Coronavirus Prevention With Natural Antiviral Medication – Scientific Evidence Since 2011

Influenza and coronavirus have one thing in common as they are both much more likely to infect and kill humans.

Influenza and coronavirus have one thing in
common as they are both much more likely to infect and kill humans who already have weakened
immune systems, but there’s something else most people don’t know.
Scientific study determines elderberries immobilize flu virus, plus cut the illness duration in
half if you already have it. Doctors across the United States sling antibiotics
at flu symptoms regularly, thinking you’ve got a bacterial infection which could be eliminated
in this way Unique phytochemicals found in elderberries
block the flu virus from entering our healthy cells or even attaching to them. They don’t
relieve you of symptoms, instead they go to work on the root of the problem, defending
you in the strongest way, and naturally at that. That means your immune system isn’t
wiped out by antibiotics. One of the reasons any flu or coronovirus
can be deadly is because it’s constantly replicating, so if all your doctor does is
address the symptoms with medications, you have a problem. Researchers, including doctors,
are using farmed elderberries that are turned into a juice serum. The serum is then applied
to cells before, during and after they got infected by a strain of flu virus.
The observed result was a “potent direct antiviral effect against the flu virus,”
said Dr. Golnoosh Torabian. “It inhibits the early stages of an infection
by blocking key viral proteins responsible for both the viral attachment and entry into
the host cells.” The extract was also effective at fighting
the virus at later stages of infection, by stimulating infected cells to release cytokines
– chemical messengers the immune system uses for communication between different cell
types to aid in coordinating a more efficient response.
Did you know that elderberry grows all around in the world, naturally? The European black
elderberry shrub (also known as sambucus nigra) can be found in North America, or in Africa,
Asia and Europe. Elderberries are loaded with antioxidants
and flavonoids that are anti-inflammatory. Elderberries are anti-viral and even help
fight off certain bacterial infections. A clinical study published in Bio Med Central
(BMC) revealed that black elderberry can help you fight off both influenza A and B viruses,
and certain gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria that are responsible for upper respiratory
infections. We’ve known this since back in 2011. We’re talking about a safe, efficient
and inexpensive way to treat influenza. However, no mass media coverage.
Now, it could be that coronavirus infects more than 20 % of the world’s population.
Maybe elderberry extract could save us all from Coronavirus, but you won’t know unless
you try it. Media sources like The New York Times, The
Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post are all now reporting the fact that hospitals
in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, are having to turn away thousands of sick patients
because they simply don’t have enough beds or staff to care for everyone.
In Italy, confirmed cases have skyrocketed to 155 as an outbreak continues its exponential
spread there, threatening all of Western Europe. A third death has been confirmed in Italy,
and the Italian government has declared a national emergency. Italian officials, notably,
are far more honest than U.S. officials in reporting these cases, even though they have
so far failed to identify “patient zero” there, who may never be found.
Confirmed cases are exploding in Japan, too, which is no surprise given Japan’s criminally
negligent handling of the Diamond Princess fiasco that ultimately led to thousands of
potentially infected cruise passengers being released onto the streets of Tokyo.
Confirmed infections in South Korea have exploded over the last 96 hours from 30 cases to more
than 600 confirmed cases. Local residents there are scrambling to purchase preparedness
supplies, stripping shelves bare and leading to a sense of urgency. Some cities in South
Korea have already emptied streets and nearly all community functions shut down.
Iran is also experiencing an explosion in deaths (now 16), and if the mainstream media’s
“2% mortality rate” is to be believed, that would indicate there must be over 400
infected people in Iran, most of whom haven’t yet been identified (meaning they are spreading
it to others). Around the world, non-China infections are
now doubling every 4 days or so. Watch also my video about grapefruit seed
extract and its use for flu or bacterial infections and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

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