Cancer Love Tarot October 2019. Joining Forces for Big Change!

Hello Cancer! Welcome to your love reading for October 2019 and welcome back to my channel LunaSync Tarot. if you.

Hello Cancer! Welcome to your love
reading for October 2019 and welcome back to my channel LunaSync Tarot. if
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so I’ve already shuffled your cards and I’ve laid them out here so let’s sync up
in the position of you two cards fill out the shaman of swords and the shaman
of cups and in the position of the other or the person that you’re thinking about
your partner your love interest your love connection is the shaman of disks
so you might notice right off the bat we have three shamans and then in the
position of your combined energy we have the Wheel of Fortune and in the position
of what needs to be understood and integrated or the outcome we have the
three of disks so the fact that you have shamans representing both you and your
partner or your love interest the person that you’re thinking about in October is
significant shamans are traditionally the kings in the traditional Tarot they
are personalities who have a great deal of experience and wisdom and authority
and they are very established and they sort of have they’ve not sort of they
actually have mastered there there’s the suit or the energy that belongs to the
suit so for example the shaman of swords has mastered err is mastered
communication has mastered I’m using his or her voice has mastered thought and
reason the shaman of cups has mastered emotions the shaman of disks has
mastered all things tangible practical real like the the disks is the suit of
Earth’s so all tangible things so let’s get into the meaning of each of these
cards for you we have the shaman of swords and the shaman of cups I get the
sense that you are using your voice to activate something in some significant
way so this card is about using your voice to create change big change major
change and to scale in some way so potentially using your voice to scale
you or connection or scale your relationship
in some significant way the shaman of cups is somebody who puts on a mask to
contain their emotions so that they can do magic so that they can do magical
work in the world so I see that you’re containing your emotions you’re really
sort of like creating a boundary around your emotion so that you can do the work
that you need to do and you’re using your voice to create change or to
activate in some way so there’s something about emotions and thought you
know thought and emotions communication communicating what it is that you need
to communicate in order to create the change that you want to create inside of
this connection the shaman of disks is about this character this person who’s
been on this path for quite some time they’ve learned everything that they
could learn about this path and they’re walking this path in a very steady
stable secure way yeah the shaman of disks is somebody who
maybe moves a little bit slower takes his or her time to get where they need
to get and has this great vision about the future and it’s not it’s really cool
because the shaman of disks is just like very grounded very earthy is probably an
herbalist or a doctor working with the body somebody who has those qualities so
you and your connection you and your partner are both sort of at the top of
your game you have a lot of experience you are using that experience to in a
sort of sophisticated way to support others and you your energy is equal
you’re matching one another’s energy so it’s not like the shaman with daughter
right or the the King with the page it’s these are all Kings like it’s a very
similar energy that you’re both bringing to the table in October using your voice
in some way to activate or communicate Thayne really containing your emotion so
that you can do the work that you need to do if it is on this relationship or
in this relationship or in this connection communicating with your
partner in some significant way in a very rational calm cool demeanor the
shaman of disks is it could be somebody that has been on their path for quite
some time it might you know take quite a lot to get them to deviate from this
path because they’ve been on it for so long and they’ve learned it so well it’s
so well trot trot in trot in they’ve they’ve they’ve been on it for quite
some time in a position of the combined energy we have the Wheel of Fortune so
this is about big transformative change this is sometimes called the karmic
change it’s the karmic wheel so the wheel spins and it balances your karma
in some significant way there is a big change afoot in your relationship in
your connection and it’s coming from both of you you both are sort of
contributing to this big transformative change and then finally in the position
of the outcome or what needs to be understood and integrated is the three
of disks this is about building something that will last the test of
time and doing so in a very collaborative manner so there’s
something that you both will be working on in October that will have a very
long-lasting effect it’s um or will last quite some time in your relationship if
you see this card here the three of disks you see each of these women have
their own tasks and they’re contributing to their they’re each contributing in
their own way to building this very stable strong brick structure that will
last the test of time so something that you’re working on here that has the the
promise to last quite some time all right let’s see how your partner your
connection feels about you in October what do they think about you what do
they think about your connection how do they feel about your connection I
kind of want to know about the chemistry between the two of you and how they
perceive that ooh Wow Knight of swords seven of wands and
knight of Pentacles so we have two Knights right off the bat
Knights are about action so they either perceive that you’re able to take a
great deal of action or they are moving towards you they want to take action
around they feel very motivated around this connection the knight of swords is
is an a personality that’s very Swift thinking Swift moving very articulate
very communicative they are gonna dive right in they’re
gonna dive right in and they’re gonna do it they might not have a plan but
they’re gonna they have the the desire and they have the what is it they have
the motivation just to get in there and make it happen
now you have the knight of Pentacles to the knight of Pentacles more likely has
a plan so seeing them then both here together is not a bad thing you have
somebody who has a plan to take action and somebody who’s absolutely willing to
do that to take the action whereas the knight of Pentacles he might have a plan
but he’s pretty slow moving he might not get there very quickly the knight of
swords will get there as best I mean before you even like realize that it’s
happening it’s happened right so this is how your connection feels about you
about your connection in October very fast moving also wanting to have some
sort of plan the seven of Wands is about I don’t know sometimes the seven oh one
speaks to deception and sneakiness and manipulation so for what it’s worth that
is there as well and how they perceive the connection there’s some sort of like
hidden agenda or some sort of sneakiness some sort of deception a willingness to
