BEST Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers – 9 Weed Vapes under $150

There’s a lot of cheap dryer vaporizers out there and most of them suck! In this video I’m going to.

There’s a lot of cheap dryer vaporizers
out there and most of them suck! In this video I’m going to show you my nine
favorite ones and I’ll vape a bowl in each one as I explain the differences
between them. So these nine vaporizers range from 60 bucks to about 150 bucks. You’re
not gonna see anything from G-pen or Pulsar or Airistech or Yocan or Snoop
Dogg… No offense Snoop!! Nothing from MIG
nothing from Atmos nothing from Wulf. None of that! That’s all, that’s all
junk shit you don’t want that! I’m gonna use all nine of these vaporizers but to
save some time in the video and squish it down into a quick session I’m gonna
cut out a lot of my inhalation points and a lot of the boring stuff I’ll also
go to the corner to finish off the bowls because I will be finishing each Bowl
I’m not just gonna take a couple hits from each one and move on by the end of
this video I’m gonna have all of these nine vapes in me or at least all the the
cannabis that is packed inside of them I’m going to extract all those cannabinoids
and get them into my body. Keep in mind that veep’s extract more and more
efficiently than smoking so by the end of this video oh it’s gonna be a good old time
my name is Troy I’m from there is a version of this guide on
my website that I will be maintaining and keeping up to date so this video is
old feel free to hit up my website and make sure you’re getting the most
up-to-date information about the best budget vapes my channel is all about
weed vaporizers my previous channel was deleted at 12,000 subscribers my current
one isn’t there yet so please help me out please share this video with
somebody that you think will find it helpful especially if you want to drop
off some some hints for Christmas gifts because nobody wants to receive a piece
of shit cheap vape for Christmas so with these
nine vapes what I want to do is I want to start off with my favorite two first
and after the first two we’re gonna go from cheapest to most expensive and like
all my videos there’s links in the description for all of these vaporizers
so the first vape on my list and the cheapest vape on this list is the
Dynavap VapCap M. it doesn’t actually come with this wooden stash this is an
add-on an accessory that’s gonna cost you another 50 or 60 bucks. the VapCap
M is a stainless steel vaporizer it’s kind of like a one-hitter but it’s not a
63 bucks shipped with a lighter from with the
VapCap M has a steel cap on the end and your weed is packed into this tiny
little bowl right here holds about 0.1 gram if you pack it in there a little
bit more if you packed in a little bit tightly with a VapCap M you heat it
with a torch and the cap clicks when it’s at the temperature that you want to
vape at it can produce a really robust and potent hit if that’s what you want
you also get some pretty light and tasty hits from it, too. it’s very smoke like as
far as the experience goes and I considered a must-own vaporizer as long
as you’re not too scared of a little torch let’s take a first hit of this
Vapcap M and get this session started cheers Cheers and I’ll leave in the
first hit oh whoa there’s an echo the fuck, there we go. I’ll leave in the
first hit of each vape just so you can see how long the draw is and you can
kind of tell what the experience is like and compare it to the vapor that’s
output Wow really pleasurable I really love the
vapor from the VapCap such a nice experience. Depending on how well you
heat it up or how thoroughly you heat it up you can get two or three hits per
heat up cycle and you can get anywhere from two to ten heat up cycles per bowl
depending on how you heat and how you like your vapor I’m gonna go to the
corner finish off of this probably with two more heat up cycles probably for me
I usually do three heat cycles will finish this VapCap M and we’ll go on
to my second favorite budget vapor okay my second favorite vehicle on this list
is the Healthy Rips Fury 2. the Healthy Rips Fury 2 is a hybrid vape has convection
and conduction going for it is a tiny little stainless steel bowl tucked away
lower in the vape that way you get a little bit longer vapor path the vapor
path has a little bit of silicone in it it’s good stainless steel screen but
it’s a glass tube in there so it does have a glass a birdbath it’s not all
plastic the vapor from the theory to is really nice they did have a little
plastic case when I first got it but after about 4 or 5 bowls or five burn
