Devices, apps, and medications for stuttering

Hey! Hello everyone! If you’ve been thinking or are thinking about speech devices, apps or medications for stuttering stay tuned.

Hey! Hello everyone! If you’ve been
thinking or are thinking about speech devices, apps or medications for
stuttering stay tuned – I want to talk about it. And sorry I’m going live
because I’ve been busy and I’m still busy inside the Free From Stutter Program. It takes a lot of time so going live is a great option because when you
go with a video it takes really a lot of time editing and you know thinking too
much about it so and also it’s an exercise to structure my thoughts in a
way that I can go live. So let’s talk about devices, apps and medications. Why I combine them together? Because actually if you think about it it’s all about the
same idea that someone can treat, can cure our speaking so that we’re not
responsible for it. Some doctor, somebody, some device, some app, some medication
will take care of our speaking. And I have another video about stuttering treatment
mindset which is really tricky because once you have this approach, this
thinking that someone, medication or device or app will solve your problem,
will change your speaking well it’s not leading anywhere. And let’s talk about
medications first. So the general idea of medications, there are many of them, in
different countries they are different but the general idea is to relax our body
because stuttering is an automated tension. We feel that tension in our body
and it translates into our speech impediments.
So the medications they want us to relax and to some extent like alcohol also
relaxes at a certain point when you just start just like drink a little. So does it change the speaking pattern? Of course not! So it’s not the way to change the speaking pattern. Does it help with
speaking? Actually I haven’t taken any medications, I hear some people say good words, some people say that they don’t feel anything. I wonder have
you tried any medications? If you have please leave a comment, tell me what have
you tried and how did you feel? But again the general idea we should not expect
that medications can change the way we speak because you see when we speak we
don’t want to be too loose and relaxed we do need energy and I have another
video I’ll give a link to it about the different layers of the speaking pattern
so be being able to relax is only one of the layers of our speaking pattern. It’s
one of the abilities that want to have. But we also want to put power to our
speaking. We also want to engage, to be active, to have the eye contact, to really
engage your body so there are different layers and overall we want to balance
between being too active and too relaxed so we want to have that balance
overall. So just relaxing, just like suppressing our body is not
probably a sustainable way to go around it. So again if you’ve tried anything please leave a comment about the medications. About the devices
and apps. Well, the most well known probably brand is the SpeechEasy
devices but there are many apps including free apps delayed auditory
feedback apps and the idea of the speech easy device and the similar devices and
the apps is very simple. Speech Easy – I’m taking a look at their website “alters
sounds that go through the device so that you hear your voice at a slight
time delay and at a different pitch.” And it creates what they call a
“choral effect.” But the idea I want to really think about it. So our sound each
sound like has a certain space and what happens with our speaking: our sound is not filling the whole space so we have a certain empty space
in other words we go a bit faster than we should go. So we kind of with the
devices how they work and delayed auditory feedback you hear yourself with
a bit of delay so that it gives you a certain guidance and the framework, the
structure to go at a more regular pace. It’s not about only the pace again it’s
about filling that space for each sound with substance. So we have just
empty spaces left and when they accumulate those empty spaces it creates
a block, a speech impediment. Different prolongations, so the
speech impediments. So that’s how the devices with delayed
auditory feedback work. The question is again do they change and can they change
our speaking pattern? Well, the speech easy device, these apps they
actually don’t even try to say that they will change your speaking pattern. What
they’re saying they will help you while you’re using the device or app which
means your speaking pattern stays the same. So that’s basically it about the
medications and speech devices and apps. Again they might help us once we’re
using them especially the devices and apps but they don’t change the speaking
pattern. And I also want to mention the hand stuttering technique that I’m
preaching about because it actually does pretty much the same thing. So all we
want to do we want to fill that space that we have for a particular sound in
our speaking with substance especially the stressed syllables which serve as the foundation for our speaking. Because if
you if you notice we go from the stressed syllable to the stressed syllable and this
way we gain the support, gain ground and upload some confidence to our our
body and mind. They feel you’re in control over your speaking. So with the
hand actually we go from one stressed syllable to another stressed syllable
and also what hand does it actually makes sure it gives us the same
structure, framework we fill in that sound with substance. So
that’s basically pretty much the same effect that the devices and delayed
auditory feedback apps provide the same effect but the difference is here you
are in control. That’s you are using this natural tool if you wish and you
upload it to your muscle and emotional memory that you are keeping the
steering wheel again of that car. You are the captain, you are leading
this thing, you feel that you are in control of your speaking. That’s the idea
of the hand stuttering technique. We have I think a question. I’ll take a
look. “When I speak with my relatives I have no problem but when I
speak in public I stutter. What’s the way to overcome it?” Yeah, that’s a great
comment. Thank you so much! The general feedback to your question is
that that’s the way stuttering works and again speaking is interaction with the
speaking environment. And I have actually the previous video about
the lack of control. So our speaking pattern and in this video we’re talking about the structure of our like the actual sounds that we have
right we have certain emptiness in our in our sounds so they accumulate and
create those speech impediments so we want to fill those with substance. So our body and mind they feel, they know totally that there is
in security in our speaking. So in certain settings when we’re pretty relaxed, calm and everything is fine we go fluently or it may seem fluently because you know when
you start recording yourself you notice that even in those situations when you
think, “Wow I did it fluently! Everything was great!” you still feel that there were
insecurities, there were repetitions I feel it with myself all the time right. Once I will rewatch this video I will also hear some repetitions in my
speaking that’s absolutely ok about me that’s a separate topic I feel they’re
like fine like regular people also have repetitions, prolongation, glitches, whatever. So our speaking pattern is insecure and we
