I Started Seeing A Therapist

hey y’all cooking baby what’s up guys welcome back to the vlog so in this vlog it’s just gonna be.

hey y’all cooking baby what’s up guys welcome back to the vlog
so in this vlog it’s just gonna be cometh me I’m gonna be going to my
therapy appointment today and pretty much just going around
driving just being pouring niggas I don’t know I’m running out of ideas to
do four vlogs so if I don’t have an idea I usually just do like a come with me
drive with me video so today it’s almost 2:30 I have a therapy women today of
2:30 and I’m gonna kind of talk to you about that in my blog today so I’m
probably gonna set it around like this vlog like hey I have you know I am in
therapy right now and there’s nothing wrong with that there’s a lot of people
that do therapy so with that being said let’s get into the vlog Latino makes it so I went to my therapy
appointment at 2:30 I finally made it I made it to my appointment I can’t
believe it so I’m super excited that I made it oh yeah like I said therapy is
really important if you’re going through tough times in your life or you know
depression or anxiety it it’s really important to see somebody and I’m not
just saying that like therapy is really helping me in my life I really missed my
own therapist back home but I’m getting to know my new therapist and she’s
really really nice so that’s their sweetheart but don’t ever feel bad for
the reaching out and actually getting therapy or need for some help with your
well-being and your your self-care so if you want to move the Henderson they’re
building these apartments right by my house I think it’s called the Alta
Nevada so you should check those out hungry are you hungry yeah okay so going
to see a therapist is a really good good idea if you’re struggling like I was
saying in my last clip if you’re struggling with like depression or
anxiety or life itself and you can’t really use they don’t accept my
insurance or insurance because I moved here to Nevada and I have state
insurance and a lot of them accept state insurance like it’s your health
and your mental health are a top priority to people here in Nevada so I
don’t know if you’re not Nevada just check in with your health insurance and
see if they accept it it’s taking me a very long time to
accept the fact that I see a therapist simply because throughout my life my mom
used to make vc-1 and I was embarrassed by it I’m like I don’t need a therapist
I don’t need to talk to nobody I don’t need it
and now that I’m older do need it I need it so bad I need
somebody to talk to I need somebody to hang out with I’m just a really boring
person but seeing a therapist is a really good idea if you’re struggling
and just stop being so Riteish because I know what a lot of people are like wow I
don’t need a therapist there’s nothing wrong with me
yes there is okay everybody needs to see a therapist so I got these new boots a
couple months ago and I just wanted to kind of show you them and you can wear
them with like pretty much anything like look at these I love like the chunky
heels and then they have like the lace up here like the laces and then you can
just take them off like this and then I have black socks on with them that they
adorn of I love them so much where it kind of pizza this was really good the
rising crust pepperoni from DiGiorno we don’t have home run and pizza here in
Nevada like we do in Chicago and I miss it so much so maybe we’ll order a few on
Amazon so we’re heading to Walmart real quick
Enzo wants to try to find a snap I did this I was about to say okay okay
anyways we’re heading to oh we’re heading to Walmart we have to go see if
they have snap bracelets there I’m gonna probably picks up mop and that’s it
alright hands over here pizza was actually pretty good wasn’t it baby do we have meat for the Hamburger Helper
no we don’t sorry I know I know so as you know did you know I’m a
photographer and I was sent this beautiful about it from a company I will
link below for photos and it is stunning look at this cutest
little bonnet I’ve ever seen in my entire life
my channel is getting there look at 41.0 I’m just gonna be honest with you I have
1044 subscribers I can’t believe anyways I’m about to publish this vlog so cuz
that’s my last vlog on my channel is this one and the views are kind of doing
well it’s at 337 um I’ve just got my community tab on here so I can chat with
you guys so I don’t know what to who’s down there though it’s confusing what
are you doing over there are you eating your pizza like that that looks so nasty
end though yeah it does why would you eat like you look you’re like like
you’re never eating again yeah alright guys so it’s almost 9 o’clock at night
and I don’t want to keep on going with this walk we’ve had a really short day
and Zoe’s over here sit on the couch say hi Enzo say goodbye
we’re going to bed you got school in the morning see us school in the morning uh
he gets about he gets up about 7,000 the morning no bet anyways guys who know the
drill so hit that subscribe button don’t forget to subscribe comment like all
that stuff can’t even think right now and we will see you guys in the next

8 thoughts on “I Started Seeing A Therapist”

  1. I respect your strength and ability to talk about something so hard such as depression. Very impressive.

  2. Girl YES! Therapy is so important and I’ve been looking into it for so long and I’m currently looking for one that takes my insurance because it’s a different type of insurance, but I know I need it and it’s just as important and dr checkups. Mental health is HEALTH! Love your boots btw they’re SO cute 😍

  3. I agree that a therapist is wonderful and part of self care. I’ve seen a therapist before and I’m considering seeing one again with all the changes in my life.
    The boots are so cute. The chunky heel is so my style.

  4. Mental health is truly important and people do need to prioritize it! Insurance seriously isn’t an excuse. Even going to a therapist once or twice a month and not weekly is better than never going! It’s all about priorities.

  5. I was actually going to therapy when I first moved here because the move was so hard on me ! I never continued going though 😭 it’s so funny to see how close you are to me !

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