offs that taste was gone through to is a hundred and forty bucks has some really
nice glass accessories so you can get a glass water prep adapter and a glass
stem port for like 10 bucks or 15 bucks I believe there’s no removable battery
micro USB and you get like four or five bowls per charge sometimes six depending
on how you’ve it turns along with three clicks I’m gonna take this bowl at 395
has a pretty quick heat up you can see I just turned it on and it’s already at
250 the fewer to is pretty easy to use and really easy to maintain especially
if you used the glass mouthpiece or the glass water pipe adapter those are
really easy to maintain fury 2 is ready cheers this is number two on my list I
love this vape this is one of my favorite portables it’s so quick to produce just big
massive clouds and it tastes great I love the taste of the fury – it’s very
cloudy very very forward I also like that has a session timer that’s pretty
sweet and I’ll see you at the next cheapest vape and now they’re in order
of price so see you after the evidence Korea to bolt alright the third vape on
the list is the classic flowermate v5s man this vape has been out for a number
of years it’s head I think this is the second version of it there was like one
before it or two before it maybe there was actually four before it I don’t know
but the one that I remember first had a silicone nipple our silicone mouthpiece
which I didn’t like and then when this one came out with the glass one this
isn’t important at all the flower mate 5v5 is a classic conduction vape it’s
got the mouthpiece they can store in the bottom and it looks like a battery
especially be rapid USB cable around it this thing looks like a friggin battery
carry around leave it on the airport counter nobody’s gonna give a shit
x-rayed me see it a little differently but it looks like a USB battery let’s
give that mouthpiece back out this one charges with the wall charger no no yeah
USB unless it’s updated it may be updated
I’ll type some text on to the screen right here if it’s been updated I’m up
to microUSB but I’m not sure if it has turns on with five clicks it has three
heat settings that you can change with holding the button the v5 has like a 30
second hip which is pretty damn quick for a vape that’s been out for two years
it’s 79 bucks and they can get a little bit cheaper if you can get a cheaper
there’s a coupon code in the description the v5 is relatively easy to clean just
maintain it with you tips pretty good vapor and like I said 80 bucks available
a couple different colors it’s got a nice metal body
it’s durable I’ve used mine for a long time and this was my daily carry for a
long time too so the v5 takes a little bit to get
going but that mean that hit was very chirpy which is about where you were say
when there’s very little vapor ooh the Terps but it was really Turbie it’s
getting better all right I’m gonna finish this in the corner it will
produce bigger clouds and you should see that in the little corner video and
let’s move on we can move on to our fourth beep should snap up I’m reminded
how pleasant the vapor is from the flowermate 5 and there’s there’s a light
in the bowl I forgot to add there’s a little light in the bowl it’s not super
helpful but at night it is kind of helpful and I think the glass mouthpiece
does a lot for vapor cooling anyway the fourth vape on the list is ex vape stary
ex vape starry is another conduction vape it’s the last full conduction vape
on this list has a magnetic mouthpiece and an oval-shaped bulb that you’ll see
is filled with about a third know maybe 0.0 point 2 5 gram of cannabis there
nice easy to maintain black ceramic screens what I like about this it’s a
really easy to maintain mouthpiece as long as you maintain it right away
same at the bowl empty it clean it really like it it’s cheap bucks full
conduction has a full temperature control as well that turns on it says
welcome makes you feel at home you can up and down all the way to like 464 I
believe on this videos up there pretty high has a little concentrate in that
works ok with the story so 400 bucks you get a pretty good value also has a
removable battery which I’m not gonna show you because it’s gonna slow down my
heat up time which is pretty quick it’s already at 369 and we’re good to go
there’s no vibration feedback at all so you just got to watch it and it’s set to
a nine and a half minute session timer right now Cheers Wow it’s actually very chirpy and potent
I spit it out because I wasn’t sure I was a little scared there wasn’t it
taste like alcohol because it was very sharp that it was all it was all good
