Cellular detoxification, clearing out old obstruction and the healing mucus free system

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4 thoughts on “Cellular detoxification, clearing out old obstruction and the healing mucus free system”

  1. Wow! Excellent! Brilliantly done video, with incredible insights! The dishes you showed look delicious! Would you like to share the recipes? 😀

  2. Great video. Everything we eat today created by these corrupted organisation gives us free radicals.
    Essentially cancer!
    Today 1 in 2 will get it.
    30 years ago is was maybe one in 20 or more.
    What has happened here then?
    PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTIONS from corrupted world organisations.

  3. Hi Aria, Great work! You touch on something I was going to bring up on the VOR forum here and in other videos of yours–the connection between body cleansing and spiritual realization. I've been completing a very comprehensive body cleanse program created by Global Healing Center, bit by bit every few months for between 4-7 days per protocol. Its very expensive but Global Healing Center have the best body cleanse products out there. What I noticed especially during the liver cleanse was as I felt weak and semi-sick as my body/liver transited toxins from my liver out of my body was my connection to spirit during these days became much more palpable than normal–I could feel my energy field reverberating much stronger. So yes I totally agree that body cleansing/fasting not only helps the physical body but can also strengthen our connection to universal consciousness.

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