Episode 8: Jagged Little Thrill – Backstage at JAGGED LITTLE PILL with Kathryn Gallagher

(exciting music) – Forgot the vlog cameras, vlog on the go’s, vlog on the phone. – Vlog on the go..

(exciting music) – Forgot the vlog
cameras, vlog on the go’s, vlog on the phone. – Vlog on the go. – Vlog on the go. – New segment. – How early is it, and how dead are we? – It is currently 5:25-ish A.M. – Which feels like– – It’s actually 5:20, but. – Purgatory. – But, we’re here, we’re excited,
and ready to sound check. – We’re here, we’re
jagged, get used to it. ♪ What a jagged little pill, ♪ (all laughing) – [Male] Get used to it. – Krill, with some hot, fire, flame. – Yeah, sorry, it’s
way too early, I don’t. – He’s droppin’ it way too hot– – We weren’t ready for those burns. – Way too hot.
– Way too hot. – We’re still warmin’ up. – Oh god, Elle Stans, I
think the iPhone camera’s more flattering than the vlog cam. – Don’t mind me, I’m just
working on my cheek lift. – You are, oh, that’s hot, Lauren. – [Male] Oh, okay, okay. – Do you guys feel as
good as I feel right now? – Whoo. – What she said. – Yeah, yeah. ♪ You live, you learn,
you scream, you learn, ♪ ♪ you learn, ♪ – Dead, I only have the one line, really, but I had to breathe heavy. – [Kathryn] Did you sleep? – Did I sleep? What does it look like, dang it? – [Kathryn] It looks
like you slept 12 hours. – (laughs) Oh, you’re so nice, a good two. But I’m better that way, guys, you know, I’m made for this world. (soft guitar music) (soft guitar music) (Kathryn laughs) ♪ The fire trucks are
comin’ up around the bend, ♪ ♪ You live, you learn,
you love, you learn, ♪ ♪ You cry, you learn, you lose, you, ♪ ♪ I recommend walking around
naked in your living room, ♪ – Yeah. ♪ Swallow it down, ♪ ♪ what a jagged little pill, ♪ ♪ It feels so good, ♪ ♪ swimming in your stomach, ♪ ♪ Wait until, ♪ – We’re going to good,
it’s light out (laughs). – Here we go. – The sun happened. – The sun is out. – Barely. – We are out. – It’s like we can still see the. (both laughing) Hell yeah. – Think it, streets by shorts– – Bye, guys.
– It’s like seven A.M. – Hi, oh, so my eyes aren’t open. I was so energetic an hour ago. – Hey, there’s our sign. – That’s our play, come see our play. They should make that the ad. – What? – Like, I was saying “Come see our play.” – Yeah, real selling point. – Yeah (laughs). (Kathryn laughing) Derek. – What? We’re at Good Morning, America. (Kathryn laughs)
(blows kiss) Good morning. – [Female] America. – [Kathryn] And how do you
feel about the camera blocking? – I feel really good about it,
I think it’s gonna be a hit. – [Kathryn] Are you ready
for to wake up at four A.M.? – Oh yeah. – [Kathryn] Oh yeah, baby. – I’m ready. – [Kathryn] Are you ready?
Are you ready? – I’m already tired. – [Kathryn] We’re all (laughs). – Yeah, basically. – No, I’m just kidding,
I’m really excited. – [Kathryn] But the good news
is we have a matinee now. – You can be tired, we have two today. – [Kathryn] We had two shows and– – We’re gonna use that. – That is. ♪ Good mornin’ America,
Good morning America, ♪ ♪ Good morning America,
Good morning America, ♪ ♪ Good morning America, Good morning, ♪ – [Camerawoman] Five seconds,
four, three, two, do it. – Hey (all cheering). (all cheering). (radio playing music) – Oh, god. – [Kathryn] Woohoo. – Hello.
– Got ya. – Hello. – Welcome to the vlog, – Thank God.
– Celia, Celia. – Yes. – [Kathryn] What are you doing? – Right now, I’m filling out– – [Kathryn] Listening to music– – [Celia] I’m listening to SZA,
because she gets me through filing out tax forms. – [Kathryn] That’s good. – Because, yeah, I don’t
know how to do this– – Do you know how to do your own taxes? I don’t. – I don’t, I don’t know
how to do my own taxes. – I’m tryin’ to–
– Until the government– – Tryin’ to do a casual pose, here. – There’s we go, a casual– – I don’t know if I’ve got it– – Casual, I think you nailed it– – Nothing about this, if you could see what my legs were doing,
it wouldn’t be so casual. – You wanna sit up, baby? – No, this is quite good, yeah yeah yeah, this is good, this is good. – This feels good. – Celia, I’d like to ask you a question. – Okay. – How has it been working in a company with someone as extraordinary
and kind and loving as– – As you. – I was gonna say somebody
else, you know, but. – But it’s, as you, I will refer to you, because you are one of my
favorite people on this planet, it’s been really really cool, and your strength is really
really, really awesome. – Oh, stop. – And I think that you don’t
give yourself enough credit for all the power that you have. But that’s not– – Oh my god, you made that too real. Too real, I don’t know,
I have to pan away. – No, but yeah, I love you a lot, you’re good people, Kathryn Gallagher. – [Kathryn] I love you,
