How can I get over my fear of being judged in therapy? Website/YouTube Wednesday! #KatiFAQ

Hey everybody. Happy Wednesday. And when it’s Wednesday, I’m on the Website. And if any of you are new to.

Hey everybody. Happy Wednesday. And when it’s Wednesday, I’m on the Website. And if any of you are new to my channel. Welcome. And the best way to find me
is to know what day it is. And below each and every video
of mine in the description, It tells you where I am each day. So Monday I have my own
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website and youtube. Thursdays are twitter. And Friday is facebook. So if you ever get confused and you
forget where I am going to be. You can check it out on, in
the description of any video. I put it in all of them, So that it’s always there for you to find. Okay. So today I have three questions. And I have also been on the
website and on yotube, Sorry. Had a tickle. So I already answered some
questions below yesterday’s video. And I have been on the website and
answered some questions there. And I have a really great journal
topic from ‘Finding Peace in the Chaos’. Thank you so much for that. It’s really cool. And I have a bunch of journal topics,
and I have been saving them, And I will save those for next week. Okay. Let’s get going. Question number one, ‘Hey Kati, I was just wondering if
you had any advice/tips on what to do,’ ‘When you get stuck at the
‘I don’t know’ part of therapy.’ ‘My therapist says that I need to push
myself to bring up stuff to talk about.’ ‘But I always just end up
saying that I don’t know.’ ‘And then we have these
awkward moments of silence.’ ‘I even think of stuff to talk about before
my next session before I go to sleep.’ ‘But I almost never bring it up.’ ‘I trust my therapist a lot. And I
feel like I can tell her anything.’ ‘But when it gets to the really hard
stuff my mind just freaks out in session,’ ‘And I don’t know what’s
relevant or how to bring it up.’ ‘Do you have any tips on how to
push yourself to be more open?’ ‘Thanks so much for all you do.’ ‘I love the ideas for keeping
in touch during the holidays.’ So this got a ton of thumbs up. Which is another way that
you can let me know that the, That there are certain questions that
you would really like to see answered. So if you’re on twitter,
you can give it a lot of likes. Or if you’re on youtube,
you can give it a lot of thumbs ups. You know, you can let me know that it’s
a question that you really want answered. So it can be hard. And there are a couple of
things I want to address. Now not, this is not what’s
happening with this particular person. But for many of us, We find ourselves feeling like stuck, like
there’s not really anything to bring up. And we don’t know what to talk about. And there’s a lot of moments of
silence in our therapy sessions. And the truth of the matter is, That that itself, is a sign and a symptom
of maybe not needing therapy any more. Or maybe not needing it as often. And we can start weaning ourselves
from therapy little by little. Until we’re doing things on our own. Knowing fair and well that we can always
come back whenever we need, But we can always take breaks. That’s healthy too. We don’t have to stay in therapy forever. That’s not what it is
when you sign up for it. It’s just something that you
go to when you need help. So that would be the first
thing I wanted to address. Now with this person, It sounds like there are things
that she wants to bring up. But she feels like she
can’t bring them up. And there are many ways
that we can address this. And I have talked about this topic in
other fashions throughout other videos. But there are, here are just some of
the ones that my clients prefer to use. You can email your therapist. If they will allow it. Now you have to have that
conversation with them. Like I allow my patients to email me, However they know that
I may not respond to it. And I may just wait till our next
session and bring it up then. Which will help you talk about those
things that are hard to say face to face. That’s why online is so
powerful and amazing. Because we can do things with some anonymity. We can say what we want. And what we’re really feeling
and really struggling with, Without fear of judgement. Or, you know, feeling like there
is a stigma attached to it. Any of those things. So that’s one option. Another option is writing a letter. Putting it in the mail. Sending it to your therapist. If they will allow that. Bringing a list of things you want
to talk to in therapy with you, Handing it to your therapist and
having them take it from there. By, I would always encourage you, By expressing to the therapist
that you’re really struggling, To bring up things that are hard and
you really want to move past it. And so this is the only way
you can think of doing it. So those are some other
ways of communicating. I would also encourage you, If none of those are possible or
you don’t really like them. Practice saying it to yourself. Don’t just let it hang out in your head. Because that can be really scary. And then we fear bringing
things up with a person, And we’re like, ‘I don’t know what it’s going to
sound like. And what they might think.’ Practice saying it out loud. If it’s in your car. If it’s at home. If it’s in your bedroom. Maybe it’s in your bathroom with the
shower running, so no one hears you. However you make it happen
so you can get some privacy. I would encourage you to talk it out. Like you’re just talking, Maybe a best friend. You can talk it out with them. And bounce ideas. So that you know how
it sounds to say it. What it’s like to put
those words out there. How you can respond to that. And we get more comfortable with
even the idea of talking about that stuff. Okay. I hope that helps. Those are just some ideas. I know I give a lot of options. But those are just the ones
that come to mind to me. Okay. And I hope that helps. I got a lot of thumbs up. Okay, question two, ‘Hey Kati, I’m a new subscriber.’ Hey. Welcome. ‘And I have never asked a question,
so hopefully you see this.’ And I did. ‘How can you get past the fear of being
judged when going to therapy?’ ‘I feel like I hold back
a lot of information,’ ‘Because I’m scared
that she will judge me.’ Now I thought this was
also a good question. It kind of comes into the, I have a feeling it’s very
tied to number one. That’s the practising and the
saying it out loud to ourselves. Can help a little bit. Also being involved in our community. Talking with other people. The more, I find, and you
could totally disagree. And I could be way off base. But I find that we usually
worry about being judged, When we think that what we feel
