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Hey it’s Logan Christopher from Lost Empire Herbs and in this video I want to show you the drink I.

Hey it’s Logan Christopher from Lost Empire
Herbs and in this video I want to show you the drink I put together every
morning with my coffee and different herbs that I use. So, I typically just do
a single cup French press coffee like so. Now I don’t have everything here I I’m a
fan of the bulletproof styled coffee, so using butter and coconut oil or MCT
oils, but then I’d like to add even more impact by using different herbal
products, so three of my favorites and of course there are many others you can use
but three my favorites are He Shoe Wu chaga mushroom and maca
as well. So you take the coffee like so, add a little little bit of chaga and
this is a potent chaga extract that we have available, you can use all kinds
of different Chagas but this stuff is quite strong so you don’t need a lot of
that one. The He Shou Wu you will about a teaspoon or so of that and then the maca,
maca is something you can really do larger amounts with so I just generally
using the same spoon do a heaping teaspoon like that, try a little over a
tablespoon right there and mix it up and what’s great about these herbs is
they’re all brown, you notice if you look at the powders so they these
flavors really go well with the coffee flavor, you have that bitterness
chaga’s gonna have some of that but chaga also has like a slight it has
vanillic acid so it has a little bit of a vanilla like taste to it, but not very
strong. The He Shou Wu really doesn’t have a
whole lot of flavor, a little bit malty goes well you kind of won’t even notice
it with the coffee so much and the maca you definitely well especially with that
larger amount of it, but maca tastes really good so I enjoy that flavor along
with the coffee so have that every single morning. What’s great about this
as most people have coffee right, so by adding some herbs into your coffee
whether you have one cup or multiple in a day it’s a really great
way to get those herbs in there because you don’t get benefits from the herbs if
you don’t take them, so we really like to build this into the lifestyle of what
you’re already doing make it easy to take these things like said with these
herbs going along with coffee it tastes great. For a lot more information about
these herbs and all everything else we have you can check out LostEmpireHerbs.com, a lot of information that we have on the website we really want people to
explore the herbs, experiment find what works for them build it into your
lifestyle and get great results doing so, so check it out at LostEmpireHerbs.com

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