Irène Grosjean ou la vie en abondance (with English and Spanish subtitles)

When a child is born, the first thing he does is to breathe. When you leave this world, you breathe.

When a child is born,
the first thing he does is to breathe. When you leave this world,
you breathe your last. From the moment
you come to this Earth until you leave it, you must breathe so you can live. The second thing a baby does, after breathing and crying, is to suckle his mother’s breast milk,
and to nourish himself. After drinking, once he has nourished his body,
he sleep in order to digest. When he wakes up, he pees and poos, For me,
these are the four basic rules Breathing, feeding, sleep
and elimination are the four basic rules that will allow us,
men and woman that we are, to love, think and act. If we don’t start
with the very beginning, then all the rest will be
shifted or disturbed. To my mind, we should treat our body at least as well as our car. Namely, we should provide it with the fuel
that the maker – I would call him the Creator – intended for our digestive system. We should also do the maintenance
and the required cleaning, so that we can pass through
the journey of life in full health, creative and happy,
as nature intended it for us. Everyone of us will not do business, but instead we will do
what we have to do on Earth. My name is Irène Grosjean, I have been a naturopath since 1960. Let me count: 40… 53 years. I found out about naturopathy
when I was 27 years old. It was in 1957. At this time,
I had studied and worked. When I was a child, when I was 12 years old,
my mother had visited the doctor. She was so constipated that I believed I was going to have
another brother or sister. Her belly was inflating a lot,
it was abnormal for her. She went to the doctor
and he told her: complete rest and over-eating. This happened in 1942. So this was…
more or less plausible, for most people. However, our family had a garden, a field, an orchard, a pig, goats, we had everything we needed.
My mother was not underfed. She was rather already overfed. She was so constipated
that she did not eliminate anything. The doctor said:
over-eating and absolute rest. I was going to go to sixth grade, as I wanted to become a physician. I had a school exam
to go to sixth grade I got an eliminatory zero because the pupils were asked: “You are going to enter adulthood. You will pick an occupation.
Which one? Why? I answered… I wrote: without thinking to what I said,
it just came out. I do not want a job. I want to be a woman,
I want to cure, I want to heal. I received
an eliminatory zero for that. Fortunately,
my school teacher corrected it. So I was accepted. Anyway… I wanted… Since childhood,
I had put coins to cats and dogs, to my grandfather.
I wanted to heal. Indeed, I have done that all my life. There were other…
Let me tell you. My mom was so overfed and constipated that she could not
eliminate anything. For three years she overate. I was not easy for me
to make her eat. I often left her room with my face
full of her plate content, as it was her only way to refuse to eat. After eating,
she used to screamed of pain, I called the doctor,
and he said she must eat to heal. So I obeyed to the doctor. Three years after that, my mother died.
She weighed 25kg 1 month before to die. She died on 16th September.
On 15th August, Daddy weighed her, she weighed 27 kg. 25 kg of terrible suffering. This was a first lesson that I did not understand immediately.
I needed other lessons afterwards. One day,
my husband who was asthmatic… I asked the doctor to come
and he took the phone off my hands. He told me: “No, I don’t want.”
He did not tell me why. I asked the doctor to come anyway. And when he asked him to… to undress to be examined, my husband replied: “No, Doctor. It’s over. “I have listened to your colleagues
for 25 years, “and I’m going from bad to worse. “It’s over,
I’m done with physicians.” I was totally lost. So lost… What could I do in this case? I prayed
and I asked what I had to do. A friend gave me an idea. He told us about natural medicines. He cured an asthmatic child this way
for a long time. I called this friend and he came. And he… When he saw my husband, he told him:
“Your condition is very serious.” He had 40.6 °C. He had a huge lung congestion, as every year in the spring. I understood later
the meaning of this congestion. So… He told my husband: “This is very serious. “Either you call the physician
or you do exactly what I say. “You choose.” Our friend, Raymond, had brought infusion
that he asked me to prepare, He took my husband to the bathroom, He made him do a derivative bath. His temperature decreased
from 40.6 °C to a bit more than 38 °C
in ten minutes. He was smiling and he felt better. And with the herbal infusion
that made him eliminate all night, in the morning he was breathing well
and feeling well. This was obviously an opening. He explained everything to us.