and are going through is ‘weird’. Or ‘unusual’ in some way. Or it’s not a ‘normal’ way
to respond to that. Or however our brain thinks about it. It obviously is thinking that whatever
we’re going through isn’t normal. But trust me. It’s normal. We as therapists see people
from all walks of life. And all mental illnesses. And technic, or chances are, That when you are speaking
about something. Or struggling with something. Or something bubbles up in your head. Or you have these ‘weird thoughts’. Chances are we know
exactly why it’s happening. Or we can at least talk with you
and figure out why it’s happening. And we can work together. Therapy is a place, it’s,
when I was in school, They taught us a lot about
creating an office space, That’s the ‘safe holding environment’. Because we want people to come in. Like I have these
overstuffed white couches. That, you know, are really cosy. And I’m by the beach and so
it’s kind of beachy feeling. And it’s just nice. And it feels very homey. We try to create environments where
people feel safe and comfortable. And the judgemental
part is all in our head. And the more that we talk
about it to ourselves. Maybe to a really really supportive
friend that knows us really well. Maybe we write about it. Maybe we, you know, Talk to like a mom or a dad or a family
member who we can confide in. The more we talk about these things. The less likely it is that we will feel
like we’re going to be judged, Or we will feel like we can’t
speak up when we need to. Because all of that
inhabitation that we’re feeling, It’s all from inside our head, right. And so the more that we verbalise things. And the more that we write things down. And we practice how we may say it. And then we think about, Which was a journal topic I think a
couple of days ago or last week, Where we write out
the worst case scenario. The best case scenario. And the most likely scenario. And that can help curb any of
those worries of judgement. The worries of a therapist freaking out. And also, We can always rely on the fact
that if you like your therapist, If you think they do a good job. Then you can know that we’re
trained and we practice, Being as non judgemental
as humanly possible. Everyone’s going to have certain
judgements that they are going to think. But if you already have
a connection with them, Chances are, They care about you. And they want you to do better. And so I think having that relationship, You’re going to have to rely a
little bit on that relationship. And you can share a little bit at
a time and see how it goes. But that will be my
encouragement for that. Because that also got a lot of likes. And I know a lot of
people worry about that. But trust me, It will be okay. Hopefully one of the options
I gave you will work for you. Okay. Question number three, ‘Hey Kati, just wondering,’ ‘Is it weird to want to have serious life
threatening illness like cancer or something?’ ‘I just sometimes wish that I
did and I don’t really know why.’ ‘But just wondered if you could answer to
maybe why I have these thoughts,’ ‘And if you know whether
it’s normal or not.’ Now this is definitely something
that many of us feel, And is very normal when we’re
struggling with depression. And depression is way more common
than people want to attest to. People don’t want to say
that they’re depressed, That they’re feeling really down. A lot of people feel like
they have more anxiety. But we all know, depression and
anxiety are kind of like kindred spirits. They happen almost simultaneously. And so often when we’re
feeling really down, And we feel really bad about ourselves. We wish for this. And it could be because we
have suicidal ideations, Yet we don’t really want to act it out. So it’s kind of like a passive
way to think about dying. Another thing could be that we would
like more attention and more care, More love from those around us. We may feel lonely and want
more contact with people. And more hugs. And more just responses in general. And so we wish for something like this. Because we feel like then
we get what we’re needing. And I would encourage you, If you are struggling with this, Because this also got a ton of comments. And a ton of responses on the website. If you yourself find your mind
wandering to things like this, I would encourage you to
take time and think about, What is it that you’re
hoping that will give you? If you could have that serious
life threatening disease, What would that mean for your life? Is it more attention? Is it more love and care? Is it suicide? Is it, what is it? I’d like you to think about that. And start processing. Because that will give us a lot of
information about where to go from here. Because then that can tell us
what we’re trying to fulfil by it. And maybe we need to see a therapist. Maybe we need to see our
therapist more frequently. Maybe we need to bring this up in therapy. Maybe we need to spend more
time with friends and family. Try to reconnect with loved ones
and friends that we have lost track of. It could be a bunch of different things. But I would encourage you to start
thinking about it in that way, Versus thinking and worrying that
what you are thinking is weird. Because it’s not. I told you, it’s got a lot of
conversation on the website. So I hope that helps a little bit. And helps you kind of understand
why our brain does what it does. Now, journal topic. I know this is running long, And I’ll try to be quick. It says, ‘Hey Kati, my therapist gave me an assignment
last week that I’m super excited about.’ And this is so cool you guys. ‘And I think everyone could
benefit from doing it.’ ‘She asked me to chose one word
to focus on for the year 2015.’ One word. ‘Rather than making resolutions.’ Remember I don’t do
resolutions, I don’t like those. ‘She gave me the example of
words balance or presence.’ ‘I think that it is genius.’ I agree. ‘Having a “theme” word for the year
is specific enough to drive you,’ ‘While being broad enough
to give you freedom.’ I love that sentence. It’s so true, having a “theme” word
specific enough to drive you, While being broad enough
to give you freedom. So true. So her word for 2015 is progress. What will yours be? I think mine will be, Being present. Present. That’s what I will call it. I want to enjoy every moment. Because this year has
slipped by like, pew. So fast. So I want to be present with every moment. And that’s something that I work
on in yoga a lot in meditation. So, yeah, that will be my word. What’s your word? I love you all. I will see you tomorrow on twitter. Because it’s Thursday. So ask your questions using the #KatiFAQ Bye. Subtitles by the community

