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In 2011 my 23 year old son was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition called Crohn’s disease Our family had gone.

In 2011 my 23 year old son was diagnosed
with a life-threatening condition called Crohn’s disease Our family had gone
through something we had never experienced before
we grew up with a normal American diet running and exercising like normal
people we never had any health issues before. And we had had no sickness in the
family it was devastating almost like in a blink of a light this chronic disease
had come into our lives and take over my life to be overwhelming. There’s
something going on with the way our environment has changed and how our
genes are interacting with that environment that is causing a lot of
sickness more Lupus more MS more Diabetes. I’ve been involved in medicine
now for half a century so I’ve had a chance to see what happens to people
over time and I’ll tell you without doubt people are less healthy than
they’ve ever been in the past Colitis you see more Hashimoto’s,
Thyroiditis you and I can go on and on and on and it’s actually rising at
epidemic proportions and it seems that in the last you know 20, 25 years we’re
just seeing more aggressive forms whether it’s autoimmunity or cancer. It
appears we see clients either post Cancer or in the middle of it they have
not just one cancer but two or three Cancers. There’s a drastic rise in
chronic illness according to the NIH 87 million Americans were diagnosed with
one or more chronic illnesses. The level of illness has risen but along with that
the need for financial assistance we get different clients with a very common
background they may not be able to afford us and it’s heartbreaking because
they really really want to get better Unfortunately the demographic that is
really affected by a lot of the chronic disease states that we’re seeing in
society today are the demographic which can least afford functional medicine
because they they don’t have access to the the right education or the right
tools to assist them in understanding how to actually improve their health. We
as practitioners you know want to offer the very best we also have to stay in
business and pay our rent and all of those things and pay our staff. We have
to change something we have to find a way out be it in testing because the
lab testing is very expensive be it financial because people were like I can
only see you once a month and it can only afford one or two of the things you
recommend. Instead of making the decision based on what the patient really needs
it becomes what’s the best thing we can do with the resources a person has and I
think that that’s that’s a area where if we don’t fix that you can have all the
Integrative Medicine in the world and it’s not going to help very many people
Ulcerative Colitis has affected me financially pretty significantly a lot
of out-of-pocket expenses which sometimes are more helpful than the
actual conventional treatments we had some available funds to throw at this
but if I didn’t have it things would have been drastically different. When I
first got sick I used only conventional medicine Those drugs helped save my life it was
natural medicine that helped empower me to take back my life and live out my
dreams the way I desired that’s why we created eFundYourHealth because it
allows the opportunity for the wellness community to come together and
contribute to people who do not have the financial means to access alternative
medicine. As a community there is power in unifying because it strengthens the
families the practitioners and the funds are invested right back into the
industry to effectively change our healthcare system.
What EfundYourHealth does it makes the functional medicine
integrative supplemental stuff more affordable more accessible more
available because the rate of you know disability and the rate of those who
just don’t have the funds able to afford that their insurance won’t cover it you
eFundYourHealth kind of bridges that gap. We are an empowered industry that
can come together to help each other we are one really this industry stands for
the same thing which is to help people get better through functional medicine
improve their wellness.eFundYourHealth connecting, connecting, funding,
funding, funding, and thriving!

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