How to support implantation in your two week wait

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  1. Thank you so much for the information! Your videos are super helpful. Is it normal to feel cramping off and on after conceiving? 💕

  2. When would you recommend stopping vitamin e? I’ve been taking it prior to my FET transfer on Friday… but I know vitamin e can be dangerous during early pregnancy

  3. Should I still take those vitamins if they are in my prenatal vitamin? Is it okay to double up on the vitamin C, D and E?

  4. Omg!!! I found your channel and I loved it! Now I’m following you 😉 thank you for all the information you share, it is awesome and very helpful. I’m in my 2 week window now and I’m glad I’m taking almost all the supplements you mentioned and my folic acid, I’m not sure if I’m taking too much folic acid though 🤔 in my multivitamin is 400mcg and in my folic acid bottle is 1mg. I’m taking both… is this ok?

  5. I love all of your information! Your advice is super helpful. I have a suggestion (take it or leave it)- instead of saying “husband” or “hubby” maybe you could say “partner “
    I think you’d connect with a larger audience as not everyone is trying to conceive with a husband.

    Thanks again!

  6. Can you start taking the Calc fluor at any time in your cycle? My period is due any day now and I'm wondering if I should take it asap to prepare my uterus before the two week wait? I'm loving your videos, so helpful! Blessings, Kate

  7. I had a miscarriage two months ago however im having those exact pains again what could be the problem?

  8. You have helped me so so much been ttc baby no.2 for 3 months now and using your advice and vitamin choices i really think helped me concieve

  9. I’m always afraid of the movement part. I always think if I’m still it won’t disturb anything potentially implanting. I am wanting to really get my deep spring cleaning done but I’m nervous all the squatting and bending will mess something up.

  10. Do you think oranges will be ok for the vitamin C ? I take pregnare care, ( a multi vit for conception and pregnancy ) eat tons of seeds and fish twice a week x

  11. @Fertility Homeopath I’ve some trouble finding calc fluor x6. I have found calc fluor D6 Schüsslerssalt nr1 á 250mg. Are those alright as well?

  12. Hi! Can you just take a prenatal instead of the supplements and calc fluer? Also, are hot showers bad? I always take really hot showers.

  13. Hi there!
    I had my period April 8 and my copper iud removed the following Tuesday, that same weekend my husband and I were active! The next Tuesday I had nexplanon implanted but was told by my md that that was my fertile weekend that we were busy. Now im having so many pregnancy symptoms but its only been 7 to 8 days could it be side affects of the BC? I feel like i've been obsessing about this a little too much over the last week.

  14. Dental professional here. Ingested fluoride DOES NOT "heal" decay. Also, systemic fl2 only helps to strengthen enamel BEFORE the tooth is erupted. Only topical fl2 will affect your teeth after eruption. You can remineralize incipient (just into the enamel, not through it into the dentin) decay. The damage will always be there, it just hardens and slows down or stops the progress. Not heal established cavities.

  15. Is it okay to have sexual intercourse after the fertility window… Would that reduce the chance of implantation…

  16. Your videos are super informative and inspirational! Whether I get pregnant or not, I definitely know more now than I’ve ever known. It’s amazing how much we as women, do not know our bodies!! Thank you!

  17. All these suggestions are fun to try but don't blame yourself if you didn't get pregnant after the 2WW. I have taken care of many drug addicts in the ICU and ER who had kids after kids and do you think any of them did any of these things? Sex workers in the slums of India get pregnant everyday. Again, these videos are fun but don't blame yourself if you aren't pregnant this cycle. The only thing that you need to do is to have sex and take your prenatals (of course, no drugs, smoking or alcohol).

  18. Your videos are super awesome!! Thanks for that… Can you also let us know how much is too much or too little of both rest and exercise during 2 week wait? Like is a normal routine of 5km walk in an hour too much exercise, or napping in the noon too much rest..

  19. I was wondering if all of the vitamins and fatty acids are in the prenatal I'm taking, should I continue to supplement additionally? I do take vitamin d from my doctor but what about the others?