99 thoughts on “How can I get over my fear of being judged in therapy? Website/YouTube Wednesday! #KatiFAQ”

  1. Me likes to write down in my tablet during the week questions thoughts are problems me is having and will show it to me therapist when me sees them.. Also if me is feeling to shy to let them read what me wrote me takes it a way from them quickly.. but it lets me say what me needs to say or am stuck on

  2. I think my word for 2015 is "momentum."  With my college graduation, 2014 was a big year of transition for me, and it started off with some really intense anxiety and panic attacks. The remainder of the year has been about getting back up and facing my fear of failure before entering grad school.  I've made a lot of progress and have grown tremendously during that time, and want to keep that going next year.  Couldn't have done it without your videos, Kati! 🙂

  3. Question 3: I just pressed paused on the video.  I do relate a lot.  I don't so much wish for a terminal illness, such as Cancer, but I feel as though I have one and am dying, and need to be reconciled with this.  I actually feel the same way as my friend, who died of Cancer in 2010, described feeling.  I have chronic physical illness, as well as mental health issues, and daily survival can be so hard.  I don't think that it is so much a real belief that I have a terminal disease, but it's more of a feeling.  It's quite hard to accurately explain.  I just relate to the feelings of accepting that I am dying, and feeling sad but at peace with it.  I don't know if it's partly because I can't handle that I've lost friends to Cancer, and also lost other friends because they have just left.  I have many attachment/abandonment issues.  It is complicated, but I don't really act on it and have mainly dealt with the emotions and thoughts through writing and reading poetry.  I still self-harm sometimes, and do get suicidal thoughts, but am not actually planning to commit suicide.  I did attempt, but that was a long time ago. 

