Gardening All year Round – 5 Vegetables & Herbs To Grow All Year

hello friends in today’s episode we will look at some plants that can be grown year-round you can grow these.

hello friends in today’s episode we will
look at some plants that can be grown year-round you can grow these plants in most
zones starting from 9 and above so we will be looking at mint we will look at fenugreek we will also take a look at growing lettuce we will take a look at growing cilantro and radish so the first plant we will take a look at
is cilantro and cilantro is also known as coriander in some countries it is basically a herb
and it also produces seeds that are used as a spice which is actually good
coriander so the fresh greens are called cilantro and they can be used to prepare
a lot of dishes now cilantro is one of the plants that can be grown year-round
very easily and the best thing about cilantro is that it grows very well in full sun
as well as partial Sun but it still needs about four hours of sunlight every
day in order to produce nice leaves that you can use it’s very easy to also
start cilantro indoors and you can keep it in the greenhouse and then transplant it
any time that you want cilantro grows very well and adapts to a lot of
conditions and one of the best things I like about cilantro is that can be grown
in very small containers it has shallow roots and when you harvest cilantro you
just harvest the top part of the plant and then the plant will grow back very
quickly so you can grow a few plants and then harvest cilantro right throughout
the season that usually last for a few months and
then you plant some more [music] and the next plant that can be very easily
grow year-round is Fenugreek Now fenugreek can be
eaten as micro greens and you can also eat the
plant itself the leaves of the fenugreek plants are very delicious and very healthy
and have a very unique nutritional profile and if there was any plant that could
grow in any sort of container I think fenugreek would take the top spot
fenugreek again has very shallow roots and you need to grow a lot of these plants
though because they have very small leaves but you can use some wide containers
like the ones that you’re seeing on your screen here to grow fenugreek very easily
now this is the sort of container that is almost perfect for fenugreek it’s round
its wide and it has a lot of surface that you can grow these greens in So fenugreek is one of
my favorite plants to grow it produces very well almost
throughout the year if it gets very hotjust put it in some shaded area in your garden
and it should do very well and here you can see how versatile fenugreek is I’m just
using some leftover play sand from the kids area I just put the play sand in an
aluminum foil and made some holes at the bottom and sowed fenugreek seeds and
you can see how well they’ve grown they have grown almost perfectly fine and
this is the reason why I love growing fenugreek it on the easiest things to
grow and there are a a lot of uses for fenugreek and I’ll shortly share a recipe with you
with how you can use Fenugreek [music] So we’ll now take a look at
growing lettuce Lettuce is one of my favorite
things to eat for lunch and this is a Spring Mix – one of my
favorite types of lettuce to eat it basically has a lot of a micro greens
or mini-greens rather I should say that you can grow very easily in almost any
kind of container and then you can eat it as a salad so I had this white
container left from somewhere and I’m just using some regular potting mix
peat moss, perlite and some compost and i’ve sown these seeds and you can see they’ve
already sprouted it takes a very short time for these sprouts to show up and
once they show up they also grow pretty fast so lettuce is actually one of the
plants that truly doesn’t need much attention and when growing lettuce I
make sure that I keep it a little elevated so a little higher up from the
ground and that ensures that there are not many slugs or snails that get to
the lettuce now also remember that lettuce is one of the vegetable that has
a very high water content so it makes it very easy for lettuce to absorb all sorts of
minerals around it now those could be bad too so make sure you’re getting organic
seeds only that’s very important that you use organic seeds when you’re
growing lettuce . Our soil is organic we’ve not added any kind of pesticides, chemicals or fertilizer you don’t really need to lettuce is a plant that
grows very easily in straight up compost peat moss and perlite or vermiculite and
you can see here we’re harvesting this lettuce and we’ve got a really good crop
here from such a small area harvested a lot of lettuce and it’s looking pretty
good [music] so the next plant on our list that can
be grown year-around without any problems is mint – if you’ve watched my earlier video on
growing mint and I’ll provide a link to that for you at the end of this video
you would have known the different kinds of mint that you can grow this mint
that you’re seeing here is a special variety of spearmint and spearmint is
one of the most common types of mint that you can grow in your garden and
it’s a very rewarding plant mint literally requires no maintenance you
can keep growing it in smaller containers like you see here and just
snip the top part of the plant’s the leaves and the mint will grow back right away so
another cut-as-you-go plant which will give you fresh mint
almost around the year now some of you asked me about some problems with the
mint plant and yes the mint plant might have some issues with spider
mites or some kind of fungal diseases but if you really see any diseases on
your mint plant just thin them just cut them or you can even raze them
right at the surface of the soil level and they will bring up nice leaves
that you can eat so that the mint plant I would say if you have any insects or
diseases don’t try to go ahead and fix it just remove those leaves and then let the new
leaves come out and you can easily use those leaves and mint has a lot of user
and I am excited to share a very special recipe with all of you and that is coming
up right now [music] radish is another cold hardy plant and
can be easily grown around even in the summer season however note that there
are two types of radishes – one radish is a winter radish and one is a summer radish
and we’re talking about the small winter radish here this can be grown round the
year you can see you can use a small aluminum tray to grow them as well and
they grow pretty well you can even use larger containers like whiskey barrel
which gives you a lot of surface area and you can grow this in larger containers
as well So Hail Stone, Cherry Belle all these are
winter radishes they are smaller in size they come in different colors like this
cherrybelle here the cherry radish took about 25 to 30 days for this radish
to form and it’s a very quick crop so you can keep growing it round the year, just make
sure you time your sowing accordingly so that you get a fresh radish every month
or even every two weeks if you want to do very easy to grow that was the cherry
Bell radishand here you can see the White Hailstone radish the Hailstone
radish is another great variety of winter radish that you can go pretty much
throughout the year so you can see here these radishes look very beautiful once
again very easy to grow now remember that not only is the radish root edible
the radish greens are edible as well and they are absolutely delicious so I hope you liked this episode and I
know that there are many other plants that you can also grow around the year
but this gives you a little idea on which plants are good candidates to grow
year round so please do let me know your comments and if you like this video do go
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and I’ll see you again soon happy gardening

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