now I’m fu**in’ crying. – You’re good people. – You’re an a**hole. – Listen, it’s “Jagged Little
Pill,” showman doesn’t cry. – So, we just discovered
something very crazy, so there was an album that
I could not listen to, because of a breakup, I’ll say it. – It happens, it happens. – And the album was
“Lover” by Taylor Swift, and for me to not be able to listen to a Taylor Swift album is like. – It’s quite preposterous. – I mean, it’s literally– – It’s scares me, that scares me. – It’s so, it hurts so bad, that was make the most painful
part of this painful breakup. (both laughing) – Woo, gettin’ honest. – Gettin’ honest, it’s
the last week of the vlog. – Oh my god, this is the last one? – And we’re best friends now, and so here we are, and we’re
about to do a two show day. – Oh yeah. – And the good news is I’m
really happy these days. – Oh good. – Yeah.
– Good. – But here’s the freaky thing, Celia dreamt, okay, now you take over. – Okay, so I am a witch, it’s
just the truth of the matter. We are the witches of
“Jagged Little Pill.” – We are.
– We really are. – It’s how we bonded the first day. – And so, yeah, that’s
literally what we bonded on, and I have pre-cognitive
dreams, I just know this, and I had a dream that Kathryn and I were sitting somewhere, I can’t remember, but we were talking about music, and a song came on, and she was like “Oh, I can’t listen to this.” And I was like “why?” And you were like “Well, it reminds me of this breakup.” And I was like “Damn, you gotta reclaim your music, sis.” And that moment has been playing
over and over in my head, I actually just tweeted about it, because we have to reclaim our music. – We have to reclaim
Taylor Swift’s “Lover.” – We have to reclaim Taylor Swift, reclaim Taylor Swift from your
ex, they don’t deserve it. – They don’t.
– They don’t deserve it. Listen–
– You made me very happy. – Reclaim your music. – Reclaim. – It should be done. – Hell yeah. – Okay, you have top three albums, go. – This is just an emo one, “Spring Awakening” opened 13 years ago. – Ooh– – On Broadway, like yesterday, and everyone was posting about it, and so I’ve been kinda
diving back, that’s my heart. – Good. – [Male On Intercom] 15 minutes, please, company, the call is 15, 15
minutes, please, thank you. – Should I do the show in my robe? – I’m already dressed, I think you should. – Okay. – I think that’d be a good
place where we first see Bella, in school, just in a robe. – Just in a robe. – Talking about arts school. – You know, she’s artsy. (Celia laughs) I should go put clothes on. – Okay. – Top three albums. – Right now, “For All
We Know” by now, or NAO, I don’t, I’m not 100% sure
on how to pronounce her name, but I love her to death, “Channel Orange” by Frank Ocean, because that album will
always be in my top three, for the rest of my life, and “Sweetener” by
Arianna Grande right now. – Oh, that’s good. – Truly, it’s a great album, and she’s coming out with
a live album of it, soon, because she’s been on tour– – She’s a very good singer. – She’s quite fantastic,
she’s quite fantastic, and I’m not a huge Arianna Grande fan, but that album slapped. – She’s a lovely girl, a lovely girl. – I would love to meet her. – And a big theater geek. – Truly, truly, I’m obsessed with her. – So mad respect. – Yeah. – Anyway, this was on the
puff on the go, by accident. (both laughing) – And here we are. – Bye.
– Bye. – Okay, so, as a very special section, on the last week of the vlog, there’s, I can’t even
speak, I’m so excited. I’m introducing a new segment,
called Behind the Panel, because the truth of “Jagged Little Pill” is it’s so many very, very,
truly, deeply thrilling, and exciting things
happen behind the panel, and I’m gonna show you just a few of them, with some help from my
friends in the play. So, this is a hit song that
was written in the begin, actually, should I tell them
when it happens in the show? Okay, so it happens in the opening number, we have discover a hit
song within a hit song, and we’re here to perform it for you, and I’m gonna, oh (beep). (all humming) (all humming) (all humming) ♪ Taking them off stage, ♪ ♪ and he’s gonna sort of lay flat later, ♪ ♪ The folder kid, the folder kid, ♪ ♪ the folder kid, the folder kid, ♪ ♪ group vocalizing♪ – Take it into the wing. ♪ Keep on, tryna keep
my number two pencil. ♪ (Singer drowned out by humming) (all laughing) (all laughing and humming) – Here for another moment
of Behind the Panel, is a moment that happens in Lancer’s party that you can buy a ticket
and see in the show, but right now, Max and Laurel
are gonna explain to you. – There’s a very important
moment in our show, and it has to do with a
paper bag, and basically. – I offer to take it
off stage at one point. – Yep. – But we wanted to do it in character. – We made a bet–