  4. My word is writing because I want to write more.  I really want to write a novel, but anything I write is better than writing nothing, so that's my word.  I want to read more too, which all ties in really.  Happy Xmas/New Year.  🙂

  5. I might have another answer for question 3 that you didn't mention, at least I always thought this was why I wish for an illness: it's a way to justify the way I feel. I feel like I shouldn't be complaining, I shouldn't feel this bad, and I always feel this pressure of overwhelming emotions inside that I have no way of dealing with and don't show ("I would have never thought.. you dont seem like theres anything wrong with you" is always the first thing I hear when I tell people I'm in therapy).. If I had a serious illness, maybe people would believe me and understand how much I'm hurting, and also it would be justified to be hurting. It would also be so simple to explain why I struggle, because as it is I am so confused and overwhelmed.

  6. Should I tell my counsellor that I'm bisexual? I feel like it's something I struggle with as I have only been comfortable telling 3 of my closest friends. #KatiFAQ

  7. My therapist has me do a diary card and I sent it to her the morning I see her. For some reason, getting started on talking about stuff is hard but when I write it, it helps and then I'm able to get going on talking about the subject(s) I want to talk about. I always write it in a word document and my therapist and I have a agreed upon password so I can password protect it when I send it to her. Her e-mail account IS hippa compliant but I just like to password protect it for extra security. If your therapist doesn't like you to email him or her, you can print it out at the end of the week.

  8. #katifaq
    Hey kati. I hope you have a lovley Christmas and a fab new year. Xox
    Here's my question. How do I place healthy boundaries between me and my tutors I'm likely to get attached too at university? I'm already slipping up and it's starting to hurt 🙁
    How do I know if i myself is over stepping boundaries?
    Thank you
    Looooooooooooooveee yooouuuuuuuuuu 💖🎄 xoxoxox

  9. Kati me and my therapist were  talking about coping mechanisms today and I mentioned that I watch your channel. She asked who you are and I told her what your channel's all about. She loves what you're doing and is going to watch some videos and tell her other clients about you! 😀

  10. I think my word will be balance. 🙂 because I don't have to be super skinny or work all the time or eat only "healthy foods" right? Balance is what I need.

  11. Hi . My shrink said I could e mail him when in crisis . I did this twice and he then blocked me ,told his secretary he was on sabatical ,I then saw him at the unit .So he lied. How can this be of any help????

  12. Hey Katy.
    You said that maybe if there's moments of silence then that's a sine that maybe you don't need therapy anymore. well i don't think so.. 
    I have moment at therapy that I get stuck and don't know how to bring up the hard stuff its not that I don't need therapy anymore its just that I get awkward and scared what might my therapist think of me.
    I don't want to have these thoughts it just comes to me.
    Any tips what I can do to open up more and not be afraid to speak up to her??
    I would really appreciate it if you can reply. Thank you.
     I love your channel very much. you give great tips.

  13. Mine is "joy". To strive to incorporate small things daily that make me feel joyful. Thanks for the idea!

  14. i'm a new subscriber and i've never asked a question before but sometimes when i'm hanging out with my close friends, i always get this feeling where i want to talk to them about what's going on and how i'm felling but i can never get myself to do so. so i was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to get myself to open up more to them?

  15. I just found this channel… instead of doing my homework for school tomorrow, I have been binge watching your videos for hours! I have watched at least 35! This is my new addiction (x

  16. This was reassuring lol I've been pretty much traumatized by my old high school counselor. She always seemed very judgemental and impatient with me when I went to talk with her and it really turned me away from wanting to see someone after that. I'm sure if I went to see a professional now it'd be a lot better but I've always been afraid of seeming whiny for going to talk with someone.

  17. hi kati, im a new subscriber and I hope you see this , so I went to counseling a few years ago and need to go again since I have started self harm but I'm afraid of being afraid. I don't know if you get that. I want to tell them everything but don't know what to do or say , would you have any tips to get the conversation started

  18. I love the first and second questions because I can relate to them so much. I'm currently in the 'I don't know' phase or actually knowing but too afraid to say for being judged… but working really hard to overcome it.