jump to just dive right in and make it happen and
somebody who will will take action it might take them a little bit longer but
they’re they’re more likely to have a well-thought-out plan now if you look at
the imagery in this card what you see is this sort of like this S&M scene where
the the knight has her by the hair and he has like a whip and she’s kind of
naked and she’s showing everybody her rear and people are watching it’s like
very voyeuristic so it could be could be that he or she your partner really wants
to dominate you in this way and finds that very erotic again with the knight
of Pentacles we have another scene here where the man is really holding this
woman from behind and sort of like forcing this liquid down her throat so
there’s definitely this this energy of like I’m the dominant one I’m going to
take you and again there’s this manipulative kind of deceptive energy at
play as well so that’s something to keep in mind all right how do you feel about
your connection in October what are you thinking about this connection how do
you feel about this person that you’re thinking about in October and what do
you think about the chemistry inside of this love relationship hmm if your
partner does want to dominate you they might have a little bit of a hard time
because you’re you’re each pulling through as kings and that’s a very
dominant energy so you’ve got it and they’ve got it see how you feel about this connection
in October cancer oh there we go oh boy okay that’s funny so we have the
ace of swords and this is a very similar scene as the knight of swords so we have
again this submissive dominance dominant kind of scenario but she he’s over here
your partner is in the position of dominance in this card and that’s how
they perceive this relationship or this connection how you perceive this
connection is it’s it’s flipped its reversed in this card the woman is the
dominant one and she’s tying up the man so there could be a little bit of back
and forth in terms of like switching up the dominant submission submissive roles
or it could be that you’re battling one another for that dominant role alright
so let’s see I’ll just put this down here so you can continue to see it and
same thing with this so remember this one is over here can you see that kinda
um let us pull some clarifying cards around some of this because I want to
know really what this thing is what this big change is and what this long-lasting
thing for you and the outcome is for you and your relationship is in the outcome
I’m gonna pop top yeah toss that back in there and start to shuffle now so a
little bit of information about the outcome
ooh postponement so this card speaks to feeling blocked off from the present
moment so feeling like you’re on the outside of
the present moment which is the only moment that is truly alive and so
there’s it like a hint of depression in this card there’s a person who sort of
postponing things thinking well it’s not quite right or maybe sometime in the
future but really the only time is now if you see the color inside of the box
that is the present moment and this person in this card is outside of the
present moment either thinking about the past or thinking about the future either
way just postponing what it is that they want to do or want to have because they
feel like you know for whatever reason they don’t have what they need in order
to to realize it when all they really need to do is be present with now be in
the now so there’s some sort of difficulty around you know being in the
now or feeling postponed in some way something feels like it’s been put on
hold so let’s clarify again some more about
the Wheel of Fortune about this big change in the combined energy and about
the three of this this thing that you’re working on with your partner is
collaboration let’s learn a little bit more about what that is about this is
the Osho Zen tarot deck I really like this one
I love the imagery on it I’m thinking a few more clarifying cards for this so we
can just sort of feel it out and see what it’s all about we both have achieved pretty significant
mastery well here we go I just said pretty significant mastery and we got we
have a creator which is the ultimate master um so this is just really this is
interesting let’s try to talk it out and figure it out the shamans are at the top
of their game they they are masters when we asked
clarify the big change and the thing that you’re gonna be working on here and
the outcome this long lasting structure we got two cards we got postponement so
it feels kind of like it’s on hold or somebody’s not really connecting with
the present moment or the reality that it is that you’re experiencing right now
and then we got the creator which is another master so whatever’s being put
on hold has to do with this mastery that you that you and your partner both have
squarely in what you’re contributing to the relationship you’re both
contributing contributing this mastery and this thing that we’ve tried to
clarify with the three of disks what you’re building seems to have something
to do with the mastery that you both bring to the table
maybe harnessing that together like how how do you resolve this with one another
and sort of harnessing that energy so that you can build something that will
last all right and let’s pull a medicine card
I’d like some like to get some advice or some guidance some further guidance for
you in the month of October with your love connection you have some guidance
for cancer on how to navigate this connection in October a very interesting reading cancer I hope
it’s resonating with you if it is leave a comment let me know how and also hit
that like button so that it can circulate amongst others one card for
cancer scars darn don’t want to jump out okay here we go
turtle turtle is about earth energy and the shaman of disks is definitely about
earth energy so let’s read a little bit about turtle and see what it has to tell
us if you’ve chosen the turtle symbol you’re being asked to under the creative
source within you oh the Creator look at the creative
source within this creator to be grounded to the earth and to observe
your situation with motherly compassion use the water and earth energies so we
have water energies here we have earth energies here which represent Turtles to
homes to flow harmoniously with your situation and to place your feet firmly
on the ground in a power stance so yeah there’s something about connecting with
the present moment being grounded in the present moment turtle is a fine teacher
of the art of grounding you may even be able to overcome some of your space
cadet tendencies if you align with turtle medicine and learning to ground
you are placing focus on your thoughts and actions and slowing to a pace that
assures completion Wow okay so the advice from the medicine cards is
to get very very grounded to connect with water and earth energy so there’s
something about them when your energies come together you know getting grounded
and tapping into this creative force in order to in order to build this navigate
this change and build this long-lasting structure this thing that will support
your relationship moving forward into the future for quite some time
all right cancer I hope you enjoyed that reading if you did hit the like button
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good care.

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