– [Kathryn] Naturally. – That’s what we do. – So, what is it, we– – So I go get the bag,
because Andrew tosses it, and I’m the green captain
here at “Jagged Little Pill”, so I use that, and I say “There’s a recycling
bin right behind you.” But you wouldn’t’ hear it,
because my mic’s off, hopefully, and then I go upstage with
Max, and Heather, and Ezra, and we’re just partying, and every day I try to hand it off to
Max in a different way. – In a different way, usually
it’s like Hacky Sac moment– – Like, a drop and a kick. – [Max] Drop and kick. – Or through the legs. – [Max] Through the legs. – Or we’ll do a run around,
like try to catch me. – Tag, you’re it. – Tag, you’re it. – [Female] Member, the bag– – Look for it, it’s way
in the back of the party, we’re having a whole nother scene. (all laughing) – So, Derek and I have this
moment that we’ve discovered. – We have. – And it’s in the beginning of the show, after “All I Really Want”
I’m quite out of breath, because I’m a dancer first, and– – Kathryn and I play good
friends in the show, and we are– – It’s the toughest
acting either one of us have ever had to do. – No, I know, we– – It’s really hard. – We have to enter into this scene, this hallway scene, happy. – Like oh, we’re talking,
it’s like, I can’t do that. – Weird. – [Male] It is places– – Oh, places, real quick. – Yeah (laughs). – So, we enter, right? When we’re walkin’, we pretend to jibber-jabber back and forth, as we do, and always, just like happens, (Kathryn laughs) It’s just like, okay, the past five shows, her mic has been coming
on directly on the inhale, just like a gasp for
breath after she laughs. – It’s just my actual laugh. – Her actual laugh makes no noise, it’s the gasp for breath after, of her almost dying of laughter, literally dying of laughter. – And it’s like it’s only intensified. – And the mic goes on
right as she’s going. (Derek inhales)
(Kathryn laughs) And we’ve heard it loud, – It’s the first– – We’ve got a lot of
enjoyment out of this moment. – It’s just the first thing out of Bella’s mouth in the show. – First thing out of her mouth is (Derek laughs)
(Derek inhales) And then she makes a comment on the bell. – And then I am so embarrassed. – I think it starts
you off on a high note. (Kathryn laughs) – So bad. So guys, okay, before I start, before I sign off officially,
I have to say two things. One, what I stopped saying,
because it was places, which is that Elizabeth has these photos that she takes on a real camera, and she was swiping through
them yesterday in the show, and there was the craziest photo, it was a selfie of me and her, from the exact moment, but the day before, and I looked so crazy, that
then I laughed in her ear, which was basically in the mic, and then, so I wanna
apologize for that moment. Anyway, this is the last vlog,
which makes me very very sad, because I’ve really loved
getting to do this with you, and getting to show a
little bit into our world, which is such a weird and
crazy and funny and strange thing that we do, as this job. And so, I guess last week I thanked, two weeks ago, I thanked my cast, for sort of making this
very strange time in life really extraordinary, and
constantly teaching me how to be a better person, every day. And so, this final vlog,
I wanted to thank you, because you guys come to the show, you come to the stage door,
or you watch these vlogs, and you write to us, and you show up, and you will never know all of the ways in which you sharing your stories, and you sharing your
support, and your love, and your energy, and your really hilarious comments on the internet, you’ll never know all of the ways that these things have
brightened really dark days, or made us all laugh, and made us feel just endlessly grateful, to be
able to get to do what we do, so thank you for watching these vlogs, as silly as sometimes they may be, and I may be, which is very silly, ’cause you gotta be silly sometimes, and if you’re me, that’s all
the time, and that’s okay. But, I just, yeah, I
wanted to say thank you, and I guess, I don’t know,
maybe we’ll, no, it’s the end. I was gonna say maybe we’ll do another, but I don’t wanna get anyone’s hopes up, because I don’t know how to
edit these things myself, but I love you guys, so much, and yeah, this was “Jagged Little Thrill,” so keep comin’ to the show, keep hangin’ out with us on the internet, and, that’s all I got. I love you all very much. (exciting music)

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  1. I'm a professional-ish filmmaker and I could edit for you. My work has been to a few film festivals and I love your vlog.

  2. This is always the highlight of my week, i’m gonna miss it 🥺 Love you Kathryn, and the rest of the JLP cast and crew 💙

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