Birth Control Pill and Irregular Periods

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor, and I’m here with my friend Dr. Jolene Brighton, and we’re.

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot
sex advisor, and I’m here with my friend Dr. Jolene Brighton, and we’re talking
about the birth control pill and irregular periods. Now you might be
watching this video because you have irregular periods and you want to know
if the pill will help, or you might be on the pill wanting to come off the pill
and wondering if it’s going to destroy your periods. And so we’re going to talk
about both of those cases and tell you a little story and give you some more
things that you can do going forward to help with any irregular period issues. So
Dr. Brighton why don’t we take the first one which is “Will birth control pills
help me make my periods more regular?” That is such a good question because so
many of us women are told this by our doctors that if you have a regular
periods there’s a quick simple fix and that is “Take this pill!” What
most doctors don’t understand, and that’s why us ladies don’t. So don’t feel
ashamed if you’re sitting here thinking “Wait I thought the pill did regulate my
period. It’s that hormonal birth control. These synthetic hormones do not fix your
periods. They do not fix your hormones. And that pill bleed? That’s exactly what
it is. It’s a withdrawal from a medication and nothing more than a pill bleed. It is
not a regular period.So wait a minute. When you say pill bleed, are you
talking about when you’re on the pill and you’re having periods, you call that
pill bleed? Yeah, so when you withdraw that and then you have…
You mean you go off the pill? No, so every single month… So you’re 21 days on
the pill and then week you don’t take it. Yes, you call that the pill bleed. We
call it a pill bleed or withdrawal bleed It’s a withdrawal from a medication. So you’re giving your body something that’s
wrecking it, and then you’re taking it away and wrecking it. For a week in
a month. So here’s the deal with what we’ve got to understand of why it’s
not true that the birth control pill actually regulates hormones, fixes your
period or makes a regular period and that is you are not ovulating while you
are on the birth control pill. It is shutting down how your brain is talking
to your ovaries and as such no egg created. It is not released, and so you’re
missing out on a lot of great hormones, but there isn’t this cycle of hormones
that happen in a normal menstrual cycle, and that means the way you were designed
to have periods, and so I hate to break it to you, but that pill is not gonna fix
your hormones. That’s why we’re here. It’s not gonna fix your periods either. Can you go back and talk about what the pills are doing to disconnect the brain from ovulation? So basically you flood the body with hormones, and it tells the brain we’ve
got hormones. We’re pregnant. Don’t release the egg. It is kind of like a pseudo pregnancy, but you know
pregnancy has all these wonderful hormones that are very protective for us,
but it’s trying to simulate that. Tricking your mind into thinking its pregnant. So the brain is thinking, “I’ve got all of these hormones floating around in a negative feedback loop.” So
that’s what this is called if you’ve got too much of a hormone then your brain
says, “Do not secrete the hormone.” So this would be follicle-stimulating hormones,
FSH or luteinizing hormone, which is LH. Don’t secrete those to stimulate those
ovaries to do anything. So follicle- stimulating hormone gets that egg ready,
and then the LH luteinizing hormone spikes and then an egg follows, and what’s left
behind is a corpus luteum and wonderful progesterone. But you miss out on all of
that while you’re on hormonal birth control, and so if you’re suppressing
that system, well just think it through. If you’re suppressing
the natural system that got a little off kilter which caused irregular periods
for you in the first place, is that really fixing your period. No. Yeah, that
was an easy question. By the way, while we’re laughing, I have to tell you that
the reason that we’re wearing these crowns is because were the queen’s of
self-care. We’re the queen’s of your self-care. We’re caring for you right now
and passing it on to you, which is great, and while you’re watching the video. So
you started off in the regular periods. The birth control pill is not gonna fix
it. Not only that, but it’s gonna rob your body of the hormones, all these other
beautiful hormones that you’re going to be missing. By missing the ovulatory
stage of your own natural cycle. So what would a woman do if she’s having irregular periods. What is her option for trying to get more regular? Yeah, so we got to
understand why. There’s another video that we did, talking all
about hormone imbalances. You definitely want to go check that out, because
there’s a lot of things that can affect your system, and you know what’s sad to
me is that I will see women who are put on hormonal birth control, and it turns
out they actually had hypothyroidism all along. So not only did they have their
natural reproductive systems suppressed and it seems like they’re having a
regular period, but a disease has been allowed to progress the entire time that
they’re on it. The same is true with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS,
which is a common cause of irregular periods. But we can also see things like
blood sugar dysregulation. There can also be things like a benign brain tumor,
known as a prolactinoma. I know that sounds very scary. It’s benign. It can get so large that it changes your vision. So it’s
definitely something you need a doctor for that. It will secrete prolactin,
which is a hormone that goes high in pregnancy so that we make milk, but it
also shuts down ovulation as well, and so you’ve got to dig a little bit deeper,
but if you’re a woman, go get your lab- testing done. And by lab, she
means hormones. Hormones yes, we have a video on that in this queen series.