taste probably looked really funny I’m just gonna cut that if it it looked too
stupid and I’m just gonna leave it because my god damnit fuckin it go again
and I’m just gonna leave it because I don’t know what to do with it
can’t make sense of it alright so I’m gonna finish the starry bowl in the
corner and then we’ll come back to our fifth date
okay the fifth beep on this list boy needs no introduction actually probably
does because it’s black and you can’t see shit because I’m on a black shirt
and was a black background backdrop that was probably not the best scene for this
video apologize for the for that but the bottom the CF 110 bucks shit v babe v
vape we’ll get you high because it packs a lot this bowl will hold like 0.3 to
0.5 grams that’s like a half gram you’ll pack in this giant bowl hybrid eating
mostly conduction but it does have convection air going through it v
temperature settings turns on with five clicks and I’m gonna put mine at the 385
setting I have done a screen mod to my Vaughn the CF you can look that up on
the internet if you’re interested I just improves airflow a little bit and
collects reclaim very nicely inside of the mouthpiece also it’s also easier to
maintain what’s cool about the bottom let’s see if is it’s also great on the
bong and I didn’t plan on using it on the bong in this video but I’m high now
and now I’m in control of the video so bots on the CF Cheers oh boy this one’s gonna get me man
and did we even let it heat up I forgot did it did it stop blinking before I
started hitting it I don’t know but Cheers
it’s so so bright this whatever this weed is it’s it’s supposed to be Sour
Diesel but it’s not Sour Diesel it smells decently but it tastes lemony
it tastes fruity whoo oh it’s cool boundless vapes 3 year warranty
these guys are cool they’re local kind of local to me California have met them
a bunch of times at their office and they’ve came here we got super hide
together I love hanging out with them they’re super fun they session on
Instagram every Monday and Friday Wednesday and
Friday look them up on the stack you know be NLD boo on the Internet’s it’s a bit nutty no really it’s
certainly taste a little bit nutty it’s definitely not Sour Diesel all right no
my finishes Bowl in the corner and then meet you at the 6th babe all right
wait now we’re going to say nope it’s not whatever happily ever had to say but
the bounds CF and the Big Brother CFX great for sharing great for teams wait
for passing around you know on a bong because there’s a giant Bowl you can get
everybody gonna take giant ribs and you can get everybody high off of one ball
or you can get one person really high off of one ball onto the sixth v all
right the sixth sixth the vape on our list is the flowermate 2v5 Nano kind of
similar to the v 5s but upgrades so V 5 nano still has the little removable
mouthpiece that goes in the bottom hole I know that sound right removable 18 650
battery looks all fancy with this gold springy latchees and stuff comes in a
few different pretty colors still metal housing the bowl is a black ceramic more
up there we’re up there and the heater is also
upgraded the heater is now hybrid heating has a tiny little convection
heater attached to the bottom of the conduction oven
so Peter upgrades upgrades the vapor turns on with five clicks we’re going to
vape at 385 with the flowermate nano in this vape is a hundred and twenty nine
bucks so 50 bucks more than v5s it also has haptic feedback so it vibrates when
it’s ready to go heat it up in like I know blah blah blah seconds video
editing me will take over I hope 385 ready to go let’s see how our first hit
is very nice the t5 Nano has a black
ceramic bowl I don’t know if there’s any amazing features of the black ceramic
but it looks nice and you can’t tell when it’s super dirty so that’s cool
paper is actually pretty good the hybrid hybrid vapor so a conduction the taste
but it’s a nice tasting vapor big upgrade from the old flowermate
that’s for sure it’s actually pretty close to the fury
to the fury – and they have the glass mouthpiece that cools the vapor a little
bit very nice for 130 bucks and I’m gonna finish this in the corner see you
at the seventh day after that session has ended shit balls
the v5 now always it’s a sleeper and that vapor is really good
that’s better than I remember it being you know that was a really good sesh a
really good vapor from the nano meant to revisit this vapor cover that soon Wow
my this high is going straight to my ass and I can feel my toes melting into the
carpet my legs are numb they feel like roots Wow such a body high my hands are stuck to the disk all right
