Hand Writing Analysis Demonstration on Live TV with Pearlan – Hypnotist Bernie’s Special

uh… thursday’s and uh… yes uh… it’s her and how are you doing how good a is good you know.

uh… thursday’s and uh… yes uh…
it’s her and how are you doing how good a is good you know i i i i don’t need it apprentice a enhancements that he is
also is that if i get the kids just like you yes like a sounds great supposedly the
votes uh… because of this is your uh… i don’t know self-centered winchester as
you know okay and daylight offer everything from
handwriting analysis hypnosis urine relinquished programming um… i do energy work but if someone said to me
what do you do it’s all about energy with his energy the mind an attitude of the body energy of the
emotions itself energy and i love it but today over today we’re going to do something that i did how many years so maybe two
years ago which is airbus let’s go to the more than that couple years ago you had me in your
studio right and we were going to do hypnosis that
prior to that i said to you at mcdonnell’s that way at the show me your handwriting right and during the session i did a little
bit him writing and then i took it and we did our hypnosis session for your
writer’s block rightly remember okay today what i’d like to do is really give give you the gift of more more
handwriting more analysis up how you think how you feel if there’s any fear traits that may be blocking year which you but in case that work then we’re done today you can help me
back yes indeed and we will take that
analysis and perhaps you might just do it feel-good inhalants mint but i see today ra on they will make
some make some chefs juridical session
something that that may be part of you but you’re ready to leave it behind in shift out of it but we’ll see once we take a look back
and read into that size grade i can read it yet up his
celebrity is going to do right now is he’s going to give me handwriting sample do you typically prints buddy to curse but he print right i billable yeah okay so what he’s going to do right now is to
do some his script as we’ll call it whether it’s printing press the print
right he’s gonna do that for me and yes he does i’m gonna talk a little bit
about him ready to give you some information songs that doesn’t um… interrupt you when you’re right opinion going right okay kenya dot half a page api i welcome to come in and i started
writing if it’s you have the reading more about and then you can sign it like it’s time
to check now what he writes really doesn’t matter images in english lit vinita made when you’re
out because idle read it the way you want of i’d look at it like
a arts does i’ll at the spacing i’d look at the uh… into helping here’s how reality is the
link below twenty witty no i don’t really need to see this time
of course i’ll look down so what he’s going to do right now
without being about which is legally allowed to other is that it is the
leading to slap he’s going to start to write to me okay versus saying what looks like the
big picture onto their you couldn’t you can talk
about are let me just before you got here again
that i don’t know what you’re up to than opening up as he writes without interrupting the spelling spelling does not county graham it does
not count again i’m not looking at what you’re right powell i’m looking at how it fits on the page
and looking at the loops and no loops on looking at how like how to our was seeing if he can multitask right now
can’t you write a column talking handwriting is used in uh… over eighty percent of major
corporations in in the united states it has quickly
deemed uh… notoriety his writings i don’t want to know you cannot tell race you cannot tell gender you cannot tell create so it’s really
and non biased way of looking at someone’s personality now some people say i gotta tell me what’s that it bernie showed me someone’s writing and then he is i could say this is what’s good about
you and this is what they think is not so good about it in and of itself you’re writing justice it is who you are just the way it is that is what it is but to find out whether he is being
appreciated or indicated are judged or uh… critiqued i have to look at someone else’s writing
and i’ll tell you from their point of view i think is that about him and from their point of view what they
think they would like you to shoot at us
jameson it down sign it excites me yes look at yeah cell i don’t know if we can get this close up it’s still a little close-up uh…
packard and i’m going to make sure i’m writing
i’m supposed to be so that i just showed his yes esta if
the person that means you here we go remotely somewhat in my looking at i’m looking at everything that is on that page but i’m not looking at it in terms of the letters themselves alexis said apac so let me talk a little bit about your
message well even tell a little bit about the strokes himself i would not
have known this about you and i’ve known him for quite a long time but that maybe what i do know is i’m in it he has a trait that’s called core court what is quite me dull when i first met you you’re very
personable and you have a way of of just getting into people space in a very
unobtrusive way what’s really interesting about you know
if we go behind the scenes you are a core group or what does that mean though you may be personable and sensitive he talked to a lot of
people right had that clinton ethics small
smart our conversation it’s of charms and few that you really open up to what do i
mean by pat you could have five people in this room
right now one or two of those people at the most would be your core you’ll be one of ideal cannot be delayed
aka sang up i wouldn’t give him a happy but what is climbing it means you’re comfortable weapons
which i know we are in that’s unusual because i’m also
called groupware russell building where we need to carry a when they were
totally where we need to know the score what it means is you can go to a party and they could be lots of people there and you can do to get bernie a local
outright but there are chosen few that in the back in mind if they’re
there you just feel more comfortable you do this with the with the family they always get couple of people that
you kiss it’s just that affinity with beaches he’ll really go when they’re
they’re when they’re not alright so we’ll play it will play the brady that’s
the social side the court people we and you have doubts fears when u when you have concerns ok those the people you most
appreciate input from okay you’ll take it from everyone else
but those are the people now so what does corny it also means
that the way you work hard to play hard so that if you are play issue work which all of us want to have you cold in whatever you do your your you u put in intensity to it that a lot of people don’t when we talk about another trade ok
