How to grow ROSEMARY from CUTTINGS!

hey everybody Ripley Sartain from Wisconsin wandered Gardens today I’m going to show you guys how to take your own.

hey everybody Ripley Sartain from Wisconsin wandered Gardens today I’m going to show you guys how to take your own cuttings from a rosemary plant just like this one so what I have here is a Hill Hardy rosemary plant that I just got in the ground a couple of weeks ago and what I decided to do was give you guys a video on how to take your own cuttings from it one of the pros to taking cuttings of any plant especially herbs is the fact that you’re gonna have identical characteristics as the mother plant so when you take your cuttings you just want to make sure that the piece you’re taking cuttings from is fairly young growth it doesn’t have any signs of damage or disease you’ve been taking care of it for the past couple of weeks it’s not stressed out it’s been well watered basically you just want to make sure that you have a healthy plant let’s take a closer look and see how to take this cutting so as you can tell this is a fairly small plant so I’ll rest easy in the fact that most of these branches here any of one of these would be okay to take your cutting from so what we’re gonna do is hop in there I’m gonna take one that is a couple inches out so this branch here where we took the cutting is going to split into two more branches and then go ahead and fill out the plant a little bit more I’ll do that instead of going all the way back and to the base of the plant so we’re going to take this cutting too this looks like a nice one again a few inches out from it it’s really your decision if you want to take it a few inches out or not you just got to think about how you want the plant to be shaped in the future let’s take one more I got three cuttings there that seems to be a nice one right here okay alright so here the cuttings that we took now these need a little bit more preparation before they’re ready let’s go see what we have to do next alright so with the cuttings you just took from the rosemary plant all we’re gonna do is strip off all these leaves and petals here you’re gonna want to do a little bit less than half of the plant I’m gonna do about a third just like that you strip it off and then repeat it with have our four cuttings that are ready to the other ones as well just like that we be planted now you can do this in two different ways if you would like you can put them in water right away or you can put them in soil if you’re gonna put them in water all you’re gonna do pop them right down like that and keep them in there until they produce roots from the portion of your cutting where you took off the leaves and stems and usually you can expect this to be about ten days give or take once you start to see the roots develop in the water you can then place it in the soil again like I say in most of my videos this is a preference deal it’s really up to you but if you’re gonna use soil all you gotta do is put it in I would say about half an inch make sure you get at least one note I try and get two nodes in there put it in the soil and then Pat it down a little bit I’m actually gonna put both of these in this one pot here because I plan on planting them together anyways and when you plant them directly in soil here’s what you’re gonna do for watering water them with a light sprinkle once a day once a day for just about two weeks and after that point you can water them sparingly once every two days and once you have these routed out you’re gonna stick to the once every two day of rules at this point you’re gonna wait a few weeks and then you’ll start to see you can give a tug on the plant or even take it out of the soil and see the root system that you’ve got developing basically a good rule of thumb is the older the plant the less you water it but once when they’re young like this and you just took the cuttings it’s very important to water it at least a little bit every single day if you put it right in the soil that concludes my video on taking cuttings from your very own rosemary plant I hope you guys get out there and try this for yourself and get a bunch of these awesome wonderful plants growing out in your garden stay tuned for more gardening adventures once again is Brickley Sartain with wisconsin wonder garden

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  1. I tried this a million times, and each time they died. Also do you know how to keep flying bugs sucking leaves? I tried dawn, but its not working

  2. I just started planting rosemary and I am finding some white sticky weblike stuff between the leaves, I know that can't be healthy, can you please advise what it might be and how I should take care of it?

  3. So glad I found this video about Rosemary. My plant is small, and trying to make a few new plants. I use Rosemary for Focaccia as my other hobby Is bread baking. Now I saw some of your other videos, and I also have and love succulents. Thanks for the great videos, and I subscribed to your channel, thanks, Rob.

  4. I find it very difficult to save their live after cut out and plant in soil, may i live in tropical climate doesn't suitable with rosmary?

  5. I'm curious, what is the rationale for stripping leaves from the base of the cutting? How does that make the plant propagate (or do so faster)?

  6. This is my only first video of how to plant rosemary that I enjoy to watch and learn lol some other just no explanation or talking way too much lmao

  7. Thanks for that.

    I'm out of time for you to comment, but my plan is to take cuttings from a particularly special plant in Australia and plant it next to my mothers grave in England. As the parent plant was brought back from Gallipoli (1915) by a soldier (must have taken days – if not weeks) I am thinking that 24ish hours on a plane won't be a problem.

