How to make a Chinese herbal tea? 逍遥草本茶,泡一杯自在逍遥!|Liziqi channel

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92 thoughts on “How to make a Chinese herbal tea? 逍遥草本茶,泡一杯自在逍遥!|Liziqi channel”

  1. …такая самостоятельная и самодостаточная девушка…и всё то она знает…и всё то она умеет…Душа радуется при просмотре ролика…:-)

  2. 1:43 why did the gate lead to nothing lol (i mean there there was no wall surrounding the gate if you look closely when she opens it)

  3. Watching ur videos gives me inner peace…
    I feel so peaceful n satisfied by watching ur videos…
    It is my dream to live life like you Ms Li zi Qi..
    Hats off to ur hard work..
    Kindly reply to my msg if ever have time to read replies.
    It would mean a lot for me!!
    BIG FAN!!!!!!!

  4. I think she is really not a human being…. 🤔 is there any malayalees(kerela)…… or indians….. love and support from India.. 🇮🇳

  5. I wish it will be the subtitles in English. So we can make the tea. It looks it’s real healthy. Because everything it’s fresh. And also all you’re recepies. Hope you can do that for all you’re subscribers. Thank you. And good bless you.

  6. 壯麗的!!! 我非常喜歡您的視頻。 我很想拜訪您的國家…我已經對您的文化進行了很多研究,現在我想呼吸四川的空氣,品嚐食物和喝茶…祝福大家。

  7. It makes me sad that alot of children need ginseng roots to survive their battle with diseases and it's priced so high that alot of parents cannot afford to pay for it.

  8. Todo lo k haces es EXPERTACULAR, Divino el paisaje con esa Naturaleza y tus recetas me encanta mis felicitaciones..

  9. I look forward to seeing you every day for a moment of Heaven in your Beautiful Garden !!!!!!💕❤💕💜💕❤🌈😊😊😊😊

  10. عندما أراها اهدئ نفسيا فكيف لو كنت معها فكيف لو كنت بالجنه 🤲🏻اللهم اسالك الجنه لي ولجميع المسلمين❤

  11. The best part of her videos is whe she washes vegies nd friuts imean she dont us anything without washing it nd itsss.bravo…..!

  12. Hi Liziqi please upload some new vedios, I m ur big fan and I can't get rid of ur vedios. I watched all ur vedios n I would love to watch more n more n more. I really like them.plz

  13. Hey Could you please describe what Ingredients did you use?
    And I really love your videos love from India💜

  14. Im in love with her channel im spending most of my time watching her channel and dianxi xioxi channel ❤❤

  15. 真实的深发酵铁观音制作工艺 小纪录片值得欣赏:)

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