Dr Virden Explains New Trocar for Hormone Pellet Therapy

After personally experiencing pain and discomfort using the traditional method of hormone pellet therapy Dr. Charles P Verdin was determined.

After personally experiencing pain and
discomfort using the traditional method of hormone pellet therapy Dr. Charles P
Verdin was determined to create a better pellet placement utilizing his extensive
plastic and reconstructive surgery background Dr. Virden created The Virden
Method of pellet placement hi I’m Dr. Charles Virden founder of Therapellet
and a plastic surgeon and we have here at TheraPellet found a way to
introduce the hormone therapy through a better method. For a number of years had
some health issues my weight was still up it didn’t feel as strong or as vital
I used to go play hockey till midnight and I was kind of not feeling well so it
led me to kind of search what are what are my hormone deficiencies and I was
actually shocked but kind of not that my testosterone level was in the 100 range.
And normal for a male is 400 to 800 roughly. It stimulated my interest in a
replacement and it made me start to think what other ways can you take
testosterone I started looking at other delivery methods including pellets and
pellets instantly intrigued me because that’s the method whereby you
get what’s called a steady-state delivery. So the pellets put in you and
then very slowly it rises and very slowly it declines very much like your own
body’s release of that during the day. And that’s such a big teaching point for
us here with regards to transitioning people off of a shot that literally has
to be given weekly or bi-weekly because they get really rapid rises in
their level and then they rather quickly fall and so they transition through all
the benefits own and never really get it. But when you do a pellet you get a rise
into the benefits zone then you stay in the benefits zone and
guess what? You don’t have to think about it for months.
That’s works for me personality. Hi, My name is Aleah Hartung. I’m the
physician assistant here at Dr. Virden’s office. Pellets are particularly about
the size of a grain of rice so a lot of people think they’re massive they
actually are very very tiny. They are implanted in the upper glute just below
your belt line and they are implanted using our proprietary Virden Method here
at TheraPellet. When you have a pellet or a drug of any kind that’s
called bioidentical it means the molecule is down to the carbon atom the
same that your own body produces. If you go to any other clinic besides this
their TheraPellet clinic here in Reno, Nevada you will experience the
traditional method of pellet placement which is a sharp tool, it’s sharp trocar.
What this does is it’s very small and it’s a cutting tool so it does create a
lot of trauma in the area where the pellets are being placed it cuts through
blood vessels that cuts through nerves and it creates a lot of bruising and
pain post pellet implant. Here at TheraPellet we use the proprietary Virden
Method which is a longer tool and it’s actually blunt on the end meaning it
maneuvers through tissue not cutting anything in its path. Pellets are then
also placed in a line as opposed to a big clump so it’s better for downtime
better for recovery we don’t need people to actually stop their workouts and for
male patients particularly they don’t have a large lump where the pellets
were placed as they were previously Hi I’m Leah Salazar I’m a family nurse
practitioner and I work with Dr. Virden. I love seeing patients come in after
getting their first pellet and they just feel so much better and they didn’t
realize how poorly they felt before they got pelleted with the hormones and I had
one patient say that it’s like his new best friend that he didn’t know he
needed and that he never wants to let go of. Having been a board-certified plastic
surgeon where you deal with external beauty the whole tying together of an
internal healthy side and an external healthy side seem to have a synergistic
benefit to me it’s so important put the two together because if people
aren’t feeling well the outside doesn’t look pretty either and as you can see
through many of our testimonials when you change them and make them feel well and they get the quality of their life back with better sleep better energy
better body composition better relationships,
It’s just compounds into their life it makes life easier you now feel like you
can go work out or you have the energy to go do extra fun things that you are
putting off or couldn’t physically do anymore. That’s hormone optimization. So The Virden Method doesn’t change hormone therapy, it changes the way in which it’s done.
TheraPellet. Experience the gold standard in pellet therapy. To learn more
about the Virden Method of pellet placement, visit TheraPellet.com.

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