    Last week I came up with an idea that I think will be really helpful! I created a book specifically for therapy and on the first page I wrote 'Discuss in Therapy' and listed all the things I want to discuss and all the things I struggle with. Underneath I put 'Weekly' and I use sticky notes to list the things I want to bring up during the next session. On another page I made a Trauma Timeline and I drew pictures to represent most of my traumas as well as put a brief note about each one on the page… this will make it easier for me so I don't have to explain things aloud. I also made a 'Mood Tracker' so that each week when I'm asked how my week went I will have it in the book so I can say more than just 'I don't remember,' or 'Fine, I guess.'

    I showed it to my therapist last week (I was still in the process of making it so didn't let her read it closely yet) and she loved it. I told her that my goal is to give the book to her and have her look at the things I'm dealing with and my traumas and then ask me questions from there. She loved the idea and I think it's going to be so helpful in the sessions because I feel like the hardest part for me is putting things out there… once I do it's (hopefully) easier to talk about them. Maybe you can try something like that? I imagine taking the book in with me weekly and reading from my sticky notes and when it's too hard for me to come out and say what I want to talk about, I can just hand it to her instead… while covering my face and having a slight anxiety attack while she reads it. Hehe. 🙂

  19. I would like to say some things but i don't wont to bring some one down.
    there are some thing your still not seeing. you are very nice person thank you for calling us clients not patients that means a lot.

  20. Im so scared to talk about anything ( fear of judgment) i feel like if they know that i'm not confident they wont like me or love me anymore and i know it sounds so stupid but that what goes on in my head. And sometimes the things i wanna talk about are kind of taboo in where i live ( i live in saudi arabia) so im afraid that they'll think that i'm this bad person and hate me

  21. I have things to say to my therapist, I have things I want to say- but unless it's in the moment or immediately after i have trouble recognizing and validating exactly what I'm feeling, that goes for my feelings about my therapist and my life. So i know i have problems but I can't always articulate what they are- and when I do I feel judged. She talks to me like I'm a bad person while putting up a guise of understanding… I see her today and I'm nervous… She canceled our last session which really upset me. I don't feel like I'm going to be able to enplane how i feel and I'm afraid that she's not going to help me get better.

    I don't know who to believe, because so many people have given a prospective on what's wrong with me, I don't even know what's wrong with me, some people think I'm one thing, and some people think I'm another, and a lot of people for some reason give off a vibe that they think I'm a bad person once I've opened up, always adults, all the people my age seem to understand…

    She defended my old therapist who was a jerk to me. Everyone else agrees that she's a jerk. But she's basically admitted to knowing her in person. They're probably friends.

  22. #KatiFAQ Watching this vid, I thought of something… You said your office was by the beach and it was supposed to be cosy and so on. There might be a view to the beach and ocean … however … a person like myself (who hates large amounts of water) will feel really freaked out. So what could a person like this do if they really like their therapist, but something in the therapist's office / the area where the therapist works/ triggers them? Can we ask the therapist for some change.. or we should just explain to them what's going on and we don't like, leave and look for a therapist "in a safer area"?

  23. I wrote out three topics and words that described how I felt in the moment … folded it up and gave it to my therapist to read after our session so she could prep for later sessions

  24. as for the cancer thing I get that too, more specifically, breastcancer as I'm Transgender so I can loi da e my breast with out the huge cost

  25. I have therapy every two weeks, so I sometimes have difficulty knowing what is most prevalent in my life.  So much happens in those two weeks that it's in a jumble to get out when I see her.

  26. i never thought of that. i never thought "i wish i had cancer" but i've thought about breaking bones and injuries and what i would do and what would happen. maybe, though i have great people in my life i am looking for affection because honestly when it comes to my mental state, i feel like i get talked to so sternly vs when i am sick with a flu.

  27. Frequently I feel like I want to have a mental illness. Not physical like cancer, but mental. Idk why though

  28. The judgemental stuff isn't always in your head. Religion, Sexuality, etc can absolutely affect your therapy relationship. That means they're a bad therapist – but it still exists.