Definitely, you want to dig deep. You want to find the root cause of what’s going
on, but in the meantime you can start to employ something very simple known as
seed-cycling. So seed-cycling is when you’re cycling seeds throughout the month, and how we
typically recommend this is days 1 through 14, that is day 1 is the first
day you see blood. 1 through 14 is the follicular phase. You are consuming fresh
ground flax seeds. No, you cannot get them pre-ground. It is not the same fresh
ground flaxseeds. About two tablespoons, and two tablespoons of raw pumpkin seeds, and if you’re not having a period we say go new moon to full moon, and so
that’s one way you can start to gauge that. This is now nutrition advice that you’re getting. Right, these are the essential fatty
acids that you need to get your hormones to come back into balance. Absolutely, and I’ve had patients who do one cycle of seed-cycling and they’re like
“Oh my gosh, things are already shifting into being more balanced.” That’s
because food is medicine and what you put at the end of your fork has a
lot of power, a lot more than a lot of the other things that you’ll be
hearing to fix your period like in terms of using birth control. So in the second
half of your cycle, that’s going to be days 15 through 20, and approximately that’s going to be full moon to new moon. That’s where you want sesame seeds and
sunflower seeds, raw and fresh grind the sesame seeds. Now when it comes to
pumpkin or sunflower seeds, I’m kind of lazy. I’m gonna get it done kind of gal and so I just grab a handful and stick them in my mouth and chew them up really well. I
like them in my salad. Yeah, you can do that as well, but you’ve got to chew
them really well because you need, your teeth, the mechanical friction to
actually break down and so you can get out those nutrients, and so
that’s a really simple quick thing that you can start to employ today, and if you
have an objection, because I hear this one a lot, “But Dr. Brighton it’s so
difficult to do this every day,” here’s my tip: I want you to go ahead and grind a
week’s worth and put it in your freezer and then everyday you can pull it out.
They go well in smoothies. They go well on salad. I have even put it on top of
salmon. They’re very versatile, and it’s very easy to get into
your diet. I like flax seeds in my morning smoothie.
I have them in there, so what I do is I have a separate coffee grinder in my
kitchen. Definitely. And I grind my seeds in that coffee grinder, so it
doesn’t taste like coffee, and then I just put them right in my smoothie and
they taste delicious, and they’re protein and they’re good fat and so
they make you feel good, and they help your brain function, and they help your
mood. So all of these things are inextricably entwined well. And if you
think about, a seed is what an entire plant grows from, so it’s very nutrient
dense. We need lots of dense nutrient in irregular periods. Don’t go on any
kind of synthetic hormone birth control pill. It’s not only not going to help,
it’s gonna blow out your own hormone system, which means you’re gonna have to
do even more work to fix it than whatever is the systemic issue that’s
causing the irregular period that you have. So what you want to do is get your tiara off or at least you want to put on your
detective hat over your tiara. You can leave it on, but the detective hat over your
tiara and then you want to start figuring out. You want to start talking
to your doctor and you want to start getting to the root issue of why you’re
not having regular periods at the same time that you’re adding in the seed-
cycling so that at least you’re giving your body the support that it needs, the
precursors and the cofactors to your own hormonal production. So that’s number one
Number two is “I’m on the pill and I maybe went on the pill because I had a
regular periods, or for whatever reason you went on the pill and now you’re
coming off the pill, and you’re worried about getting your period cycling back
in a solid way. Is there any different thing that you would say? Yeah,
definitely seed cycling can help in this as well, but if you’re a woman who
started hormonal birth control due to irregular periods, that we know from the
research, there’s a pretty good chance your period is not going to come back,
and in fact if some of the research has shown that it takes up to two years for
women to start cycling regularly and that is with effort and energy and
attention to their body so be aware of this one thing you can do. So I recommend
if you get on the pill ever or any of these birth control options because you’re having period problems, you have irregular periods, you have acne,
prep your body for a good three months before you come off. And what that looks
like is taking something like a multivitamin or prenatal. Prenatals are
not just for getting pregnant, they have a little bit higher dose of iron in them.
