Fresh herbs // How to grow and cook with them

today you’ll learn how to create your own indoor herb garden and how to cook with the herbs you’ll grow.

today you’ll learn how to create your
own indoor herb garden and how to cook with the herbs you’ll grow even if you
have zero gardening experience and no outdoor garden space I promise it will
be a piece of cake Elisa here head chef at where it’s our mission to help you reach your body and health goals we do
this specifically with videos like this as well as our Warrior Made tribe where
members receive weekly keto style meal plans and follow along at home workouts
and since healthy eating is such a priority of ours that’s what we’ll focus
on today you see growing up my parents loved gardening and taught me the
importance of eating fresh natural ingredients that you can grow yourself
so today after you learn how to build your herb garden I’ll also pass on some
of my favorite keto friendly recipes that highlight your new herbs okay real
quick let’s first talk about why we’re doing this in the first place
you see herbs are more than just a garnish to make your dish look pretty in
fact just like veggies fresh herbs are a great way to get vitamins and minerals
into your diet in my house I make sure we’re eating a solid serving of these
daily if you’re interested in learning more about vitamins and minerals which
are also called micronutrients click the link below to check out the other video
we’ve done about micros since today is all about fresh herbs I’ll also throw a
link down there where I show you how to cook with dried ones as well all right
on to the fun part building your own herb garden
pun intended let’s dig in now not everyone has the outdoor space to grow
their own food but the good news is that you can still grow fresh ingredients in
the comfort of your own home as a matter of fact if you keep your herbs inside
you can create a more controlled environment for them to thrive
throughout the year if you keep them outside they will be more exposed to
weather conditions and you’d likely have to replant every year or two but inside
the temperature is more balanced and moderate just be sure that they don’t
get too warm or cold in the house so here I’ve got the basics to get your
indoor herb garden started organic potting soil planters some organic herbs
starts that you should be able to pick up from any garden store and even some
supermarkets you can use any type of pots you’d like
just make sure they have holes in the bottom so that the water can drain out I
like to use longer planters when I’m growing more than one herb in the same
space because it lets me grow more herbs at a time you can also grow any herbs
you want but it’s important to partner certain herbs together when planting as
some like certain types of soil and watering conditions more on this in a
minute today I’ll be planting basil parsley and
rosemary here I’m going to plant my basil and parsley together in one of
these planters and I’ll plant the rosemary in the other because they
prefer slightly different growing conditions basil and parsley are
moisture lovers so be sure to keep their soil constantly damp rosemary doesn’t
need as much water prefers sandier soil and thrives in a spot with lots of
sunlight some good herbs to pair with rosemary that we aren’t planting today
would be thyme or sage now all I need to do to set things up is first fill my
planters with soil then take my starts out of their containers and break up the
roots after that you can stick them into the pots next cover them up with more
soil now with my basil and parsley I’ll make sure to do a quick sprinkle of
water to dampen the soil when I’m done I’ll look for a spot to place them
within direct sunlight and I’ll make sure to water them every few days now I
can start using them freely and all of my meals alright now that you have a
thriving herb garden let’s put it to good use
I’m going to show you a few meals that I make for my family using our herbs I’ll
start with basil if you’re thinking of an Italian spin on dinner
make sure to spotlight basil fresh basil is the star of the show when it comes to
recipes like pesto and caprese salad plus not only does it taste great but it
has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in is packed with essential
vitamins and minerals what you may not realize with an herb
like basil is that you can even use it as a base of a salad much like you would
lettuce to get its micronutrient properties give it a try and let me know
in the comments below how it went okay on to herb number two parsley parsley is
a powerhouse herb that may help prevent cancer and diabetes if you’ve ever tried
the Mediterranean dish tabbouleh then you already know parsley well fun recipe
tip if you’re interested in a healthier option you can swap the bulgur wheat in
tabbouleh out for grated cauliflower for a low-carb version I also use parsley to
make lemon butter salmon because it helps break up the acid from the lemon
you can find the link to this recipe below alright last but not least on to
rosemary when cooking rosemary is a fantastic herb to use with meats you can
chop it super fine gently sauté it in butter before adding your steak or
chicken to the pan or you can marinate your meats with it before grilling them
believe it or not rosemary has even been shown to help improve concentration and
digestion and is chock full of vitamins and minerals
so there you have it a few ideas about what to do with your basil parsley and
rosemary once you’ve grown them alright herb lovers you’re officially set up for
success you’ve got a garden and meal ideas oh and don’t forget to check out
the links below for more videos about micros and cooking with dried herbs I
even show you how to dry your own herbs from the ones you’ve just grown now as
always I’d love to hear your herb stories so leave me a comment at the end
of the video and let me know how you use your herbs in your daily cooking and
throw in one of your favorite recipes also if you’ve enjoyed this video hit
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again for watching and I’ll see you in our next video

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