  29. Sometimes a therapist is judging us. For example, yesterday my therapist kept telling me the real reason I help people so much was totally not what I truly felt I was doing it for. I expect one of us in my family to show up when there is someone in a dire situation. And if no one can then I automatically will be the one. To me it's a strong loyalty and commitment I would expect from any family member or close friend. My therapist insisted it was not that but rather another reason about fitting in. Pretty much was adamant about it. I actually tried to be open minded to her thought but was taken aback by how she was right in her mind and not me. She did that for 4 different things. Couldn't help but feel she was influenced from my sibling who also sees her. Threw me off. Triggered me a bit. I have complex ptsd.

  30. i'm afraid of revealing too much with anyone… that i'm talking too much about myself too much almost like i am giving out my secrets without them being secrets and this causes me to go over my conversations over and over again..

  31. I just started my 1on 1 therapy after 6 group sessions, my therapist asked if I would feel more comfortable if she came to my apt., which I was like "HELL YEAH!" On top of depression and psychosis I also have anxiety when I go out due to a social phobia called agoraphobia and show up at the clinic stressed out. I have no problem talking about any topic including my suicidal thoughts, as an introvert I prefer deeper conversations rather than one sentence back and forth bs that goes nowhere.
    Anywho, good vid, good advice, thanks. My word for 2016 was Humility (self acceptance) in 2017 it was Hope, in 2018 I think Positivity will be my main focus, staying positive takes up a lot of energy.

  32. Hi Kati how can I reach you?
    I tried to reach you( e.g. VIA EMAIL) but you never responded…
    I NEED your advice , please help me with that?

  33. All three questions touched me very deeply. I'm in a deep depression, have an issue too shameful to take to my CBT therapist, and I just had hand surgery yesterday and really needed that extra care and comforting only a good nurse could provide. My therapist just broke her ankle so I have to try to hold on until I can get an appt with her. You help fill that gap. I appreciate your energy and compassion for all of us. Do you have any words or guidance to help me get through the next few weeks? Thank you Kati for all you do.

  34. I have a really weird problem. Like…I'm bilingual (Russian and English). And I feel quite ok talking about very personal stuff in English, but I just find it impossible to do this in Russian. Even though I speak both of this languages on the same level. It seems like I have some sort of a block, I almost feel it physically. And my therapist is russian, so that is a problem.

  35. I think of those life threatening thoughts sometimes. But most the time I think of bad things happening to my family. I tell myself to stop thinking that way and try to ignore it. But I just keep thinking of sceneries in which I’m the reason for heir death or regretting something I’ve done. Or finding a reason why I struggle the way I do. I’ve been experiencing a lot of PTSD-like symptoms and it makes me wonder why bc I don’t remember any trauma that happened but a part of me wants a reason so I know that I’m not “crazy”. Anyone else feel this way?

  36. I am a new subscriber and am 16 years old, and want to help with suicide prevention organizations. Any ideas of how to help

  37. I don't trust therapists really. Or doctors. I've had so many people use malpractice on me it's ridiculous. And all of the situations were serious.

  38. Hey Kati here's my question:
    I have BPD and when I have a "Rage", after I often forget some things that I said and did during it. Is it normal? Because It scares me sometimes

  39. Whenever I fear judgment in therapy I just remember, she’s seen everything. This is not gonna be the most shocking anecdote or whatever.

  40. Acceptance. Often I feel like I shouldn’t be feeling the way I am, I should be more productive, I should be doing this or that. I get depressed about being depressed. My therapist said I need to stop thinking about how I SHOULD feel and act, and to accept how things are and do my best anyway.

  41. This is so amazing! I feel so much better after listening to what you say! You are so funny and so kind! Love ya❤️

  42. I haven't specifically wished to have cancer, but I know when I'm depressed, I like to find "bad things" and dwell in them. Maybe because I would then feel justified in feeling depressed? So like, if I had cancer, then maybe everyone would understand why I'm so sad and can barely function. (Feeling misunderstood, and invalidated, is a big issue for me.)
    But I could also see the thought process of, like Kati said, "if I had cancer, then maybe everyone would give me the love and attention I'm craving right now while I'm in pain."

  43. About hoping that you got cancer: Perhaps it could also be because the person doesn't feel that his/her emotions are justified, but that they wouldn't judge themselves if they got really ill or don't think that others would judge them in the same way.

