How Ellen Played Therapist for Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

You were made to do that show. You enjoy overalls. I do! Do you remember Field of Dreams? They said.

You were made to do that show. You enjoy overalls. I do! Do you remember Field of Dreams? They said build it– you build
the field and they will come. I just started wearing
these and here I am. A show came my way. They were like, what actors
can pull off overalls? Zero. Let’s get Dax Shepard. Right. Is that how it worked? And here we are. Yeah, you know how it
works in show business. I do. Yes, you have a dream. And you prepare for it. And it someday comes. Somewhere right now there is a
show where the lead character wears a top hat. And they’re like, who
can wear a top hat? Nobody. The search is on. I lost you. Yeah, you did. [LAUGHTER] Anyway, let’s talk about
things that people care about. Well, OK. The last time– they didn’t
care about any of that. That’s going to all get cut out. Don’t you worry about– that was– Isn’t it fun to have stuff that
doesn’t make it to the air? And you can tell
people, oh, you missed this super boring
conversation about top hats. Right, right. They go home and they’re– That’s fun! –like it’s not always
that entertaining. There’s so much stuff
you don’t see that– Most of it! Yeah, well, now hold on. Let’s not get carried away. So you were here with
your lovely wife, Kristen. And you played a game, which
we enjoyed very, very much. It’s been seen, I
think, 8 million people have watched that video. Well, my mom was
three million of them. But, yeah, five, that’s
still a ton of views. No, it’s people. We’ll talk about it in a
minute because– but let’s show the clip first. Yeah. A lentil loaf of some sort. No, it’s oatmeal! It’s dry, dry oatmeal! Hold on, honey, honey,
I’m supposed to guess. The whole point is
that you don’t say it. He says it. Oh, yeah! You put it on a hot dog and
a hamburger and french fries! Mustard! No! Oh my god! It’s a crunchy, crunchy
after dinner snack! Oh, Ruffles Sour Cream– They look like fingers! –Sour Cream and Cheddar. They look like fingers! All right. Now, did that bring up
issues in your marriage? Well, first and foremost,
that’s the most fun we’ve ever had on television. So– It was fun. –we thank you for that. We even watched
it several times. Like, look at– how are–
we’re still married after that. It’s a great, like,
I think this would be like a real shortcut
for a therapist, like a couples therapist. Forget all the chit chat, play
this game for four minutes. And the therapist will be like,
mm-hmm, I see what’s going on. I know exactly what
we have going on here. And you even kind
of played therapist for a minute, which
I really appreciated. You’re welcome. She went down some
tangent about a tiger. And you go, it has nothing
to do with a tiger. Right. You just stopped
her right there. Yeah, I don’t know
what she was doing. Stop blaming, basically. A therapist would
be like, no blaming. All right. So, yes, the only thing
for me that got frustrating was she kept saying, it’s
an after dinner snack. That was her favorite clue,
was it’s an after dinner snack. Now, we’ve been
together for 12 years. We’ve eaten countless
dinners together. Never once at the end of dinner
we were like, oh, I’m so full. Let’s get the snacks out here. Let’s– what do we
have for snacks? Let’s go with the orange
finger-shaped snacks. That’s never happened. I’m having a mal– wardrobe malfunction. Never ever happened. So you think the next
time that we play, she won’t spiral out like that? I think she’ll do
very, very well. And I really hope you’ll
invite us for that game again because it was a blast. Not only did we want to
have you play it again, I’d like to have you on Game
of Games on our primetime show, play it. That’s what– I’m hoping
we’ll have celebrity couples. I will do that. OK. I’m there. OK. Is it right next door? It’s– well, it’s
close to here, yes. OK, great. Yeah. Great. No, but where do you
shoot Bless This Mess? Bless This Mess I shoot in
Santa Clarita on an actual farm. Oh. Yes, with real
life animals and– Yeah, a lot of animals. A ton and ton of animals. And, you know, the
cardinal-rule they say is don’t work with
children or animals. Right. And it’s almost
exclusively animals. So I don’t know. But chickens at all
times, 30, 40 chickens. And I didn’t– I wasn’t super wise
about chickens. Do you know a lot
about chickens? Do you have them? No, I want to get some. But they are a lot to clean up. They– you have to clean
their little cage a lot. Yes, can you tell
that to my wife? Because she too, like
you, wants chickens. And I’m like, you
know, someone’s going to have to shovel
that stuff nonstop? We can’t train them to
use a toilet, you know? No, you can’t. They’re not like cats. No, but they’re cute. And they lay eggs. They lay so many eggs. This is what I was
not prepared for is when we have a scene
with 30 chickens, which is every day, if the scene’s 10
minutes long and they yell cut and they get the chickens out
of there, there’s a dozen eggs. They’re laying eggs
all day, every day. No one was prepared for this. The people– I mean, us people. Yeah, I think
people that brought the chickens were prepared. They knew what they
were up against, yes. But after every
scene, you got people in there shoveling
the you know what. Yeah. And there’s people picking up
eggs like an Easter egg hunt at all times. Well, it’s not like
an Easter egg hunt. They’re right there. They don’t have to– You don’t have to hunt a lot. Thank you for pointing that out. All right, let’s keep– They’re very visible. OK. But– what– should we tell
people what the show is about besides you and chickens? I think that’s enough. OK. I think that in
today’s marketplace, I think you just hear Dax
Shepard, Lake Bell, chickens, I’m in. No, Lake Bell and I
play husband and wife. And I inherit this
beautiful, picturesque farm. And so we decide to leave New
York City and make life simple and smell the fresh
air and taste the food. And then we get there and
it’s, of course, the house is a money pit. And it’s Green Acres, yeah. Right. Yeah. All right. It’s called Bless This Mess. Basically, it boils down to Dax
with Lake Bell and chickens. And so who doesn’t
want to watch that? It’s Tuesdays at 9:30 on ABC. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball-peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. Oh, [BLEEP]! God [BLEEP]!

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  1. But the reason she was saying "after dinner" was because for the oatmeal he told her to say it was something you eat for breakfast. He said time of day could be a good hint but then got frustrated when she modeled her answers after his example

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