  20. Thank you so much.. But I m suffering a lot.. My age is 33. I hv 3 miscarriage.. After that I m not able to convince.. Bcoz my endromretic line is thin and my age also it just only 1ng. But egg quality is not that much bad.. I don't want to go for IVF.. Know What to do doctor.. Plz help me out.. I m very much depressed.. Plz Rply me

  21. Thank you for your lovely videos! Would you be willing to tell us the supplement quantities and brands you suggest ? It would be helpful 🙂 thank you!

  22. Do u get cramps as if its your period? I have cramps and and my period is 1 week away and i am trying to comcieve

  23. can i please get your help on this. Calc Flour. How much is the dosage? this one xomes with 125 tablets

  24. the calc flour i have sais take 4 times a day. shoukd i still take 2 a day? can i send u a private message and show u an image of the box. it came in a green small box. No 1 calc fluor calcium flouride

  25. i want to thank you so much for all you informative videos. your is the most helpfull of all. thank you so much. hopefully i may be able to concieve some day. been trying so hard for 7 years

  26. I had transvaginal yesterday and the obgyne couldn't identify if I'm pregnant or not, she said the result is decidualized. So, I'm planning to have chest xray for my employment is it okay? If ever I am really pregnant is that won't affect the baby if I decided to have chest xray now? Please help me.

  27. You're videos feel like I'm talking to my mother, old friend, and my doctor all at once. Every question I think of you have a video for.

  28. I randomly came across one of your videos and it made me tear up a little. A good cry and a sign of relief. I instantly hit subscribe. I feel like your videos really were what I needed at this time in my life. I feel blessed I found your channel. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. You are a wealth of knowledge 😍 seriously thank you. Suggestions for fibromyalgia and pregnancy would be soo appreciated !!!
    Are heating pads ok to use ?

  30. I started spotting on the 30th day of my period cycle, I expected to get my period on the 27th or the 28th,should I expect that I might have conceived?

  31. I like your smile and calm demeanor!!!! I also like the fact that you take your time and explain, in easy to understand language!!!! I just subbed-after watching like 4 of your vids!!!! thx again what do you think of taking a prenatal multi?

  32. I don't go outside without SPF on. But maybe I will put some sun on my legs. Let's hope everyone gets their rainbow baby this month!

  33. How can I figure out which fatty acid is best to take? You mentioned deciding which is best for you, but what are we looking for when deciding? @fertilityhomeopath thank you!

  34. Thank you for the information! I have my progesterone levels checked tomorrow. I'm hoping for the best!

  35. Hi i hope u ok . 6 days ago i get 5 days embrio transfer AA best donor embrio was . But i was not much syptoms only 3 and 5 days cramps end i was hungary a lot . Today 6 days nothing . Do u think still i can pragnent ? My boobs also i dont feel to much sensitve

  36. I am just curious as to where you gathered your information about the Calc Fluor. I have tried searching, and other protocols tell you to start the Calc Fluor either at 5 weeks or when you start to show. Thank you.

  37. I'm sorry but that medicine doesn't seem to be supported by science… It's probably just a placebo 🙁 Just take a pregnancy multivitamin! It already has the folic acid, vitamins and more!
    Other than that, really good advice! I love your videos!

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  39. maybe i'm already late to follow these steps… i'm already on my one week waiting after iui.. all i have been doing is rest/laydown amd eat healthy… still hoping

  40. Hi, your videos have been soooo helpful! I am so grateful I found your channel. Thanks for what you do! My husband and I are TTC, and a few months ago I went to a holistic kinesiologist and she recommended I take N-Acetyl-Cysteine NAC, and i take vitamin C, D, b12. I added B6 and folic acid because I read it was good when TTC, but do you think now I am taking to much and that might affect it, or will these additions help when TTC? Thanks!!!

  41. Wow, you're such a blessing. Just found your channel and your videos are so informative. Thank you so much xx

  42. Hi! I’m a gestational carrier preparing for IVF… my lining isn’t thickening up as it should on just estrogen, can I add these supplements BEFORE my transfer to help? Also, any other suggestions to help it thicken quickly?


  43. I’m very late and my left boob had some bad pain so I thought it was my heart and my dr says go to ER. So I am healthy and normal but just have “random” chest pain. That was last week, now my nipples are so sore & I do not know what’s going on. Plus I’m taking care of my 83 y/o grandma with ALZ and had to take her to ER yesterday & we are still here but my chest is so sore

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