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So I love San Diego, it’s a great place to live I mean you have sunshine pretty much year-round I.

So I love San Diego, it’s a great place to live I mean you have sunshine pretty much year-round I really like the community here, I feel like it’s an invaluable community to be a part of. You come to Bastyr because you want the best of both worlds You want western medicine, the rigorous western medicine that we get here but as well, integrate it with the principles that we have for naturopathic medicine. So one of the great things about learning here is that you learn the pharmaceuticals and the botanicals and nutrition and how those all work together to further the health of our patients moving forward The most unique aspect to the Bastyr naturopathic education is one: we really focus on a holistic approach we really focus in on the foundations of medicine two: I’d say, the personalized approach it’s very different from a lot of education models that exist externally and three: the natural therapeutics the nutrition training, the herbal medicine training the physical medicine training, and incorporating all these into a robust plan for their patient. Our students are working alongside their family practitioners they’re also working alongside their specialist. so they’re going on rotations working with internal medicine, working with pediatrics and going through these different rotations and ultimately that makes a more well-trained, more robust student. I really like how Bastyr focuses on “Doctor as Teacher” I think that’s one of the fundamentals of our medicine that makes it really powerful because we’re empowering patients with knowledge on how to heal themselves Not only are we teaching our patients how to take better care of themselves but they’re teaching us. We’re always going to be students and being able to take that information that we’re gathering and passing it forward to the next generation of patients. This medicine is really amazing and and whenever I see a patient get better it reinforces why I’m working so hard. [Visit for more info]

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