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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world today I have a very relaxing craft for you it’s part craft.

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
today I have a very relaxing craft for you it’s part craft part spa it is a
herbal tub tea and what you do is you take this fabulous little sack and you
put it on your faucet and you let the warm water you don’t have to go hot hot
hot so you don’t scald yourself when you get into the tub but the warm water will
release all the herb essence that’s inside here and I’m gonna teach you how
to relax with this little bag right now for this project you will need herbs
such as rose petals lavender calendula chamomile lemon balm sage peppermint
Jasmine epsom salts spoon a flexible cup tablespoons three
by four natural cloth drawstring bag so it’s very very simple what we are going
to do now there are many many mixtures that you can have this one is going to
be a soothing bath one but you could also do invigorating ones it just
depends on the different herbs that you use I mean some of them are made to like
brighten up your skin and some of them are made to soften your skin and some
are made to just let you relax and some are made to cure headaches and stuff
like that and I will have on my website an entire list of recipes for you first
thing you’re gonna do is just open up your bag here and make sure that it is
wide open like that pull out the little strings that are inside and set it aside
to get ready now in your cup and I do want you to have a flexible cup now this
can be a paper cup or it can be a flexible plastic cup you do you want to
make sure that it’s flexible we’re just going to take two tablespoons of each
herb and of the bath salts I love the smell of this lavender it smells so good
we’re just going to place it in the cup and the bath salts help to make it
soothing on the body and the lavender oh it just smells so good when you get that
in the hot water oh it’s just so amazing now what you’re gonna do is just stir
this up and then take your bag open it up squeeze your cup so that you get it
making its own funnel basically and then pour in the herbs and then once it’s
inside just kind of shake it around a little bit
smoosh it with your hands if you want to then pull it shut pull the little
drawstring shut now here’s the thing about this you can actually use these a
couple times so if you want to use it three four times that’s totally fine
what you want to do is just make sure that you take it out in between
bathings and you want to let it dry really really good so you want to like
take it out put it on a paper towel get the moisture out then kind of push
everything till it’s at its thinnest like just kind of separate it
all out as best you can leaving the drawstring shut of course
and then let it dry and that you know it doesn’t take long maybe overnight and
it’ll be ready the next day okay now we’re just going to tie this off and now
it’s ready to hang now you’re gonna hang this over your faucet and let the water
pour over it but if you want to if you don’t want to do it that
way or if you don’t have a faucet that will allow you to do it if you have one
of those weird faucets what you can do is take a rubber band or another piece
of string and tie this shut like here and you or you can just take this and
wrap it around itself and pull it through like that so that it ties it off
and then you can just throw it into the tub with you but you don’t want to allow
this to come open so that’s why you want to tie that off mmm this smells so good
lavender I just cannot wait to get this in the tub and I have to tell you I have
personally tried these and they are amazing I took a bath and I came out
feeling like literally a limp noodle so if you want to give it a try I guarantee
you are going to feel awesome afterwards for more great ideas check us out and let’s soak our troubles away

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