Dr Sebi – Natural Herbal Remedy For Impotence

Like when I gave the man the stuff in Sequoia. His name is… He came because he had Gout. He.

Like when I gave the man the stuff in
Sequoia. His name is… He came because he had Gout. He said look my Gout is
bad I heard that you heal people. So he’s shoes was cut off and I gave the
substance. Two weeks later he came back with his wife. But he noticed something before he left, that I had given him the same substance that
given other people who did not have gout. And he was angry because he said that
this was medically inconsistent. How could you give the diabetic the same thing I
have, I am not diabetic and they don’t have Gout. I said, you have the same disease, you
have mucus. The mucus is in her pancreas, but it’s in your, is in your toe. So what
happened? As he tuck the stuff and he came back in two weeks, he came with his wife. He came back and he sit
there powerful his name is… a Puerto Rican. I said, how you feeling? No, his wife said tell the doctor how you feel. I said he doesn’t have to tell me, he’s wearing shoes that are closed in. When he came he had his shoes cut off. Oh that’s not what I am talking about, tell him how you feel. Well doc my energy is back and you know I am feeling stronger. Well doc I wasn’t having sex
in two years and I’m having sex again and she laughed. That’s what I like about you women, men doesn’t give you guys that much credit though to have that patience. See we really afraid of you and when a
man cannot have sex… You know what comes to his thoughts? He gonna call you a thousand times a day from his job. Making sure you in that house. He don’t believe, that there’s a woman, that would wait for him with a sexless life. Oh no, never. Not in a man’s brain.
I had this with a policeman in Dominica. The policeman wife came to me, oh this is a
beautiful lady, you got to here about this lady. She came to me and said, Sebi my
husband is impotent for four years and I have not had sex for four years and I’m not gonna have sex with anyone else than him. So I want you to have… I want my husband yo have sex with me. Are you gonna help me Sebi? I said yes and guess what the man had the plant right behind his back. In
his window from his kitchen. I asked her, I said do you have Mimosa pudica in your house, she said yes. I said give him the Mimosa pudica five times a day, big
glasses of it and let him take this for his colon and his intestines and through his intracellular structure. How much you charge me? Nothing,
because I just recently got to Dominica and I want to show them what I could do. So she
goes and she gives him the stuff and she boiled the plant Mimosa pudica. Mimosa pudica, who from the island? Anyone from the island? Anyone been to the islands? Okay, those of
you who’ve been to the islands, have you remember, do you remember in Jamaica or
any place that you’ve been there is a plant that grows that when you touch it,
it goes to sleep. Has a lot of thorns on it. They call it dead and wake. Oh, you
remember that, thank you very much. That is the plant. That plant is very powerful, there is no, there
should be no impotence in males because baby it grows on my land like mad. So, you know
I got it by the truck loads because I don’t want to be weak when I need it the most. What happened, the policeman now came to
see me four days later and said to me: you know who I am?
I said no, which I didn’t know. You see I want to ask you a question, how could
you heal someone without seeing them? I said because you don’t drink me, you
drink a substance that makes you well. You don’t have to see me, you don’t drink me. I am not the on that makes you well, it’s the substance you drink. You don’ have to see me to drink it.

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  1. For anyone who is interested in knowing the name of the plant, i believe it is called sensitiva, it has many nicknames , like Humble Plant

  2. With this plant one boil the entire plant to make a n infusion energy drink 🏋️‍♀️🍗👍

  3. Never consult a doctor or physician they don't know anything, they're textbook drug pushers, and nothing else.. Ask them if they have any cures? Then wait for the answer, they don't prescribe cures, only poisons!

  4. Oh..i Remember now.I use to play with it when i was a kid.When you touch it the leaves folds.We call it Sansib in creole 🇸🇨.


  6. how do you make the tea from the plant? does anyone know? also can you get the same benefits if you buy the powder or capsules?

  7. I understand that Dr Sebi is from Honduras.. my roots are also from Honduras and we are Garifuna.. my question is, is Dr Sebi a Garifuna???

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  9. So do you boil the entire plant or just the leaves and stems? And how long do you need to boil it for and how much water do you need to boil it with?

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  11. Jamaican( black Arawak indian) sarsaparilla.
    Brothers stock up on it. It keeps the wood hardened and do lots of squats in the gym or at home. Legs, core and circulation are the keys to longevity in the bull pen( bedroom).
    The strongest part of a tree is the roots.
    Hit the legs, abs lightly until your core is on point. This takes months. Walk barefooted safely, do push-ups, static basic Pilates’s exercises for core and legs, meditate to activate the original god body.
    I eat once a day but the seamoss, meditation and intense leg workouts along with those kinetic heavy melaninated herbs. Keeps the body, mind, spirt on point. Eat from the soil but enlightenment doesn’t come from herbs folks. Enlightenment comes from understanding Mayan herbs. He( Dr. Sebi) knows this because he is of the blood line, of the original indigenous south Mayan American Indian. And through spirituality( the ancestors) he was guided to do what he did for 80 yrs. which was give the indigenous nations of the the earth their natural foods but we still ate buffalo, venison, deer, Quails, raccoon etc…
    Pigs, chickens and cows were introduced to the America’s, north and south in the 1400’s.
    The Europeans learned basic stem cell technologies from the African Moors who ruled Europe and enslaved them for 900-1400 yrs which produced mulatos like Christopher Columbus( that current pic is a lie)
    Eat exactly what your ancestors ate.
    Our DNA rememberers even if you don’t.

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