How to Get Rid of Parasites in the Body Naturally

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. Today I want to talk to you about how to kill off parasites. Now I.

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. Today I want to talk
to you about how to kill off parasites. Now I would estimate that about 50% or more Americans
carry parasites and you may wonder where does somebody get a parasite. One is pork. If you’ve
ever eaten pork, pork carries parasites and worms. So if you eat pork consistently, there’s
a great chance that you have a parasite. Also, if you’ve ever been to another country,
places like China, India, Africa, Mexico, even trips to places like Cancun, if you drank
the water or if you ate some of their food. There’s a great chance that you could have
picked up a parasite specifically if you came back and had dysentery or some problem with
your stool afterward. It’s very, very likely that you have a parasite. So most of us need to do a parasite cleanse.
You got to kill off. You got to get rid of the parasite so I want to give you guys some
practical tips of what you need to do in terms of diet and in terms of supplements to actually
kill off worms and parasites in your system. The number one thing I want to talk about
here first is supplements. When you are supplementing to kill parasites there are actually antiparasite
compounds. I want to show you a few things here. This is from my buddy Dr. Gez Agolli
in Atlanta and this is called Paracomplete. It’s a parasite cleanse and it has things
like Thyme leaf, something called Berberine Sulfate is a natural. It’s something actually
. . . sometimes you can find these in coconut. They can kill off parasites. Oregano, grapefruit
seed extract, Uva Ursi, so there are certain herbs that you can kill off parasites. Now the top three for killing off parasites,
though, you can get in a tincture form. You’ll see this here, it’s black walnut, wormwood,
olive leaf, and garlic. And so again, olive leaf, garlic, black walnut, and wormwood all
kill off parasites. And often times you can find that a parasite
cleanse at your local health food store. And so what I recommend you do is about two weeks
of a parasite cleanse taking these supplements. Then take a week off and jump back on for
two more weeks and now that’s important is taking the supplements. Now what’s even more important is your diet.
You can’t just take the supplements and not follow this diet I’m recommending. In order
to kill parasites in your system and kill off the bad bacteria and the fungus that these
parasites live off of because parasites, like anything, they have to have a certain environment
to survive. So you’ve got to get rid of bad bacteria there. So you’ve got to go on a diet
that’s free of all sugar and all grains. And when you’re doing a parasite cleanse,
I even recommend that you limit, your fruit intake or do no fruit whatsoever, so for breakfast
doing rather than a berry smoothie, you just do a coconut smoothie with coconut, chia seeds
and protein powder. For lunch, do a big salad. For dinner, do meat and double vegetables,
but stay completely away from any form of sugar, including fruit. And now another thing I want to talk about
is pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds of all foods, they’ve been shown to be the number one food
that kills off parasites. And so one of the things I’ve personally done is I’ll take,
if I’m doing a parasite cleanse, I’ll take pumpkin seeds, and I’ll eat one cup a day.
Half a cup I may throw in a smoothie in the morning and another half a cup in the afternoon
or you can make pumpkin seed nut butter or seed butter I guess and you’ll throw this
into something like a vitamin mix or blender with pumpkin seed oil. They carry that in most health food stores.
So pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil, and I’ll eat this throughout the day as well in order
to kill off parasites. This is important so remember that diet of no sugar, no fruit,
just basically a diet of just meat, vegetables, and nuts and seeds, and pumpkin seeds are
the best. Also, I recommend doing a few colonics, probably
two to three colonics, one a week for three weeks, while doing your two to four-week parasite
cleanse. If you take the supplements, you get rid of the sugar out of your diet, take
the pumpkin seeds, and follow that protocol, and do it strictly, you can’t cheat, here
and there. Follow that really, really closely for that one-month period of time, you should
be able to cleanse yourself of parasites. And parasites can cause fatigue. They can
cause problems like bloating, other digestive problems, and they can cause a load of different
problems out there. And again, probably over 50% of people have a parasite and if you eat
pork or have a lot in the past or have recently traveled overseas, you may want to do a parasite
cleanse. All right. Hey, thanks for watching another
episode of Maximize Your Health. This is Dr. Axe saying have a great week.

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  1. I wonder if I have them because I have had acne/ rashes since I was 13. Also abnormal periods, ovarian cysts, and a horrible memory. I’m only 24, y’all! 😵

    But can I stay on my meds for acne while I am taking these supplements/ cleanses? Or will it neutralize the medications and defeat the purpose?