It did not happen by itself. There were other things. As my husband said he did not want
to see physicians anymore, for us, it opened the way to what could say
the Hippocrates medicine, because Hippocrates said to the sick: “Let food be thy medicine.” He asked to the physicians
to heal without to harm. Two elements particularly forgotten
by the symptomatic medicine and used by naturopathy
and the natural medicines that I practice, frequently, commonly, normally
and naturally. This was how we came to it. There was a long way to go.
We had our ups and downs. As Dr. Vivini says, who created a fasting clinic
in the 1960’s, first in Longwy, then in Baleares. This doctor said: Putting clean furniture
in a dirty home is not sufficient
to make it habitable, you need to clean it. Likewise,
it is not enough to give our body the food intended by nature
for his digestive system, we also have to clean his humors. And these humors are the interstitial fluids
in which the blood cells bathe. The body weight is two thirds of cells
and one third of fluids. We know… We know we are made of cells since we have powerful microscopes.
We did not know that before. The ancients,
who were great observers, called these fluids that constitute two thirds
of our body weight, they call them “humors”. There had undoubtedly realized
the importance of these fluids cleanliness. It is a certain fact
that a 60 kg body is constituted of 40 liters of fluids and 20 liters of cells. The cells are extraordinary elements,
microorganisms, which even if they are
1/20 000 mm long, they all have a respiratory system, a digestive system, a brain and a reproductive system. This is extraordinary. These cells
communicate with each other to ensure our entire life: digestion, breathing, elimination, thoughts, feelings and actions. The fluid quality
in which the cells bathe is as important as the quality
of the ingredients that we offer to our body. Those are the two basic elements that will allow us…
That will allow our cells to connect
to the universal intelligence, which created everything that exists, and which, through these cells, inform, lead and guide somehow all the cell work. If we are willing to be connected
to this universal intelligence, is it indispensable that our cells
work at their best, that they breathe,
that they are fed as nature intended, and that they bathe in a fluid
which is clean, for lack of being pure. With those elements, if in addition to this, your cells
have a robust constitution… All of us are not born with the same constitution. I often say that to pass through
the journey of life, when we come into the world, we take a vessel, our body, from the 2CV to the Rolls-Royce. There is a full range of… existing vehicles. If we dispose of a 2CV, we won’t have the same journey quality
as in a Rolls-Royce. Anyway,
whatever might be our vehicle, it needs to be nourished and maintained
as nature intended. Depending on this, it is connected
to the universal intelligence, it is informed of ideas, and life becomes creative, happy, and magical. This is absolute happiness, certainly
what religions called “paradise”. The more our cells are intoxicated, the more they have deficiencies, the more they bathe
in a medium saturated of residues, — allegedly coming from food — the more their frequency decreases. They cannot capture high frequencies. They rather capture elements transported by wavelengths
that they can capture. I think the first information system
exists through life. There is the huge cosmic computer
and we are terminals. Everything living on Earth, plants, animals, humans, are made of cells, to enable this communication,
this link. We are communicating vessels. The more our cells function properly, the more we can be linked and guided
to a creative life, whereas the more they are poorly fed, asphyxiated, deficient, poisoned, the more we will turn our life,
intended to be a paradise, into the hell of suffering, penury, war
and conflict we have made of it. Knowing that life is simple, simple with a big S,
a capital letter. I would say that the devil complicated everything
to lose the people. If something is complicated, I flee. Things are simple. So simple that they seem simplistic, no. Simplicity is a great luxury. Unfortunately, very few beings
have access to simplicity. Respect life rules
as much as possible, and this is a true joy
because life gave us everything, so that we enjoy
and feel well in every way. First of all,
