Gary Gulman’s Wife, Mom and Therapist Were All in His Comedy Special

-Can I just say hello to Carol Burnett’s grandmother? -Yeah, thank you so much. She really likes that. So, this.

-Can I just say hello to Carol Burnett’s grandmother?
-Yeah, thank you so much. She really likes that. So, this is
a very funny special. -Thank you.
-But it’s also — It is about your depression,
your anxiety. It’s very honest.
-Yes. -When did you realize you wanted
to do an hour about this, and was that
a hard decision to make? -Well, it was
not a hard decision. It was out of necessity. When I first
started coming back to stand-up, I was so anxious and sad,
and it was so clear. Everything about me,
my hands shook. I would bite my lip
until it bled. And my hair was wild.
I hadn’t shaved. And it was clear something
was off, so I had to address it. And the best way,
the safest way, with my personality
was to make jokes about it. So, it was — it was sort of — I feel like it was blessed
from the beginning, to be honest with you. -And you brought people
into this special. Obviously, most of it is
you on stage, but you have conversations
with your mom. Did she jump at the opportunity
to be in this? Did she have hesitation?
-She was dreading it and spent weeks
scouring the house for — It was like
she was preparing for Passover. [ Laughter ] Which is a big thing for Jews. [ Laughter ] And then she kept asking if Judd Apatow
could make her look thinner. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] She thought
it was an important element of your stand-up special.
Sure. -Yes. Yes.
So, that was a thing, but I thought she came off,
like, the perfect mom. Like, if you were to cast a mom,
she was the perfect — -Yes. I think she’s gonna get
mom parts off of this special. [ Laughter ]
-I hope so. -But you — this was serious. You actually considered
retiring from stand-up based on how bad this depression
was, this anxiety was. -Yeah.
I had retired from life. And then I was retiring
from stand-up. And then I thought about it,
and it sounded so pretentious that — Carson retired,
and Michael Jordan retired. -Yeah.
-Gary Gulman, I was giving up. -Sure.
-I was throwing in the towel. Yes.
-It’s nice that you didn’t. I mentioned your mom. Also, your wife,
who it’s her birthday today. -Yes, yes.
Happy birthday, Sade. [ Cheers and applause ] -And your therapist
is also in the special. Again, were they — Was that important to you
to have them in there? And did they have any hesitation
to participating? -No, my psychiatrist,
Dr. Richard Friedman, is incredibly telegenic
and very comfortable on camera, so it worked out perfectly. And he didn’t hesitate,
and I was excited, because his co-pay is very high.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-So I got a free session. -[ Laughs ]
-And I thought it was important that people saw that it was not
a solo act, recovering from… -Sure.
-…from a mental illness. That my wife was very helpful, went to every single one
of my appointments. And that Dr. Friedman was also
a very valuable component in my recovery,
as far as guiding me through medication and treatment
and a hospitalization, which I had been terrified by “One Flew Over
the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Girl, Interrupted” and that season
of “American Horror Story.” [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, there’s not — There’s not a lot of good movies about how great a time
that’ll be, yeah. -And I feel like animation really hasn’t
done it justice, either. -No.
-So I was terrified. And he guided me through it
and prepared me, and it turned out to be very
ordinary and so helpful.

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  1. You are sharing you with us here Gary and it's beautiful, you show other people suffering from depression that there is light at the end of the tunnel! So glad you came back to us, thank you! ❤

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