know this, that it’s insecure so that’s the one thing. And when we enter
certain settings which are stressful, where we have anxiety we start
anticipating and it brings that state, overall state which is the stuttering
state actually where we have the speech impediments. Because there are two big
elements to stuttering one is lack of control. Again the very structural thing, the very structure is insecure we don’t have enough in our
like the spaces we have for the sound we don’t put enough that’s the physical
kind of part. Insecurity. The second big piece is how we feel
about it and the central of course thing is the stuttering shame. We feel bad
about it. We want to hide it, we want to pretend we’re cool, smart, normal call
it whatever. Different settings with friends you want to be cool, when you go
like casual speaking you want to be normal, regular, at work you want to be smart, you want to be perfect. So we want to be somebody
else like right we don’t want to open up and show and reveal that we stutter and
that creates a huge anxiety and tension and anticipation and fear and avoidance. So it creates like we start feeling that that fear and anxiety start to
dictate, start to like navigate us through life which is a bad thing. That’s
what we want to change actually. So the physical part of course is important
because it gives again the foundation for that anxiety for that stuttering
iceberg but that anxiety, that fear, that avoidance is actually something
that we want to change is something that we want to change to being open about
your speaking, improvement efforts, active and positive about that. Without
this actually all our techniques, exercises and our efforts to improve the
physical side they don’t give effect because we want our again whatever you’re using I’m preaching
about the hand stuttering technique but you can’t use the hand stuttering technique
and the training speech without this open, active and positive attitude and
approach, without being open about your improvement efforts. So sorry for
answering in that long way but that’s basically the answer why we feel
fine with our relatives in certain settings because of these two things:
our speaking patterns is insecure but we
don’t feel that much of the anxiety that much of the fear, avoidance, escaping,
everything so we don’t get into that stuttering iceberg, stuttering state. So
how to cure stuttering within a month? That’s the great question. So my answer
is well that’s a big question what is to cure stuttering of course. What in
your definition is to cure stuttering within a month? Some people promise like three, four days and we’ll fix something in your speaking and
everything will be fine. My approach is that we’re inside the Free From Stutter Program actually we’re learning just the hand stuttering technique for one more
intensive and two intensive months and then it’s all about using the training speech.
But cure stuttering for me is the real change in how you feel about your
speaking and how you feel about your speaking you can tell everything to
yourself but in reality you feel somehow. Like the truth, the true feeling about
your speaking which translates into anxiety and everything. So it takes
really time to bring change to that feeling and what I call to restore the
inner structure our speaking or to change the speaking pattern it takes
time of actually applying the training speech so that you upload proof to your
body and mind so that you upload confidence just the opposite right now
we’re applauding confidence that I will stutter at some point. You go somewhere you stutter – yes I will stutter, yeah I did. So now we want to upload a different confidence that I can come back to my confident, powerful, relaxing speaking and
even if I get stuck if I have speech impediments no problem I can come back to my confident speaking. So it takes a bit of time practice
actually speaking we cannot cure stuttering sitting at home speaking to
like reading out loud. Actually speaking to the camera like this, like
I’m doing here live, talking to you is a step between real life because real life
is still more stressful because you have a certain environment. Here I’m
I’m talking to you guys but I still control the content at the end of the
day I can delete this live video and everything. So it’s something that I
do recommend to do recording yourself, recording yourself talking to the camera
it’s different than talking to the mirror or just reading out loud. It’s
step closer to real life if you can I do suggest joining Free From Stutter Facebook group actually we go live there, we record videos there. It’s a great
place to practice actually. Again depending on how you feel about your
speaking, how you feel like ideally I suggest to have some tools like the
training speech like using the hand technique that you can practice but
again as we talked in this video the second and maybe like huge element
of stuttering iceberg is stuttering shame. What we want to hide, avoid and everything. So once you start speaking even stuttering in our Free From Stutter group
people improve this way as well because overcoming stuttering means overcoming
this stuttering shame. As long as we have stuttering shame there is no way to really
overcome stuttering. So sorry for taking guys too
much time I really would like to go short with like condensed ideas not to
go into rambling. One more question stuttering for 30 years can I eliminate
it? Actually I believe that everyone can get free from stuttering. Again cure
the previous question was about cure now eliminating it it’s really I am
preaching about freedom from stuttering. When you start doing in your life what
you want to do. When stuttering is not holding you back. Like you want to ask a
question you raise your hand and ask a question. When you go like you want to
approach somebody and you do it. So that’s the feeling that we have about
our self and our speaking, that’s the most important thing. Even though you
might still have speech impediments at some points right but we want to be able
to come back to our confident, relaxing, powerful speaking that’s the ideal way
to do it when that’s why I’m preaching about having a training speech. That’s
what we learn inside the Free From Stutter Program. The first thing is to learn the
training speech where you feel that confidence that you can upload to your
muscle and emotional memory. What about some medicine I already take oh
and you name some medicine it decreases my anxiety. Yeah, exactly,
exactly that’s my take on that as well so you take the medicine
which the aim of which is to decrease anxiety and again it would be great to have your feedback actually how do you feel about it? Does it decrease the
anxiety? How does it feel? Thank you so much for watching and participating! Thank you so so much again sorry for not showing up for quite some time. Will be
coming back to you guys with new topics and new videos. So thank you and see you
soon! And of course subscribe to the YouTube channel, head over i’ll give the
link to my free Improve Program. You can go to and
join Free From Stutter Facebook group. It’s a great place, it’s a private group and it’s a safe place to practice. There’s a lot
of we will go live there, we have challenges there. So it’s just a great
place to interact and to learn actually. So thank you so much and yeah, see you
soon! See you in the next video!

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