B so the seventh vape on our list is the X of eight fog this vape has more
convection smaller bolt nice little stainless steel bolt packed full of more
fine herb this vape also has a removable 18 650 battery which is a big plus and
for 130 bucks this way it has really good vapor as well more convection then
the other vapes I believe but it kind of has a funky
interface in my opinion here I’m gonna hold the button for a really long time
to see if it does anything it does not so no I’m click it five times it did
something now I’m gonna hold the button again
because I know that does something as well maybe Oh
lights on the other side hello I was looking at these things house it’s got
the little events damn alright hold the button to cycle through
the heat settings I’m gonna use the third one of five very nice carry has a
really nice shape to it it’s all metal with removable battery feels just like
The DaVinci IQ like exactly kind of except it has a swivel out mouthpiece
that is like a black ceramic loser Konya type of material really nice and you get
really good vapor from it as well very quick heat up and it’s 130 bucks Cheers oh yeah
who really nice really nice great vapor from
the x-ray plug one of the things that bothers me about
the excavator bug is the maintenance of this little screen mmm that’s my one of
my few complaints about it and the funky button interface not a big fan of but
this little scream seems to be an annoyance of mine and it does get to
gunked-up you have to take it apart and those holes are really small so you
gotta soak it or use a brush it’s kind of tedious a lot of the other vapes I
just have their simple wipe off style screens this one’s a little more
involved but the vapor real nice and if you like that magnetic hinged lid it’s also not so good for water pipe
adapters because the only option is to put the mouthpiece into something and
then it’s not a hinge and it’s just a there are other budget vapes that are
really good on the on the bong this is more of a personal pocket carry personal
the thing I said personal twice in the same sentence I’m gonna finish this in
the corner and then we’ll see you at the eighth they okay so the eighth vape on
our list is the Arizer air one this is actually the Arizer air 2 I’m cheating
in this video because my air Arizer air loan one my air my damn my Arizer air
one is out on loan to a friend of mine who’s been testing it for like a year
now he loves it I think I hope you still using it but just like you Razer
everyone here is air tube has removable 18 650 battery the Arizer air one has 5
temp cities you’re right there to is a lot more expensive or like 50 bucks more
expensive I wouldn’t call it a budget babe the Arizer air one is $131 no razor
air to was like 190 or something the are they both have the same vapor they both
have the same oven in the same class of a vapor path so I wouldn’t really
consider the Arizer to a huge upgrade but does look a lot nicer and that’s
full temperature control not relevant for this video you guys this video is
about the budget babes but I really really really really love about the
Arizer vapes is the super low maintenance the oven you can just q-tip
that out whenever it needs it and it doesn’t really need it very often the
bowl itself they’re easy to pack and they’re easy to dump when it’s when
you’re all done and when you your stem and get super tarred up and honey you
can just drop it into like a cup of like hot milk microwave it a little bit so it
melts all that off add some chocolate to your milk and drink it and
never yourself a nice little edible experience while cleaning your your fate
heat up time is a little bit slow on the Arizer air but it’s still not terrible
my dogs are going apeshit I’m not sure if microphone could pick that up or not
but it’s making it hard for me to concentrate on the words that I need to
say we’re at 388 on the Arizer Cheers she’s that was the brightest hit of all
of the the first hits like that one was just like super like I just need a lemon
rind or something like super bad like really bitter bright like loud unlike
the other hits could be a little bit of the reclaim in there but probably not
tasted just like the weed and the Arizer vapes they do take a little bit to get
going it’s kind of a longer session the with the Arizer vapes because it takes
like 10 minutes to extract the we that’s in there and it’s like 0.18 probably or
0.15 ish but it’s a really good vapor experience it’s just slow to extract so
if you’re looking for a quicker high this the riser air is probably not the
movie for you you probably want to spend 10 bucks more and get the the fury 2