  2. They are only reciding at my anckles cuffs and shoulders hurt..they do not go even after long grapefruitjuice detoxes

  3. let me tell u wat works to get parasites out, the big ones. Start fasting for 3 days. Do a salt water flush for 2 days or untill the liquid thats coming out of u is clear. 3rd day stand over a bucket of milk with sugar or w/e type of sweets(i used milk and maple syrup) and then within an hour a tape worm came out of me. Grab it by the head, ripped it off then pulled out the other….10-15 feet out of me. Then i started puking a bunch of garbage that i never seen before. My friends dad sat over a bucket of milk without fasting and still got a tapeworm out but it didnt work for me…….

  4. I got parasites over eating at a Burger king restaurant. Those burgers are NOT well done and the cooking perhaps is unsanitary too.🤔 My Friend got parasites from McDonald's. This is unhealthy food that has bacteria in it while it's being served up to the public.


  6. I eat garlic twice a week, eat brown and regular sugar of about six tablespoons every day in a homemade chocolate with no fat in it but a little 1% low fat organic milkand I take Parasitin by Vaxa and the parasites are coming out and are definitely dead. I also drink homemade lemonade almost all day long by the half to full glassful, 3/4 cup Stevie powder, 3/4 cup lemon juice and 8 cups water. As the worms are dying, dying off, the typical flu-like symptoms come on but I have continued with the cleanse. On the second month, going on six weeks with only two to go and I have not felt this good since I was a child. Got IBS? Cleanse! Got tired? Cleanse! Got thin hair and nails? Cleanse! Got unexplained, medically, symptoms? CLEANSE!!

  7. I have parasites I picked up in Thailand. I know it yet nobody can diagnose. I have been itching for 3 months. I am fine one moment then It just flares up. It was getting worse so I took dmso and diamatious earth and I do one part bleach to ten parts water and iI rub my skin all over every day and leave it on. So far it has helped but it is not gone yet. Where can I get you tinctures with the wormwood and black walnut.

  8. MORE than 50% I've been screaming Vermox aka mebendazole sold over the counter same as Mexico and Canada called Dignity don't waste your money going to USA doctors asking for Vermox aka mebendazole your not getting it !

  9. Why not mention hygiene? This is the main way that parasites are spread. Eggs can live in towels and bedding for weeks! Wash your hands regularly people and do a big spring clean whilst doing a parasite cleanse otherwise you will end up reinfected!

  10. omggggg !!! DR AXE I saw a maggot in my bone broth im even not sure if is a worm it didnt move I also think I ate it I thing I will die omgggggggg im so scare

  11. They are in my spine and head! HELP!!!!!!!!! I scattered them by overdoing the cleanse. This is a result of Narcissistic abuse.. Para 1 is pulling them out of my guts How do I get them out of my spine and head?????

  12. Africa, believe it or not is not a country. Lol! The continent is home to 57 countries. Greetings from Zimbabwe in Africa.

  13. Dr Oz I highly respect you, but I feel you should suggest both meat and vegetables OR hard vegetables such as a variety of beans and soft vegetables.

  14. Dr josh there seems to be a siri going around that 100% gum spirits turpentine from Pine oil mixed with castor oil is the cleanse that kills the parasites. What is your expert opinion on it? Specifically turpentine?

  15. Can you do a video, 10 signs you have parasites/worms, mucus, candida, joint pain, hypo-,overactive and underactive thyroid? And natural foods you can take. Like organic raw coconut, coconut butter, ground flax, pumpkin seeds, organic wild oregano, thyme, seaweed, chaga tea, organic wild sardines, garlic, cloves, ginger tea, and cilantro, parsley, and bone broth? One big video would help alot of people. I use it all.
    1 second ago

  16. I’m just curious to know will you see visibly see the parasites exit the body, because that’s what I’m looking

  17. humans themselves are the biggest parasites…we live in a feeding frenzy….people making money off others sickness and problems….is it any wonder in a world controlled by evil and darkness mass murderers and serial killers exist? there needs to be more of a kill off

  18. I now know I’ve had parasites for almost 6 years. I was in denial until a few nights ago. Every year I pick up new symptoms. Teeth grinding, fatigue, hungry all the time, gut rot every week (IBS), a gut I cant get rid of, this year now Ive been breaking out in hives. Never had any of these issues before. Im getting Parafree tomorrow. Along with probiotics. The health store lady told me no fruits no processed sugars red meat or pork when I do start the cleanse.

