Cure flu with herbs, Sumatra, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 83

Flu is coming which cause our limbs and whole bodies ached and exhausted if we do not have the right.

Flu is coming which cause our limbs and whole bodies ached and exhausted if we do not have the right treatment We need to leave The weather is pretty good This is rainforest A place with lots of precious herbs and deadliest plants Precious herbs have pleasant smells and a specific bitter taste Like these plants Their leaves have a slightly good smell and a very bitter taste After the bitter taste is the sweetness They will be boiled to turn into medicine Not only the leaves, their stems are bitter too The flu will soon be treated A new day begins It seems that everything is back to normal It seems to be Sumatra – a person of Minangkabau tribe He comes here once a month and he will show his performance in the next time Everything here is great The forest here is quite similar with the forest on the Malacca island

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  1. It is the harsh winter in the jungle. Although we are led to believe that Nolan has not been in contact with humanity for more than 6 months, he has somehow contracted a debilitating flu and awakens with a terrible cough.
    Nolan locates a bitter plant, heats its leaves, and drinks the extract. He is instantly well.
    A man in a uniform, carrying a knife in an elephant-tusk sheath, unexpectedly appears. Nolan leads the man by his hand to the mud hut. The man sniffs and feels the hut and is quite impressed.

  2. Warm the stones on the fire then put them on ur chest and back. Make the water steam and breath it in . Get well soon my friend 👍🏼🇦🇺👏🏻

  3. เพราะอกหักเลยเดีนเข้าป่า​ มาใช้ชิวิดคนเดียว

  4. Na entrada, na parte superior da lareira, faça uma barreira na horizontal de uns quinze centímetros ( tipo um teto embutido ) para que a fumaça não retorne para dentro da cabana. E a parte de trás da lareira, sempre ligeiramente mais alta que a parte da frente.

  5. It's very common, especially in Oriental countries to see men holding hands, as well as girls holding hands; it doesn't mean they're gay at all. My thoughts on this, is even if they are gay, that's their choice too & it doesn't adversely affect whether I'm friends with them or not; everyone has choices in this world & if we were all alike, it would be a really boring world. Thanks for sharing this video too, Nolan & I'm glad you have a friend to visit with too. I hope the herb tea will help you get over the flu too. Take care, my dear friend. 😊💖🌿

  6. ทีหลังถ้าไป ซื้อ ยาพารา และ ยาแก้ไอ ไปด้วยสิ คะ

  7. Not much comment to this fellow, he is ok and consider not bad at all in any bush craft building and self motivated the only one thing that I don't really like is that when he started to eat any thing that he cough, he ate like lightening, same as never been eating for a hundred years, hungry like a wolf, and too much killing of an animals that too bad!

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