  44. When it comes to shame, I have some problems of mentioning certain things. It's just sooo embarrassing. I want to, but it is soo difficult.

    However, then there are other things where I simply don't trust her enough. When I try to talk about different topics there will always be things where it just doesn't work with a certain therapist. That's why I personally think it's so important to go to several therapists.

    But … What I find hard is when all therapists, all friends and all on-line help sources say the same thing and you still disagree!

  45. I can relate to the second question. Not so much that I'd get a disease, but more that I would get hurt in say a car accident or robbed at work. I feel like it is because I want more attention and love from my husband.

  46. Thank you Kati Morton. You really helped me a lot with what I’ve been going through lately. You’re awesome. -Anna

  47. Thank you Katie. I always wondered why I speak poetically and wishing for something tragic. Turns out, I simply want others to pay more attention to me.

  48. Hi, I'm new here, anyway I was just thinking… I'm really depressed and I feel the need to ask for help and I want to go to my counselor at school but I'm scared she will judge me or think of me as weak and I get really emotional and I'm scared I'll cry and I just don't know what to do. I hope you see this😭

  49. I was in a rehab a few months ago and I was so shy and scared I couldn’t speak a word. Literally. Within the first week a Counselor Assistant was frustrated because I wouldn’t speak, but I was terrified of judgement. Even I was frustrated with myself. I’ve been through sexual, physical and emotional abuse and trauma for more than 10 years and I’m 22. My family is dysfunctional and I’m extremely depressed and suicidal. I have many issues and I freak out and stumble with words. I eventually left the rehab but now I feel so guilty that I didn’t open up.
    Do you know anyone who’s a nice therapist that I can connect with in Florida or New York? Or is it possible I can do therapy with you? Because you’re the most understanding and professional therapist Ive seen. And I really do need help.

  50. Hi Kati I’m a new subscriber and I want to know how does someone recover from a failed suicide attempt? I’ve had a few over the years and I keep playing it over and over in my head. I want to get back on my feet I just don’t know how.

  51. If someone has been abused/traumatized or has made suicide attempts in a home, would it be bad for that person to be in that environment?

  52. that last one is an amazing idea. i always get super stressed out by new years resolutions because deadlines stress me out. i'm gonna think long and hard about what my 2019 word will be.

  53. I always have the opposite problem, too much to talk about. Sometimes I feel like I am being cut off like I didn't even get through everything I wanted to say and now I an being thrown out with stuff to ruminate on all week. New things will come up threw out the week which will compile, and I feel really overwhelmed.

  54. I love the art on the wall in the background of this video. It looks like a representation of the human personality….multifaceted/formed from many pieces; busy yet vague, with muted colours on the periphery; and bright and defined in the center. I always feel that mental-health professionals' art has more meaning than just esthetics…like it's chosen to be provocative, and in itself therapeutic.

    Of course, I also enjoyed the content of the video, too 🙂 Thank you.

  55. Hey Katie, thank you for bringing up that question of woman wishing she has cancer. It's been a while i'm having some ideation of i don't care if i get too sick even though i'm feeling i should see a doctor.. Plus i wasn't aware how it might be relevant to bring it to my therapist..

  56. Hi Kati,
    I keep seeing online that my therapist will eventually terminate therapy, like kick me out of the nest when I don’t need therapy anymore. Thinking about my therapist ending therapy one day is freaking me out. Like why keep going, opening up to her if she’s just going to leave me eventually? It makes me want to leave therapy before she leaves me. I know this probably sounds crazy but I can’t stop thinking about it. Thanks for reading. 😊

  57. Hi Kati, I was wondering what to do if it seems there is always a crisis in your life and you never get down to the root of your problems in therapy. Should I not talk about the current situation so that I can resolve some past trauma?Hope this makes sense I feel like a constant problem. Michelle

  58. I'd hate to think that therapists would judge the people who came to them for support. But I suppose that goes to show that everyone is human first, and (insert profession here) second.

  59. Good way to push yourself is to write on your homework particular points and have your therapists review the sheets.

    They then read out your questions and force you into addressing the topic.

    I did that with sexual abuse I never wanted to mention but having my therapist read it out got my to bring up the subject

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