which is probably the sweetheart and you know seriously it can work for again think of it right is thing with the
point there two sides to it this is cited works force inside that works against us when you were certain people they think oc you’re on the side the quite liked them
you wonderful when you with other people they may not
think you so wonderful like think about the court right quite right there those funny outside of court that
might feel he doesn’t treat me like he treats them okay no judgment it just is what it is i don’t have it right you are neon local i did you way to do a good job for others as well as just in its own right now
when a man looking out i’m looking at i’m looking at the opera loops of the day okay i want you to look and see how large it
is okay well probably they taught me how to make
it that way at when is the instep whatever you can do to make things happen the way they need to you’ll put your energy out there it means that you’ll move mountains for
people if you believe that you can on think means that when everyone else says it’s not
possible and you believe it is you’ll put yourself on the line to do it
why because it’s very important for people to be happy you and me on who’ll go how did you play to please
people uh… in a night out we frame it to just make people feel good and how you do that idon’t do other
things we have to look in the handwriting now the down side of the trade because again is a knapsack nodded erica as excited abt site the down side is if i said you can make you could have done better that is like of vitamin cocktail first of all you hole inside scope creep but it’s almost like a spiritual one to do more to do better to just push it over the top because you take that to heart you take this
seriously you you you uh… you hear it and you want to shift it and you don’t have to hear that again
from anyone else now can you relate to the straight that
i’m talking about is called sensitivity now all human beings a sensitive right
strossen but when you have sensitivity to
criticism what it means is if i can get ahead of everything and do the best
that i possibly can that’s what i’m going for if you hear one ounce of feedback that
said man someone else did it better that description one ok i’d also say no news is good news for someone like
you need to know that because there are some people who just
don’t give feedback and they don’t say that you did a good job because it’s
like well didn’t you know and so sometimes not having that
feedback any you you put a lot of energy out in
doing what you do to do it well feedback is an important thing for you when you get it burning you can just you like the eveready better read what
is it the ever ready uh… that bodies that wasn’t i wasn’t going to go to
those other energizing that’s it energizer okay this is interesting because idon’t
remember seeing this in your writing the last time i saw you but it’s been so
long ago well i remember you talked about going
to have a good memory well no idea what it was a different writing really now due to peoples writing change over
time sure concept sure it does on but it’s usually a trombone or if something’s severe coca or conscious ships like through hypnosis is
home for the good indicate actually i can’t say that no
that’s not right i cannot prejudgment on this you have to
check do you remember when you were talking to me about the fact that you
have a wonderful ideas to bright about and this uh… poetry was easier because
it had with the mir i’m in all of that when you can’t take the time to think about what you want to do you’re happier but if someone were to say he is the
deadline that’s the one thing that gets a lot of
thinking state and into action so when i i’d talked about your handwriting several
years ago on your show and you said to me sometimes i sit there my hints of frozen
no i think if you have a noisy crowds of the computer i don’t know what to do well this is one of the reasons because
you can think it was a lot of work dinkins important to you before you go initiate something however if i said to deadline this has
to be done by tonight i remember you sent to me you it passed in the paper how this is a
gets in trouble you’ve got you e-mail o you can get the
paper to tell you all the deadline but you know what sometimes you need to
afire unto you because you have a very uh… initiates dial it what it says as you can be tooling
along tooling along la jolla not a lot of effort but since the deadline hips you go which was called uptime you get the energy going and you plug out the last couple of
hours when you’ve been doing it for two weeks ahead of time fearless coupla hours that’s a new golden so whether they’re pushing yourself in
bed i gotta start earlier about it and i have it done way ahead of time can
i say something that won’t work for someone like you
know you won’t do you guys come up so forget about all those two weeks
before i could event that could get a better way to
make its way to measures are usually blanket you know what tell you the beauty if you you’re not gonna put your mind to
something that you don’t feel ready for you might receive the ads procrastination i wouldn’t call it that out call it that european car um… you redo or when it comes time under
pressure and so you spend that time gathering
information brainstorming with other people brainstorming in your own head and then when the pressures on offutt shot you go have you seen that with your cell yes
that’s true any questions so far does that make
sense term evaluated all right now is that makes us in excess so what makes sense says i mention united describing another
thanks anna mansion you know when u willing which you know you are he
says i doubt that you know this is a well i mean two miles began so many
routes unemployment i’m in the top floor right now but doesn’t make sense that you could
give the with all the michigan happening here in the end of the nation it is something that needs to be done n
u have the we are for all to do it but you’ll do it when you’ve had some
time to think about it your duet when you feel ready when he
ready when i say guess what you’re two hours to go and i think about a minute ago it we’re looking at with each other at a
nearby little restaurant and at age really anything after that i
had my why he had his coffee so that we would just go shooting the breeze that
far less than he tells me it’s time to go so can we go we’ve achieved recently
here if you get when they when the pressures on then you’re ready to go but you don’t need to be doing hours ahead of time weeks ahead because it’s not gonna be best work intuitively you know tonight’s going to go okay yeah and you know that it is by the way
