DIY Indian Herbal Shampoo Recipe (Very Easy to Make!)

Hi guys! So today I’m going to show you a new way how to wash your hair, and I’m absolutely.

Hi guys! So today I’m going to show you a
new way how to wash your hair, and I’m absolutely in love. To be honest, I think this is the
best way I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried many, trust me. This is the perfect way because
it’s the perfect pH… perfect… everything’s perfect. It’s the perfect pH for your hair,
so it’s not going to mess it up like baking soda and it’s not going to leave your hair
dry like soapnuts alone. It’s going to leave your hair super soft and if your hair is curly,
it’s also going to be much curlier. As you can see, I’ve washed my hair with this method
today and I love my curls. They’re the nicest curls I’ve ever had on my head. So I really
hope you like this method and let’s get started! So you’re going to need just 3 different ingredients
and they’re really easy to find, and they’re really cheap as well. So you’ll need soapnuts,
which I’ve already mentioned in my previous video about how to wash your hair. Soapnuts
alone are a totally different thing. They can be drying. But soapnuts with the other
two ingredients are awesomeness. The other two ingredients are amla powder, which is
also called amalaki and also shikakai, and shikakai is amazing. Now, soapnuts you can
either buy them whole like these ones here. I also use them for my laundry, and you can
grind them with a coffee grinder. But you can also buy them already preground and it’s
called aritha .So that might be easier for you, so do whatever is easier. This way is
actually really economical because these herbs are actually really cheap. Now let’s see how
much they are. This is 100g. It’s going to last for around 7-10 washes, so that’s not
bad. This kind of bag really costs just a few dollars, so that’s awesome in my opinion.
Much better than a regularshampoo. So all you need for this recipe is just 1 tablespoon
of each ingredient and that’s all you need. It’s enough for one wash. You need to take
the soapnuts and if they’re in the powder form, then you don’t need to do anything.
But if they’re whole nuts like mine, then you’ll need to put them in a coffee grinder
or a food processor if you have a really good one with a grinding function, and just grind
them. You don’t have to make them totally like powder. There can still be a few pieces
in there. It will be totally fine, don’t destroy your food processor doing this. And put all
of those into some kind of container or a cup – whatever you’re going to use, and then
add a tablespoon each of the amla powder and the shikakai powder. And then add two cups
of boiling’s very important to have it boiling because you want to get as much
goodness out of those ingredients as possible. So pour the boiling water over, steer it a
bit, and as you can see it’s already foaming a lot. it’s the foaming action from the soapnuts
and a bit from shikakai as well that’s going to wash your hair. Amla is like a conditioner.
it’s going to leave your hair super super soft. Once you mix them well, you’ll see that
it looks like chocolate, kind of like a really strong coffee or tea. Just leave it there
to cool down. I’d say for at least 30 minutes or around an hour. You can even prepare it
the night before and then use it the next morning. It’s really up to you. I take the
DIY shampoo and I pour it over my head bit by bit, and as I do that I massage it in really
well. When i finish al the mixture, I keep massaging it for a bit longer for a couple
more minutes, and then I rinse it off. The bathroom will get a little bit dirty, but
it washes off so easily. Just rinse it with some water and it will be clean as new. I
usually finish off with a water and vinegar rinse. You can also use a conventional conditioner
if that’s what you prefer or if you still find that your hair is dry after using just
vinegar. In order to prepare the vinegar rinse, you just need to mix two glasses of water,
and it can be cold water, with 3 tablespoons of apple cider viengar, and it’s bes if you
use the unprocessed one with all the mother still in tact. Pour it all over your head,
all over your routes, massage it in, wash it off and that’s it. You’re done! Make sure
that you wash it off with cold water to seal your hair fiber to make it really soft and
shiny. When you’re washing off the vinegar rinse, your hair is going to feel so soft.
Honestly, this shampoo leaves your hair incredibly soft, so don’t be surprised. After that, I
usually follow with my curly routine, where I dry my hair with my husband’s t-shirt because
it’s much gentler and doesn’t break my curl pattern like a normal towel. I put in my hair
styling gel, still my favourite Green People styling gel. It really works so well. That’s
all I do and honestly it brings out the curls, it brings out the shine, there is no frizz
at all, it’s not drying at all – it just makes your hair like the best hair you’ve ever had.
Now, some people are concerned with shikakai dying your hair slightly darker, especially
if you’re really light blonde. So if you’re really really light blonde, it’s best to do
a strand test and see how your hair reacts. But if you have darker blonde or kind of like
me, then it’s definitely nothing to worry about. Shikakai shouldn’t really change your
hair colour. You really have to go and give it a try. it’s super cheap, it’s good for
your hair, it doesn’t upset the pH of your hair like a lot of other different natural
methods. I really think you’re going to like it, so if you have any kind of difficulties
with other methods I’ve talked about, you have to try this one because it’s amazing.
I think my hair speaks for itself right now because it’s voluminous, it’s shiny, it’s
so controllable, it’s just… I love it. It’s just the best method ever, so give it a try,
and if you do, let me know how you like it . Thanks so much for watching and of course
subscribe to my channel if you like my videos. I’d love that so much. I will see you in my
next video. Bye!

54 thoughts on “DIY Indian Herbal Shampoo Recipe (Very Easy to Make!)”

