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Who says you have to have a lot of room to be able to grow lots of herbs? You know,.

Who says you have to have a lot of room to
be able to grow lots of herbs? You know, sometimes when you think about herbs and growing herbs,
you think about this idea of, well, you gotta have an herb garden–a whole space dedicated
to growing herbs. Well, that’s really not the case at all. So many herbs do so well
in containers. For instance, here, and I have them integrated here on these steps that go
into the house, so they’re very convenient to the kitchen. And when I say integrated,
I have other things growing around them. So the herbs aren’t just not these plants of
utility, they’re actually integrated into the design of this entryway into the house.
This happens to be a wonderful basil that grows very tall and colander-like. So the
vertical accents here at this entryway, well, they’re just gonna enhance it even more. And
I’ll be able to harvest basil off of this throughout the entire growing season. Now,
if you wanna grow basil or most other herbs, you’re gonna have to have full sun or at least
half-day sun. And you wanna make sure that the soil drains well and that you’re soil
stays consistently moist. You don’t want them to sit in standing water. And I always like
to use a saucer underneath my containers. It really helps with the watering–it cuts
it in half for me. I also like to keep the tags. And I slide them down just along the
side of the container like that, so I can remember what varieties I have planted in
what containers, because I use herbs in containers all around the garden. Let me show you another
example, come on over here. So take a look at this display: This is on one side of my
tool shed. Rather than just having a blank wall, I took advantage of very limited space.
I have a shelf that sticks out about 18 inches here. One that only sticks out about 6 inches
here. And just look at all the herbs that I can grow here in containers. I have all
kinds of mints that are cascading down as well as thyme and chives. And what I’ve done
is I’ve staggered them at different heights by turning a container upside down. I can
sit this one up a little higher, so it makes it rather artistic. And get this: All of these
were planted from a single container that’s this size. This is spicy oregano–oh, I just
wish you could smell the aroma. And it, too, will cascade down. You can see down there
on the far end, one of them is already growing very well. Now the thing to remember with
herbs is the more that you clip them back and use them the more of these delicious leaves
they will produce. If you’re enjoying these tips on how to bring beauty and flavor into
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  1. Cooking with herbs is both delicious and nutritious in any recipe. Growing herbs in a garden or in small poted containers is another way to have fresh ingredients on hand for cooking or preserving

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