English Tutorial – Herbalist Kunhuta/Kořenářka Kunhuta #129 KCD|Kingdom Come

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’ll try to look at the sleeping individual. If I.

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’ll try to look at
the sleeping individual. If I find a dice player somewhere. I’ll try to get him a blue dice. I have to change my clothes. I have a special set of clothes. I’ve forgotten, I’ll find out again. More shoes. Here we go. I still eat, let me be calm. This is not him. Here are the supplies. I drink Padfoot Potion. This decoction helps. I’ll try to open it. I couldn’t help that. Good money, good! They have my rotten cheese here. The money was very interesting. But but … Yeah, that’s cool. All right. I put the brandy in my chest.
I won’t risk it. I don’t want them scolded. Money is useful. This is a dice player. There’s a room full of people
it’s not worth it to me. We’re heading towards the Kumans. Hi, dog. I’ll give you something to eat. Let’s go to Uzice. So. I’m getting oriented. You need to get to Talmberk. I’m here. Well. On my way to Talmberk,
I stop by the herbalists. Hopefully I’ll find her. So around the butcher, on the left, then up and turn. I’ll try to find it. Well, yes. What about you here, man. Now he completely confused me. Yeah, this way, sure. I don’t wear any armor. I have to be careful. And we don’t stop. Where am I? I have to go back. Up this way. Yes, this is it. I have another task. The dog was stuck there. He’s seriously stuck. We are going to Uzice,
leave the task for later. I will be back. Wait … and I’ll go. I’m going bad. This will be recognizable in a moment. Never mind, I go out into
the clearing and look around. If there was a clearing. It doesn’t seem much. Here’s something to see … Yeah good. Talmberk is ahead. And to Uzice … Although, … I’m thinking … I’m supposed to steal
some jewelry here, right? It works with the decoction. Let’s try it. I’ll look here, relax here. I’ll try the chest. Hi. I don’t need you here right now. Oh yeah, what about you? Will you go away? It doesn’t look like it. Oh yeah. How am I supposed to get you out?
Probably not. I’ll come back another time, yes. It’s nothing to do. So, the Uzice. Here I finish the episode. I will continue with the next tutorial. Thank you for watching. Have a nice afternoon.

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