  1. Vita, I live in the U.S…do you know if I can buy these ingredients at a store or do I have to order online? Thank you for the video!!! ☺️

  2. I heard about this method a lot, but never tried it to be honest.. but now you got me interested in it again, as your hair truly looks amazing! l am tempted to omit shikakai as l heard many times that it is drying to the hair, can l do that? also do you use this method constantly or do you switch to something else sometimes? Thanks 🙂

  3. I have to try this! Your hair looks beautiful! I keep going back to regular drugstore products. What made you change your life to more holistic and natural ways? Or have you always used all natural products? What was a turning point? Do you still use the OCM? I love your videos btw❤️

  4. You need to use one reetha for one wash.. actually you need to soak reetha and shikkai overnight.and then put them in a food processor. . It will produce lot of foam. and then use on hair.

  5. Have you tried a green tea rinse as a conditioner instead of the diluted vinegar? I've been using it. It has been helping my hair a lot (in terms of conditioning) without leaving it greasy. 

  6. hey those ingredients are nowhere to be found in turkey. and it i sforbidden in my country to buy thgose online because the government forbid all herbal stuff that is bought by mail order..anyway i guess next time  they gonna forbid all tress and cut them. well well

  7. I noticed that you are using a a gel that was bought at the store. I haven't tried this but I read that flax seed gel is perfect for curly hair and since you made your own shampoo I thought I'd send you the link that I had found for if you wanted to try it out.

  8. woman, this is the best video on a subject , thank u so much. I got the same hair as yours and yes I love this method <3

  9. I usually do a hot oil treatment the twice a week with a mix of coconut and castor oil. As you might know that castor oil is quite heavy. Do you think this shampoo will be able to get rid of the stickiness of castor oil? 

  10. +boundless I don't really know because I don't use heavy oil treatments for my hair. I think if you use the herbal shampoo twice, it will probably take off the oil successfully. Also perhaps you might want to keep it on for a little longer. If you try it, please let me know if you manage to wash off the oil. It would be great to know! xx

  11. I am excited to try this.  To clarify, was it one tablespoon of the ground soapnuts too?  

    And did you have any residue from the shikakai powder?  (I see this mentioned in some reviews).  Thanks~~

  12. I have fine waist length hair, wavy, and lots of it, a little bit oily.  I just tried your method tonight for the first time, and I absolutely love it!  Thank you so much for sharing this!  I have been searching for a long time for an alternative method that cleans but does not strip the hair.  I also believe the benefits to scalp are amazing.

  13. Look at your beautiful curls! Absolutely amazing 😀 I just did an incredible rye flour wash. Really recommend this too! xx

  14. hi …great videos ..thanks ….one question if i may …how would you think about finishing up with Moroccan oil instead of the gel ?

  15. This sounds great! Do you have to use so much of it? Can I make a bunch and keep it in a bottle in the bathroom and use a little each time?

  16. What if my hair feels weighed down after using? It feels heavy and hard. Kinda crunchy. I can't get my concoction right. Does that mean I'm using more shikakai or amla? I have oily skin, so I can't use as much amla, or my scalp gets oily. Same goes for the vinegar. I've also been using 3 cups of water for the mix.

  17. You're so beautiful! 🙂
    And very informative video, my mother used to force me to use these ingredients to wash hair and I wouldn't listen to her. xD
    After destroying my hair with shampoos I think I should have done this sooner. 🙂

  18. Hi Vita, I wanted to ask another question. Are there any alternatives to shikakai? I don't know if it happens to anyone else, but I can't stop sneezing from it. The second I make my shampoo I sneeze over and over, and my eyes get all watery.

  19. i usually oil my hair every night before having a wash with shampoo……. can you tell if this method would clear out the oily look from my hair??? (as i oil the before night, i usually use a almond oil)

  20. +Aaliya Kaunain It depends on how much oil you use. Also you will have to use the wash twice. Try it out, that's the only way to see if it's going to work out for you. xx

  21. hi your vids:) I know you have done a few updated videos on your haircare routine but would you still recommend this one?

  22. You showed the lavender oil… but no instructions. So the 2 cups water plus 3 Tbsp vinegar… & how much of the lavender? Did you mean to show the lavender?

  23. so after the washing: we rinse the shampoo. Then we add the vinegar mix. Do we rinse the vinegar? Or leave the it on hair ?

  24. since 8 years i had problem of dandruff and hairfall…i used many modern shampoos and even took treatment from skin specialist ketoconazole shampoos and salicylic acid lotions (nuvate s6).it always work temporary , being indian i knew about all this ayurvedic products but never trust them i used to think they outdated but i was wrong ..since last 2 month im using coconut and castor oil mixture and washing it with jhonson baby shampoo(just to get rid of oil which i apply)after that shikekai amla plus soap balls you wont imagine my skalp is heathier than ever before.i m so happy.

  25. If you do not use the amla, it will not affect the color of your hair. It is Amla & not shikakai that darkens the hair, especially the dry amla…

  26. Such a fantastic and informative video I'm going to buy these and try them out. I was sat on the fence for a while but this video has made me decide to go for it! Thank youuuu

  27. I have a question. I did not have amla, so made my shampoo with only reetha and shikakai. I was impressed with how well it cleaned my hair! However, my hair felt waxy when I rinsed the shampoo out, causing my hair to want to tangle a bit, making it difficult to do a thorough rinse. It did not dry waxy though, it felt amazing once it dried. Anyway, will adding the amla and rinsing with apple cider vinegar help with this, or is it just something I need to get used to?

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