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Aska (cat) is just out of shot, she’s right here.. Mmmmm let me show you feels very weird to be.

Aska (cat) is just out of shot, she’s right
here.. Mmmmm let me show you feels very weird to be filming in my
room welcome back to my channel if you are new here this is Demelza’s Delights.
My name is Georgette, my middle name is actually Demelza and as always it’s a delight
to be vegan.
I don”t ever really film in my room just because the
lighting isn’t that great here Ah, you’re probably getting a shadow here and all
this light from this big beautiful window of mine.
I am doing an empties
video today. I’ve got a tonne of stuff that I want to throw away after I have finished
filming this video if you’re unfamiliar with empties videos basically
everything’s empty, they’re things I’ve used. And I’m gonna chat to you
about if I enjoyed them or not lots of people love these videos I don’t
make them that often now obviously I have to hoard all of this rubbish and
then talk through the products. I can imagine there are people watching this
video who are getting pissed off that (picture) isn’t straight…… I could fix it I think the painting itself is actually
not properly square I’ll start with cosmetics as always “oh my goodness!” I have four tubes of Red Seal toothpaste I swap between the smokers toothpaste
and the baking soda I am NOT a smoker but I really like the strong breath
freshener that this one has These have featured in my other empties videos before.
I like red seal because it’s a New Zealand made they are vegan and
obviously cruelty-free and I’m so thankful I can throw these away now…
*laughing I also tried the white glow toothpaste this was a charcoal whitening toothpaste
I don’t really think it was that great White Glow is an Australian brand, cruelty
free and vegan but maybe I should try some of the other options because this
one didn’t really have any whitening effect for me so I wouldn’t buy it again, hence that’s why I don’t have two or three tubes of it like the Red Seal brand

I have a bottle of the Earthwise nourish another New Zealand made product natural
shampoo for “normal” hair. I didn’t particularly like this shampoo I have
since started using shampoo bars by Lush and I probably wouldn’t go back to
normal liquid shampoo unless it was a really really good one ..
This is available at your supermarket so if you are a new vegan or a vegan on a budget
or someone just looking for an easy option, you can pop into the supermarket
and find this one here the whole range of different things
I will just say though that I’ve got this one here, Earthwise – same brand, now
this is the lily and white ginger natural hand wash it wasn’t until I had
finished it and was thinking about putting it in this video that I turned
it over and on the back it has listed ‘MEL’ M.E.L in ingredients which is manuka
honey um so if you are vegan wanting to watch out
for those things just check the ingredients on the back of these
products because not all of them are vegan but they are all cruelty free.
I did really like that one which was a shame but I suppose I could try
something different from them maybe the only other reason I wouldn’t buy these
is because they’re in plastic bottles and this year I am trying to do less
of the plastic stuff From Lush, where I work, I’ve got the
‘Once Upon a Time’ body lotion
This just smells heavenly I used through this little 45 gram pot
of it and have since bought myself the 225gms which is the large one.
So it’s green, like a really beautiful light green in colour It just smells like fresh
apples it just reminds me of summer I absolutely love this one so you can see
I’ve got another large tub of it, and a small tub *laughing* for travelling, i guess…
and I absolutely love this fragrance I also have the body spray
now this is part of the limited edition Christmas range
I do actually work at lush in the factory in New Zealand if you are new here
as I say try it out it smells like fresh granny smith apples beautiful scent it’s
a really beautiful body lotion a little bit oily so if you’re not into oily
lotions maybe skip this one but I love it for summer!! This is the Inecto Coconut Body Oil
I really like it because it’s in a spray bottle
so it’s perfect for travel I love it heaps heaps heaps!