  19. Dr. Axe, you're the best. Thanks for such an easy cleanse, it's way too easy. What about taking wormwood, how much, how often, how long?

  20. Thank you very much Dr . Axe for your valuable advice. If I don't do colonics, can an enema also be helpful. What would be the best enema to do during a parasite cleanse. I have never done a coffee one. I am sorry that you recommend to anyone to eat meat. It is a very cruel thing to inflict on our brothers and sisters the animals. I have not eaten any meat fish eggs or chicken in 44 years and I am 64 now.

  21. @Dr.JoshAxe Can you make diet recommendation for someone with a vegan diet. I am struggling trying to eat only vegetables. Also, I’m confused . Shouldn’t I also avoid nuts, nut butters, and chia seeds?

  22. Seems like hes the only one that thinks you have to go overseas to get parasites! hah! They are definitely everywhere!!!

  23. Not just China, Mexico, and South America but USA also…… If u been there you clearly have parasites.

  24. Can you have any kind of veggies with this diet? Or is, there a meal plan you could suggest? I have no clue of what I could eat for breakfast with this diet.

  25. What would be the best way to go if you have Gerd cinnamon clove would be out of the question. Thank you. ❤️

  26. Here's some tips from someone who knows…3 Raw garlic cloves in daily diet. I have a mixture of butter/garlic toast every morning. I toast my bread and then put the mixture on the bread. Heat will destroy the ingredients of the raw garlic if you put it on your bread and then toast. Black Walnut, Wormwood and Cloves mix, with water 3 times a day for up to 10 days. Take 10 days off, with a diet of no sugar or carbs. And the 2nd, 10 day round of the mix, 3 times a day. Traveling overseas is NOT where you get infected but Western Countries-USA, UK, Australia, and etc. Why? We like our animals to live indoors with us…plain and simple. Animals who live indoors with us should be routinely wormed to prevent yourself, your household, and others, from parasites. Also keep your yard clean where your pet poops. Otherwise, some parasites will inhabit the soil around your home, get tracked into your home and vehicle. Wash your hands 2x over, much like a surgeon after you have touched your pets. Make sure soap gets under your nails before rinsing. Change hand towels in home daily. Use disinfectant spray on the soles of your shoes before or as you enter your home. Treat your yard routinely, every 3-4 months for parasites, in case you've had a wild animal or neighbor pet visit. Doggy Day Care and Dog Parks… should not take your animal who is infected to such places. Swimming pools of chlorine will not kill parasites, sorry. You, your household and pet/s should not drink city water but filtered cold spring water. If your pet is infected, most likely you are too especially if you allow your pet/s to sleep with you. Shower and shampoo, change all your clothing, and bedding, daily until all is clear. All clothing should go directly into a plastic bag or washer. Wash all clothing, towels, and bedding in 130 degree water and high heat dryer. Vacuum daily. Use disinfectant spray on mattress, easy chairs, door knobs, car seats/handles/dashboards, and computers. Shampoo carpet and other fabricated furnishing once everything is clear. Use baby wipes…its easier and cleaner. Work places…are you a Veterinarian,  Veterinarian Assistant, kennel worker, dog walker, dog trainer, or anyone who works with or has animals in their homes, Medical professional of a clinic, hospital or nursing home, retail, sales, food industry, and etc. 10's of Millions of Americans according to the CDC, are already infected with parasites in our country. Parasitical infestation is the U.S. is the #1 reason for blindness. And 14% die every year in the U.S. due to parasites infestations without ever knowing. Have yourself, your household, and your pets checked today and annually from here on out. Thank you.

  27. I just read parasites don't like spicy food, what's your opinion?

    How do you know your cleanse is successful? Do you see them in excrement? 🤔

  28. I did a paracleanse with all that then was feeling weird. My heart wouldn't stop pounding hard. Had to stop. I've read that seeds impact the colon. I keep feeling a tickling feeling in my colon. I'm already doing beans, corn tortillas, I have a sandwich or some toast with whole grain bread. I don't know what else to do. I don't eat sugar.

  29. So you are saying grains should be banned along with sugar and sweet foods.. Does grains intake resist parasite cleanse from body? And what about meat ? Should non-veg avoided in this case or not?

  30. I fasted for 3 days and drank my parasite cleanse in apple cider vinegar and lime juice. Took a laxative and I found roundworms and fluke worms.

  31. I have been taking Wormwood along with Black Walnut ..Ive been told it can be very toxic to your body. Can it make you swell up?

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