isn’t it you know what because you have a high
interest and i think that i should be ten i don’t know if you if you connect
to it here’s what it does and this is kind of like you and i
connected so well instantly the first day you met me he comes up behind rancor
it doesn’t bother me i didn’t know you guys she’s anyway so i can get to know that
at his convention and there was an instant report an instrument police because funny intuitive level unite both being highly
intuitive we just knew we were safe we were comfortable we live chat and we would worry about it the next
decade as we know we felt we’re in a space that we feel
comfortable but now how do i know this because the breaks in your writing when
he reminded us and you look at it again uh… look at the breaks this writing
the breaks between letters the pricks between syllables within one word what
does that section that you mentioned you know they can if you want to ahead how
to check the time so we know where we really do have a assistant i can’t say hello in six minutes in europe take a look and if you turn it if you look at just take one word itself and you’ll see there are some letters
that are connected and then the separate between certain syllables orders actual break it every single word
but look at the word now i have to look at it the way you do there are some letters that are
connected with in one word and there are the letters adjusted by themselves
that’s called intuition waitressing insist that it any given
situation you have the ability to pick up on the
nuances of the situation it’s not what’s being said it’s what’s
not being set and your brain processes that on a sub
conscious level you pick up on the facial expressions the tone of voice and the body language and you know instantly is this person
for real eyes this person a phony is this person safe by not safe and is always the same time a project but i want to get myself
involved in or not you know it now do you know they are due to our status you know what they say they say the person who has high
intuition who can spin on a diamond just make decisions does the people to make it through the shifts yet ait i think personally an editorial
absolutely just because a lay person to another detail well but it’s on twenty four seven subconscious mind it’s in the sea to the right brain isn’t
subconscious mind it’s a known fact that intuition is from that right side
of the brain in its it’s nonverbal right it’s not necessarily what’s being
said that’s what’s not being sent ninety three percent of the message
going on here right now it’s nonverbal that being the case we do not believe
that the person who has high intuition would be able to be pickup onto the message is being conveyed more effectively and efficiently mystery because seven for all this for
the next to me that we’ve been talking for half an hour alas seven percent of the communication is
based on my words annulus ninety three percent is based on the nonverbal that includes tone of voice so if we shut off the sound after you finished watching us that day
what what you think and uh… inshallah sound can take a look at what you think’s
going on how we relate it no old how gorgeous reoccur how we fit together
how the look at the eastern which were communicating my look at this distance
you know we can fit together we didn’t even think about what will we hear is
that it’s a little too late thing we know will argue that we were going to
watch and the actual all yes all title is about their crop up
with you summarize holiday summarized uh… like is would you call it is a treat well-treated it reads like a senior him
running when i do handwriting i take them on i don’t know so who is burning and and this is who bernie s bottom line is also pelas a first codes
are how would you summarizes into analysts out there but i think is fair
trade too apan judith advice to the other people
who uh… just let me now so it’s just like you if you get
publish a straight people looking to trade i woke illustrate you want to stop
by to monitor but the court reykjavik where and intuitive strict equity people
who’ll owns that treatment etc but people it’s cutting interest rates people who own the intruder trade he is
the good news you cannot be intuitive we are going to get do we trust the
intrusions is the question we need to trust intuition it is a gift okay it is the gift from the
subconscious mind that knows everything about you
everything that effort is was and will be it knows uh… what’s not being sent it knows timing it knows um… how filling the gaps right when it is free in you relax and you let things flow if you happen to be a person who was
very controlling and that’s not right of wrong which is we all we need different
types of people we need the lucy goes as we need the controlling the interest rate will not be as easy to
trust because you can’t touch feel it’s not tasted is in the left brain person it’s not going to be comfortable migrate
license test right see if it works seek a little boys in your head uh…
kyushu d one opt on someone else next time around bring
we don’t have time to make a decision can you just relax let the intuition
flow run with it and twenty two percent correct except
when you’re tighter stressed intuitions one hundred-percent right on he thinks of a linux song i think in the marketplace well high
because the economy cut u we started you i’ll tell you one other
anyone other peace about one minute okay you’re highly analytical not like a rock you do it so this is
this uh… there’s a this a war going on inside your own head the intuition says this is what i think there’s a lot of
belford department in a little guys are really prove it to me tell me why this is ok for me to do
that’ll and that’s when the style happens well that’s the way it is it is so there’s a battle between the
right side left side of the burning a mansion knowing that your archaeological and we
would have the time to use it use it but when you don’t have the time trust
the interest because spot on and when you use involved in a way that is effective for you that’s called whole printing soon of the whole grain yes according to the body of killings by
going on what is going on care donna again about presents let let let me find you you can’t find me on armed because i’m
in face book mike inviting in alliance with the sea all you can also find it w_w_w_ dot
self-centered dot com i’m in winchester massachusetts that you
know with the media the way it is you can’t buy me anywhere and i can spine to
on skype i can’t find joint following and you can find me on the web taxes to
the concerned

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