I’ve already got another one
….let me go grab that and show you So it’s just a really clear smooth
liquid it doesn’t go solid I’m not sure if that’s because it’s obviously not
pure coconut oil it’s obviously mixed with other things
but yeah I really love it I’ve got the old one to throw away and I’ve got my new one which it’s almost 3/4 of the way down.. I love to travel with this one, it is a great body lotion but I especially love using it on my legs in Summer
They (legs) are so shiny and it’s like wearing baby oil
shiny glimmering legs for summer yeah
*giggles I love it
you could probably put it in
your hair as well it could be really good for spraying on a
cotton pad and removing eye makeup
although I haven’t tried that .. INECTO
is a UK brand but you can buy this in New Zealand pharmacies and their entire range is cruelty free and vegan this one here is the e.l.f concealer stick
it’s just a solid kind of push up wand and I definitely didn’t use the whole thing
it was in color ivory I got it from farmers it was probably only five or six dollars
but I didn’t like it and it wasn’t good coverage yeah looking at this little
piece of plastic that I’m now going to throw into the bin it just makes me more
motivated to use less stuff like this! because it’s just a waste
and whre is it going to go??
The landfill…. If you have any really good tips on
disposal of plastics or how I can recycle things like this
please comment down below
because this is turning into a wasteful video.
Obviously things like
this I’m gonna put in the recycling bin It says on the back it’s recyclable but I
just spent some time with my parents in Taupo and they now can only put 1s and
2s and their recycling bins um so they were throwing margarine tubs
and lots of different things that I would normally put into our recycle
bins here in Auckland and I was just shocked! So I am guessing that smaller
towns or cities (please comment if this is the case) Your council’s are just no
longer taking things that are amrked 3, 4, 5, 6 etc This little beauty is the Minimalist cleansing oil
now this is a small New Zealand hand batched company I featured them on
my channel before I’ve finished through the cleansing oil
and I definitely need
to get myself some more so this will be linked in the description box down below and when you are cleansing your face
you’re supposed to really take time out
to breathe in the ingredients & relax almost meditate
it’s just such a beautiful self-care item
I think if you’re looking for a really good
cleanser for any type of skin really and don’t be afraid to go for cleansing oils
I’ve got combination / oily skin and I’ve always been afraid to put more oil
onto my face but this is a beautiful product Frankie the owner is a gorgeous
vegan gal
and her company is just really simple, really beautiful.
So I’ll link that in the description box for you you can check that out and you’ve got my
recommendation! I’m pretty sure this one was in my last
video as well..
It’s the DB Express makeup remover I buy mine from Unichem or life pharmacy in any pharmacy that stocks the designer
brands range.
I’ve already got another one This one’s almost empty
as well I find this extremely good for removing waterproof mascara.
If after I take it off my false lashes and I’ve got heavy eyeliner on this one here takes it all
off so I use this as instead of face wipes. Just give it a really good shake
I’ll use it on an organic cotton round to remove eye makeup or I’ll use it
on the dry wipes that I have featured before in my “Lush Jelly Face Mask” video
go and have a look at that one if you’re looking for reusable face wipe options
so they actually are dry and without chemicals you can use them with
water or you can use them with a product like this and then you just throw them
in the washing machine.
I know lots of people are and to buying the sort of
reusable cleansing rounds and I’m sure that you could use this as well (on the rounds).
I have probably been through at least 10 of these in the last couple of years…
again the plastic thing!
what are we going to do?? These featured in my last video as well…
They are the Oi organic liners this is sanitary product for females
I only use oi products now Other brands in New Zealand like
‘U by Kotex’ or Libra etc
they all use dyes to make the products white
This (Oi) has no dyes, and is
safe not synthetic, as it says on the box I just think if we’re going to
put those types of products near that area or in that area we should be aware
of any chemicals that come along with that So I switched over to ‘Oi organic’
probably two years ago and they’re in PAK’nSAVE, New World, Countdown etc you can
buy them everywhere they’re are a little bit more expensive and hopefully the TAX is
going to come off sanitary items soon but for me it’s worth it
If I think of my
health and my reproductive health I just think everyone needs to swap over to
organic options.