So if you are somebody who has heavy periods that would be a better option
for you. I’m also thinking about what are you eating every day, you know, because
it comes down to nutrition, it really does. And you know the thing I wish anyone
would have told my teenage self like when you’re pulling up to the drive through, pop that birth
control pill in the morning, and now you’re gonna eat your burger and french
fries, that’s a double whammy to the system, because birth control is
depleting your nutrients, and one nutrient we can look at in fact
is magnesium. Magnesium will help how your brain starts talking to your
ovaries again and that’s also what the seed-cycling helps with as well, but this
is something you want to start prepping your body before you come off. They
talk about this a lot in my hormone reset program as well. I’m gonna put a
link to Dr. Jolene Brighton’s birth control hormone reset program in the
links below this video. I definitely want you to click that link while you’re down
there. Give us a thumbs up, and go check that out because if you’re thinking
about getting off of birth control, synthetic birth control of any kind,
this is what you want to do is follow this program. And at the
same time, with this nutrition we look at, things like blood sugar regulation, which can be a big cause for irregular periods, and if you are currently on
hormonal birth control, you’re going to need to love up that liver because it is
processing all these hormones. It’s taking a beating. In fact we
didn’t diagnose liver tumors in women at the rate we do now until the
introduction of the pill. And this is one city. And then you’ve
seen the classic. They’ll say, “It’s just benign liver tumors.” Benign liver tumors that rupture a major organ that has tons of blood. There’s
nothing benign about that. Well and plus let me just mention I lost my
gallbladder because I was taking birth control because I didn’t know and I’m glad you know now that this is not the way to go for any issue
including irregular periods. There are many alternatives that you have both for
birth control as well as for getting your menses in a proper cycle in that situation. With gallbladder and liver we need
to be eating cruciferous vegetables which are going to help with
liver detox. Cauliflower, that’s cruciferous. It also will feed
the microbiome and help restore that because… that’s all the things in your
gut. Good gut bugs. Bacterias and yeasts and things like that that regulate your immune system,
and help you avoid the hormones out of your body after your body has used them
and then get decimated by hormonal contraceptives and by antibiotics which then give you yeast overgrowth. So you are
a system and if you watch our video series, which is the queen’s of self-care,
you’ll learn a lot about how to take care of the whole tube from your mouth
through your gut out your vagina and out through your rectum, because that all has
to be moving. You’ve got to have good vaginal secretions, good hormone flow.
Everything has to be moving. Movement is life, and if you’re stuck because you’re
suppressing your body because you think that taking a birth control pill is
going to help you with your irregular periods. then the trick is how do you get below that and how do you take really good care, good nutrition,
good hormone balance, and also just getting to the root cause of what it is
that’s holding you back from having a really nice moon cycle because that is
very possible for you. Alright so any other last tips? The last tip I would give is considering vitex. So vitex is also known as Chaste Tree Berry. Now I’ll say there you may have tried this and you may be a little bit
skeptical because I hear this a lot from my patients as well. They say Dr.
Brighton, I took it for a cycle and nothing got better. Well, in fact, vitex takes up to about three cycles to really notice and effect.
I think this is how natural medicine works. Right, we’re going to work with
your body instead of a pharmaceutical which just strong-arms your body into
submission. We’re gonna work with your body and so that takes time and so what
I recommend is taking vitex. You can take it as a tincture, which is an alcohol
base, or you can take it as a capsule and you’re gonna want to do that the second
half of your cycle, and so if you’re not cycling remember… This is with your sesame seeds and your sunflower seeds Perfect. And so that will be full
moon to new moon. And you know the reason why we say full moon is when we expect
ovulation is because we go back to caveman times. Big full moon, it’s bright
outside waking you up, what else you’re gonna do? You’re gonna make love by the
fire. With all your sisters. So try and vitex in the second half of your
cycle, and give it a good three months. This can help women who have PCOS, who
have irregular menses and even has been shown in research, vitex has been
effective in those conditions. The prolactinoma that I mentioned before…
Now of course, if you got a brain tumor you need a doctor, but you can also use
vitex to help regulate that cycle and get back to your normal menstrual cycle.
There you have it. I have links below for you to the birth control
hormone reset program from Dr. Jolene Brighton, as well as an opportunity for
you to get on my email newsletter list, the women’s sexual empowerment list,
where I talk about all kinds of things from sexual health to advanced orgasm
techniques and bedroom communication skills which we all need, and if you have
any comments or questions put them in the notes below, and we will answer them
and we’ll see you on the other side.

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