Herbs and Crystals for Yoni Steaming

Heaven hi, it’s Melissa Moonchild with Luna Rain Botanicals and in this video I’d like to share with you some.

Heaven hi, it’s Melissa Moonchild with Luna Rain Botanicals and in this video I’d like to share with you some special herbs that we use in our Herbs and Crystals for Yoni Steaming that are good for the womb. It’s good to know our plant allies and friends… the family that we have in the plant world that is here to heal us in very specific and powerful, elegant, luxurious ways. First off we have yarrow. Yarrow is a plant ally that helps with heavy bleeding. It’s an astringent in lab studies that’s been proven to ease muscle spasms and cramps, also spiritually, an herb that helps with courage in love, strength in love. Mother’s Wort is called Mother’s Wort because it does so many things for a woman in childbearing years and who has just had a child. It helps to give… it gives nutrition to those ligaments and tendons that have been over stretched and gives them relief. It does the same thing to the spirit and the mind, the mind that’s just been in too many directions and too many times ‘mommy me, mommy this, mom I’m hungry,’ and you know, all those voices and all those directions. It helps to center the spirit… will calm the spirit, bring you back to the observer state where you just are in bliss and peace and joy. It relaxes the muscles and anxieties, and regulates your cycles. Red Raspberry Leaves are very, very popular for feminine and reproductive health. It’s so rich in all of the minerals that the smooth muscle of the uterus needs in order to contract, so it’s highly recommended during the entire pregnancy process. It helps with birth, but even if you’re not in the pregnancy process your womb is made of smooth muscle that needs specific nutrition that is found very richly in Red Raspberry Leaves. Spiritually, it encourages the childlike wonder of love and and innocence. It helps the innocent part of ourselves not to die. It nourishes the the inner child and calls joy into our lives. Red Clover is very similar to Red Raspberry Leaves in that it’s very rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed for the smooth muscle of the uterus, but it also helps to clear the fallopian tubes, which is one of the major causes of infertility unexplained infertility. Spiritually it helps us in letting go. It has very long-lasting spiritual and emotional effects. It also helps in deep meditation. It also helps to balance vaginal moisture, which is really great for women in the change later on in life who might be experiencing dryness. Lavender is, besides smelling divine, helps us to connect to the divine… The Divine Blue Ray of Healing. It helps us to call in the divine and the spiritual into everyday life occurrences. It’s also a very strong antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral and astringent. It’s very calming to the nerves, alleviates anxiety as well as can help you get into the deep trance state of rejuvenating meditation. It eases cramps and it’s anti-parasitic. Roses are the queen of feminine health… queen of the garden. They’re powerful spiritual protectors. They attract love and romance. They’re are also very powerful female hormone regulators. They help you find your own cycle in your own pace. It’s also an aphrodisiac and helps to ease spasms and cramps. Helps you to move through stuck feelings and emotions very gently elegantly. Calendula is an herb also called Marigold, very calming and a wonderful plant ally that’s there for us right under our feet, and very popular in uses for skin. It will definitely help to strengthen the skin nourish the skin, that delicate skin of the vulva, and soothe inflammation and the capillaries that are close to the surface. It strengthens the vessel walls. It also adds an element of joy to our lives with its bright color and its bright personality. The vulva and the skin of our vaginal area is super thin, which allows for these volatile oils and nutrients to be absorbed really easily, and in our bag of Herbs and Crystals for Yoni Steaming, we add a string a small string of rose quartz crystals on copper wire. This is a high science, almost quantum physics, where you’re able to program an energy in crystals. Crystals are one of the few elements that are able to hold energy and then transmit them at a later date. They’re used in technology for watches and satellites a lot because they’re very regulatory, they’re very programmable, specifically programmable as well. So I take our rose quartz crystals to the full moon. Every full moon my community does yoga at the beach and I wash them in the water and program them with the energy of fullness, overflowing abundance and healing. Rose quartz comes with the quality of unconditional love and peace, forgiveness and a softness that I think anybody everybody today, every womb today could really use. The copper wire is also another way to transmit your intentions into the water electrically. You’re gonna put the crystals in the water just before steaming and you can compost the tea afterwards and keep your crystals for jewelry, or for later steaming purposes, or to put in the window for decoration. So that’s our special formula for use by anybody to add nutrition and clean out any general stagnation. So please feel free to hit us up with any questions, suggestions, comments, share with us your experience with yoni steaming. We’d love to hear it… and just please enjoy this habit. You deserve it. Nourish! Radiate!

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