There is also Bon brand there are a few other brands that you can pick up so
why don’t I link them in the description box for you and you can check them out 3 make up items…
This clear mascara (which is not looking so
clear after I finished it) clear mascara for lashes and brows by designer brands
I already have a new one of this and I use it in a lot of my videos
I think it’s around $10 NZ dollars & it lasts me for at least three or four months so it’s a
really good option! this is the HURRAW vanilla balm.
it’s crazy that anyone
would actually finish a lip balm but as a vegan you do because they’re a little
bit more expensive and you want to use the whole thing
so this one here, I think I bought it from like a Whole Foods shop but you can get them on
‘Oh Natural’ or Flora and Fauna They’re readily available now
I find the HURRAW balms super buttery
They’re really really moisturizing you got vitamin E in them
and they all smell delicious
so if you haven’t tried HURRAW you should and then this is the older version of the INIKA mascara
they have since put out their ‘long lash mascara’ again I’ve used it in videos so I
can link them for you if you want to see it’s an organic vegan mascara they have
since updated the wand which is really good. The newest long lash mascara from
INIKA is stunning, superb, I use it every single day So I did rebuy this one but I
bought the better updated version and I have lots of Inika videos which i can link for you. I have some food items here
that I just want to quickly talk to you
about This is the Sunfed Chicken-free “chicken”
I will make a video really soon
featuring this (product) but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook I have done
several posts about how I use this It comes in a cardboard box
so that’s great for recycling..
an the STATS on the back are super awesome really high in protein, iron, zinc, potassium, source of
B vitamins, magnesium it’s also low carb You obviously don’t get any cholesterol, trans fats, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, it’s non GMO,
there’s no dairy in it or e-coli
no Salmonella because it’s not chicken but it tastes amazing!
I’m going to cook with it tonight I love making curry with it.
You could have it in burritos or you can make chicken pot pie. in fact I’m pretty sure BP (petrol station)
now sell a pie that uses this product it doesn’t taste like chicken so if you are a vegan watching this thinking “mmm doesn’t really
interest me I’m not into mock chicken” I think you should give this a go, because
um how do I explain it well these are the ingredients: water, pea protein, rice bran oil, pea fiber,
pumpkin (and it actually is slightly orange in color) It has natural yeast extract, there’s literally no e-numbers in it.
It’s soy free, it’s gluten free It’s so good, you should try it!!! These two products here from Vegie Delites
and are something that I have been
using often.. i’ve actually got a video on the bacon rashers and how to use them, so i’ll link that here for you because I saw a huge thread in a vegan Facebook page about how hard they were to separate and how they weren’t cooking.. so i made a video
to show you how to cook them
but I really like these and they’re very similar to real bacon These are their classic hot dogs, like a frankfurter
they’re really yummy as well I took them to a BBQ the other night and people were like “can I have one?” and they tried them and thought they were good. Vegie Delights have since re-branded
you probably recognize the white tins of vege mince in supermarkets They still have the white tins with the blue
branding but this is all their new branding now, And this brand has been around for years and now they’re making more and more vegan products.
It’s awesome! Their rivals *laughs Bean Supreme!
um these guys are making more vegan options as well
not all of their stuff is vegan so just check the back of the packet sometimes
they have egg or honey in them And there are sausages that AREN’T vegan,
but the ones that I get are… Rosemary, sage and parsley
I love these and have them weekly as well and then these are super super yummy great
for barbecues in summer Their masala burger and it tastes so good They’re available in the chilled section, where you find your hummus and tofu and
your vegan cheese’s And so if you’re transition from being a meat eater into a vegan you’re gonna really love these products because they’re super easy to
cook really versatile and super yummy And talking of sweet treats these are
only available at countdown these are the
“Free From’ range so it’s free
from any gluten but coincidentally they’re also vegan and these are the
Mint cream biscuits I don’t really buy them that they often
Because if I buy them I’ll just eat the whole packet ! they also make a really beautiful Tim Tam biscuit
and it is SO EASY nowadays to buy vegan products literally everything is available!
But these are available only at countdown,
so I do recommend you try them if you’re a gluten-free vegan you will love these!
yummy yummy !! For this Empties Video….
I hope that you really really enjoyed it
Aska (cat) is still sleeping.
I need to take this off
It’s too hot and it’s the middle of summer
I have the windows closed so there’s no noise from outside and someone’s now in the shower *loud noise*
so I need to go ….
thanks so much for joining Please subscribe to my channel
I make vegan and cruelty free videos Featuring makeup, food, fashion and all that kind of stuff Thanks so much for watching & I’ll
see you all on the next one ….

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