because it’s free it’s fury 2 extracts quickly the fog extracts kind of quickly
but the riser is a slower session which I’m going to do in the corner and then
we’ll see you at the last vape the 9th debate the 9th hole no I doesn’t make
any sense ix vape all right the 9th vape 9th vape
is the PAX 2 this is the PAX 3 because my PAX 2 is out again on somebody who’s
gonna abuse it the PAX 2 has been out for a long long time and the PAX 3 has
even been out for two years now but the PAX 3 isn’t really that big of an
upgrade from the PAX 2 and you can get the PAX 2 for like 150 bucks so for a
150 bucks you got yourself a little weed vape fits in the palm of your hand
stainless steel bowl 0.2 to 0.5 grams you can pack in there
great for passing around easy to use super simple to use just push the button
got four different heat settings and it’ll be like five Bulls per charge and
I think it has a two year warranty still you don’t get the same 10-year warranty
on the PAX 2 it’s got a super-fast heat up and ice actually no it doesn’t the
PAX 3 has a superb athlete of the PAX 2 heats up in like 45 seconds the vapor
from the PAX 2 and the PAX 3 are exactly the same it’s the same conduction of in
the same stainless steel tube the same rubber mouthpiece so there’s nothing
really different except for the PAX 3 has some smart features that helped the
battery become more efficient to help you get a little more taste out of your
weed but in reality you can’t really tell the difference if you’re just
fucking vaping bowls with it which is what most people do so packs to hire 50
bucks great budget vape Cheers Wow my taste this whacked from from those
eight balls holy balls that was a lot and this is a full ball this is a full
packs ball there’s a few other good budget vapes
they don’t want an honorable mention they didn’t make the list like the
bottle of CFC 2.0 this is a good value for 90 bucks full conduction full
temperature control quick heat up plastic mouthpiece it’s all plastic but
it’s been holding up really good for me and I’ve been testing the shit out of it
it’s been easy to maintain and the vapor is actually pretty good it does have a
little bit of a convection add to it so it’s not actually full conduction if I
said full conduction and then there’s the bow and the CFC light this little
guy has like three temperature controls kind of like the CF or the CF same
little heater little conduction convection heater little micro vape oh
and the PAX 3 is also full conduction I was I was wrong when earlier when I said
that there was nothing else that was full conduction I was I was wrong I
forgot I forgot about the PAX though sorry about that I guess I can
decided the doubt I don’t need to apologize to you I guess I gots pologize
it to myself this is getting weird de-bone the CFC 2.0 is 90 bucks and I
think the CF see light is 50 bucks I could be wrong don’t quote me on that
I don’t think it’s out yet but I think it’s like 50 or 60 bucks and there’s
also the stem pod the stem pod is a stem pod is a hundred 25 bucks and it’s a dry
herb convection vape for mods so if you already have a mod laying around stem
pod is a great option to add to your mod for 130 bucks so you get a great
convection babe on that note it’s also the Splinter when
the Splinter is II can look those up if you’re into the mod vapes there’s also
the sticky brick runt which is 140 bucks it’s a butane powered vape hits pretty
hard so this one looks awesome but make sure you look it up watch my video on
this one I’ll throw it up bet at the end of the video here I shall throw it up
right now ma’am on youtube if you’re on youtube if you’re on my website sorry
I’m begging do a card yeah I’ll do it hard so that’s it for the 9 vapes the 9
9 9 best budget vapes so that’s it from high 9 best budget vapes wow you know
what I hope you enjoyed this video if you found value in it please consider
shopping through my affiliate links or supporting me on patreon the links are
all in the description or just share this video with somebody that you think
will find it valuable or entertaining we didn’t do any rhyming in this video
that’s for sure at least not yet no I’m gonna make sure that I don’t do
any rhyming for reference I have my wacked if I pulled out some crazy rhymes
in my last video it was weird weird me a bit and then I had a dream about it it
was weird alright that’s it I need to go this this these babes I put me on the
moon and I’m gonna go explore I want to go find some munites this is wild
I closed this video thanks for watching peace

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