. if you like to interact with people. if you
enjoy helping people. if you get you know that excitement of saying man you know when I started with this patient, they couldn’t even walk when they first
came in, but now they’re you know walking they’re maybe even running and exercising again. or you know I’ve had patients who have suffered from strokes and they you
know their goal is to be able to pick up their grandchildren and again. and by the
time you’re done with them, they’re able to pick up their grandchildren and play
with them again. and sometimes you know that’s the best feeling is knowing that
you’ve helped somebody and you can kind of pat yourself on the shoulder and go
maybe I do know what I’m talking about. so it’s definitely one of those
professions that if you think you like that, I think it’s worth looking into.
make sure you go and shadow some physical therapists or some
physiotherapists because different clinics are you know different. you’re
not always just helping athletes. you’re not always just helping older people.
you’re not always doing orthopedics. you’re not always doing you know neuro
side of stuff. so you know you’re really doing a whole lot of things. there’s
different settings, there’s acute care in the hospital, there’s you know outpatient,
there’s inpatient rehab, so you really want to be able to see all that because
you don’t always get to choose what you want to do in the beginning. so make sure
that it’s what you want to do because it’s it’s tough but it’s definitely
worth it. so if you have any questions about
physical therapy or physio physiotherapy, you can put them in the
comments, and if I can if I know the answers, I’ll try and answer them for you.
so there you have it, those are the pros and cons of being a physical therapist
or a physiotherapist. if you’d like to help support my channel, make sure and
click on the link up there. and don’t forget to subscribe, Bear where should we
click? down there. and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

29 thoughts on “Becoming a Physical Therapist or Physiotherapist – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Both of them are emerging from Greek words… So ask a Greek.. Lol… Physical φυσική or natural therapy θεραπεία so treatment…

  2. What is the difference between a physical therapist and a physiotherapist? Also, what is the difference between a physical therapist and an occupational therapist?

  3. In the fall I start college and I’m thinking about going into exercise science. Would that help me in becoming a physical therapist?

  4. Hey Dr JO. With all the respect i owe you, i've learned from your humble explications, thank you very much.
    Well i'm not à physiotherapist but i'm doing very well with what i have in my mind from my expérience as a bodybuilder, gymnaste and à boxer.
    I'm from algeria too much patients visiting me still, thank god i'm doing well, that gives me such a nice feeling of helping People.
    Advice me what i need to get à licence, please.
    With respect.

  5. Hello Dr. Jo, I appreciate what you do. I have a great respect for physical therapists. Your great attitude is infectious. 🤗

  6. I'm a physical therapy student , and I learned a lot of things from u , thank u and keep on . . wish meet u soon ..

  7. Your channel does a lot of good. It offers great follow up for folks after PT. You reinforce what is heard initially and show another perspective on how to do each exercise. I used to have trouble following stick figure drawings, finding your channel has made quite a difference.

  8. I'm a PT too 😉 When it comes to the hands-on / helping people aspect of my job, I do it for free. For the daunting documentation and dealing with the insurance part, that's where I make my $$$ haha

  9. After doing pt in school after getting your bachelors, were you in a lot of debt? And do you have any tips into how to get your pt license without having a lot of debt in the future

  10. Hi.
    I am final year Physiotherapy student. What would you suggest me to be a great and skilled PT in future.
    Anyways your videos helps me a lot in increasing and improving my knowledge.Keep it up 👍

  11. My physio told me that her fingers & wrists get really sore from doing a lot of massage… Her fingers & thumb looked quite short & muscular 👍

  12. What do you like about being a really fantastic person? Thanks for sharing doctor Jo.👍🔧💪. Interesting to hear about the psychological side of your profession. Cool shirt!

  13. Your shirt and beautiful dog gave me a smile today 🙂 loved your perspective, Dr. Jo. I’m getting ready to start my masters in OT and although different, I felt a lot of this applied to us as well. Rehabilitation is great!

  14. I’m just wondering, is it common for 21 year olds to get vertigo?
    I am a 21 year old female who experiences similar symptoms to it. And when I went to the hospital almost a week ago they said I do have it. But I feel I’m so young to deal with this. And I’m scared to live with it for the rest of my life.

  15. Ima 14 year old girl and my right leg is swollen I have no symptoms it doesn’t hurt, when I exercise it swell and then it goes down and I’ve been to more than 20 doctor and they’ve all told us the same thing “idk” I notice this last year right after I got my period is their anything you known that might help reduce swelling or any medication you can recommend. help -breezy 😉

  16. Can one by too old, short or weak to be a physiotherapist? Am middle aged, thinking of a career change and really appreciate what physiotherapists and occupational therapists do.

  17. I've been dealing with my issue for over 3 years and there is nothing more that I want…. than to get better. To gain my life back. When this first started I had an arsenal of videos from pelvic tilt to herniated disc, slipped disc, scoliosis, SI joint, how to eat, what supplements to take…. you name it I've looked it up including surgery. I've had MRI's, CAT scans, x-rays etc. I have had injections, been prescribed pills that I don't take…. I refuse. I've been to chiropractors, massage therapist some of the massage therapist were very good but I think one of them actually really hurt me bad when I was already hurting made it worse!!!!! Been to physical therapy 3 different times. First time thought it was psychosomatic, second time continued to think it was psychosomatic third time is much better but not enough to get me over the hump. I would say limited… maybe it's my insurance. But they always seem to treat the wrong thing Every once in awhile through the three and a half years I would check out the videos again and try anything with no avail. I do the exercises recommended but it was always for the wrong reason the wrong issue. But I've come back to your videos and I must say I wish I had paid a little more attention back in the day but I didn't have as much knowledge about what's going on with me as I do now. My issue is muscular. Sounds so strange considering how active I am or was. My issues are deep muscular problems that even muscle relaxers don't help. I know I say I don't take pills.. I really don't…. that is my backup for when I'm so desperate I can't sleep or everything in my body is just so tight. Once every 6 months Maybe. I've been told if I want to go back to work that I have got to take a pill called gabapentin that my nerve damage is permanent. Let me tell you this last round with the PT proved that wrong it's not permanent. I've been watching your videos stedy for the past I'll say three or four days and the pain on my right side of my lower back is subsiding and sitting and standing is much more bearable. So you might not realize this but you are actually helping me a lot and I thank you for that.

  18. If your injuries are more sport oriented is it recommended to ask first to a physical therapist if he specializes in sports therapy or all of them are capable of dealing with this kind of injuries ?

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  20. I have autism which is difficulty socialising im a very creative person and love tech but always been into fitness and helping. Is health and fitness industry for ppl like me?

  21. I've been a PT coming on 8 years now and I love treating my patients. What I've found recently is that with all the healthcare changes it makes things challenging for some patients to get care, and then management asking us to bill more units etc. But truly the joy and fulfillment comes when my patients are making progress and their day is made better by coming into the clinic. Love all your videos! Thank you!

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