    However, will it be possible to establish the cuttings in an English Autumn – or if too harsh – would a greenhouse be better.



  8. the rooting hormone is not designed to be in solution. it works best in a medium with consistant moisture whether it is a mist system or even covered with plastic wrap

  9. Thank you, I'll try it, I always had bad luck with Rosemary, I would bring it in, in the winter and it would die, I'm from WI. also so you know what kind of winters we have,

  10. Great videos – I'm wondering if you could help…. What's the benefit of propagating rosemary? I see so many videos about it, so it feels like it is necessary? But I have no need for 100s of rosemary plants…. Does adding a cutting to an already-thriving pot work/promote growth, or is that something to avoid? Hope this makes sense!

  11. Exceptional video, very detailed the first and only video I'll need to watch . . Love the hair you just look like a horticulturalist

  12. Hey there! Been a while since I visited. My original rosemary plant died 🙁 I just got a new one so I'm hopimg for better sucess this time around. I got a new basil plant as well and have started cuttings in water but they don't look so good lol.

  13. we grow rosemary everywhere here in australia, its like our national herb, we put it on basically everything. I'm gonna "steal" some cuttings from either the local park, my neighbours frontyard, my school or public gardens and grow some for myself.

  14. good video thanks, all the basics are there, showing how easy it is, however, I assume your watering procedure was based on your specific climate, for me it didn't work, with long periods of hot sunny days with temperatures in the 30's C the soil dried out in 2 or 3 hours and the plants just died off… I eventually got it right for me by keeping it in the shade and watering it 2 – 3 times a day. just be aware your audience will come from varying climate conditions. thanks again

  15. I normally do rosemary from seeds. But here in the UK it tends to grow pretty slow indoors. So I figured I'd try cuttings this year. Thanks for the ideas!

  16. TYSM! Love this vid… Exactlty what i wanted! Now I'm off to make a rosemary "nursury", as a gift for my son, who is a chef… Funnn! Blessings and Bliss ~ 💚💛💚

  17. What's with the background music. I can listen to music any time, but right now, I want to learn how to propagate rosemary. Sorry, it just gets in the way.

  18. Tried this, and now I have lot of new little rosemary plants. A few didn't make it, but it was just a couple of them. Got 50 and hopefully they'll all make it. Thank you for the video 😀

  19. I just bought two small rosemary and my horse grabbed one and it was a fight to save what I could. But now I know horses will eat them. I managed to save the root ball with a little steam, we see if it serives. (New Experiment) but I also save some sprigs and have them set up in water as shown in video. My question is can I add a bit a rooting hormone?

  20. I enjoyed watching this! I plan to have my own rosemary plant soon and this video helped a lot. Thank you! I have a question tho: If I do it the mason jar with water way, should I be changing the water from the jar during the 10 days or should i just be leaving it as it is until the roots grow? Thanks!

  21. My rosemary cutting is being invaded by fruit flies, is there a safe way to get rid of them without affecting the rosemary?

  22. I bought 3 potted rosemary plants and they all die. Before the plants die, the bottom part all turned brown though green leaves are still grwing above them.i pruned off all the green leaves thinking that it will promote growth of new branches. But the brown stems did not and the plants die. Can someone advise me on what i did wrong. .?

  23. Hi, your rosemary plant is beautiful. Mine is turning brown and drying up. Is there any other way to save the plant besides starting over from cuttings? Thanks

  24. is there a time when this should be done? like now being june, almost july, it's really hot outside. I wonder if this is too stressful for a plant to be chopped off when being fried every day? Also, probably wouldn't make sense doing it in the winter when plant is sleepy?

  25. it is basically raining here in our tropical country hope my rose mary will not abandon me coz it is almost a week of raining no sun basically they are drown

  26. Curious, I want to take some rosemary cuttings to FL from Canada. They will be declared at Customs, but this is a 3 day road trip. ….any suggestions for keeping them viable. Plus, you said you cover your Rosemary bush for the winter..can you give some instructions on that? Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  27. Hi i just over an indoors potted a small rosemary plant then over watered it by mistake. Im trying to save it by drying the plant out from too much wet soil. Need help with small plants from markets stores. Daily watering and potting herb plants issues.

  28. Holy cow I have never seen a pine cone planted like that. It looks so rad. I would love to see a how-to video about that. Great Rosemary info aswell. Thanks for sharing!

  29. I love growing rosemary. even if I dont use it that often. so from the store when u buy it, in the grocery store, u can still do this? awesome, if so..

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