Founders’ Day 2017

My name is Sheila Mary I’m in my second year ND naturopathic medicine. I think there’s one way to describe.

My name is Sheila Mary I’m in my second
year ND naturopathic medicine. I think there’s one way to describe Bastyr it’s
a magical place. Bastyr as a way to make you feel what you are learning My journey Bastyr was planned by
someone else besides me. I heard a voice I didn’t see anyone but I heard a voice
telling me I am going to send you to the US to study and then my life started to
go crazy. One day I heard about Bastyr I said that me see what’s going on in
Washington and I said okay if I apply and they call me I can just drive my car
from Jacksonville to Washington DC not a problem. I applied and then they called
me for an interview it’s only when I was like checking the map to see how long
is the drive I saw something like forty something hours I was like no that can’t
be All we had was what we could put in our
Jeep. The journey to here was very difficult I know no one here. Medical
school is challenging going back to school after 15 years it’s in the
challenge being a student while being a wife and a mother it’s another
challenge I don’t think it would be possible for me to do it without with my
community here. I remember the first day I went to school one student his name is
Ryan Phillips he came to me he told me I didn’t see you last week I said I just came and
I shared my start with him he started to and introduced me to other students he
came to my house with his wife they bought me food clothes sheets kitchen
utensils like everything they knew that that I could need.
I have other student who shared their food with me for months because they
they knew like we’re going to a very difficult path. I felt like I came here
and I came with my family but I found another family waiting for me.
I received the scholarship for black student and I also received an
award for outstanding achievement supporting students is very important
because students are the future of the science of naturopathic medicine it is very
important to encourage students to come to natural medicine to investigate to
learn to give themselves to the cause I feel the desire to bring back what I’m
learning here to Haiti. I feel like it’s very important for me to go back and help I am very grateful for elders for their
courage their audacity. My goal is to be like them I will be on their path
walking their walk I feel very thankful for that you

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