I discovered naturopathy 55 years ago, thanks to Mr. Marchesseau. He was a biologist and created the naturopathy school. He discovered these two residue forms
that we eliminate via feces and urine, namely uric acid in urine and solid matters
including viscous matters, also known as glues, which are residues
of all slow burning carbohydrates that we favored after the war, and possibly even before. They always were
the common people’s food, the poor’s food. As for the rich, who ate meat and alcohol,
they became dominant warriors. The poor’s food
was made of flour and cereal slurry, which made the common people
obliging and exploited at will. Thanks to these 2 foods and the residues
that they left in our humors, that will work all our life and on all our systems, psychological, emotional, energetic, this will lead to all joys and woes
in the world… with these two residue forms. With the glues, these viscous matters,
we wipe our nose and spit so much. They are residues from bread, pasta, flour, flour slurry, rice and cereals. But the human liver is designed to digest sugar from fruits from trees
of our good old planet Earth. Our liver cannot transform completely
these glues. Every digestion… Every indigestion
of these slow burning carbohydrates lets a kind of mucosity,
of viscosity, which will go into the lymph. What is a lymphatic person? It is a slowed person. These mucosities
will create shyness, fear, anxiety, distress, fixed ideas, obsessions, and all non-painful diseases. But these diseases are annoying
and embarrassing, like asthma. Long live pasta! Pasta made asthmatic people.
One out of seven children is asthmatic. Well done pasta, well done bread,
well done pizza. Well done sandwiches. You win. Then, with uric acid, that is to say residues from digestion of the meat, of flesh, it is certain that we do not have
a carnivorous digestive system. Our digestive system
is exactly similar to the great ape’s digestive system,
from which we would descend. Very long intestines and small weak kidneys. Very long intestines
are frugivore intestines. What do great apes eat? Gorillas and chimpanzees. They pick their food. They pick fruits, leaves and soft roots.
And they don’t cook them. What prevents them
to weigh 200 kg of muscles? Not meat proteins,
they do not eat meat. Just that… The monkey will remove and eat
the flees on his female. And that is not much of meat. And then… We do not have
a carnivorous digestive system. The carnivore has very short intestines
and powerful kidneys to filter the uric acid produced by any meat digestion. We cannot eliminate it,
hence we store it in our humors. And as soon as our body
gets a little more energy, as the body is always looking
for his perfect balance… As soon as our body
gets a little more energy, its own energy,
the sun’s energy or the spring’s energy, or when the body
must deal with a shock that forces him
to expel all these residues, so it can deal with the shock, it eliminates these residues. And then, obviously, these small uric acid crystals which are stored as tiny salts,
tiny crystals, need to melt
in order to enter the bloodstream, to be brought into the kidneys, to be urinated. But when this acid melts, it burns the nerve emergences. This burn creates the pain. Every time it hurts somewhere, it means that our body
is attempting to expel an acid overload to send it to urine. I think the acids is far better in toilets than in our body. But we have to accept to be in pain
at this time. Likewise, when it snows, the snow flakes have to liquefy
to be evacuated. It is the time to help. The medicine I practice understands how the body works and helps it eliminate
these residues, whereas in a symptomatic approach, as conventional and official medicine
is set out, we stop it. This medicine’s purpose
is to stop and suppress the pain. But when you prevent the body
from evacuating its residues, then the body must send back
what he has not evacuated into its deep humors. Apparently,
we heal functional diseases, which fulfill a function, like diarrhea, urinary infection, severe breathing problems, rhinitis, bronchitis… All diseases
that make us spit and blow our nose. We made lesional diseases,
that we well healed, Now, we make increasingly
degenerative diseases. Currently, with a Swiss physician
and other French physicians, we are creating
a practical health school in Morocco to train anyone
who is willing to be in good health. We will build a practical health school
on a 20 hectare land, that we have irrigated,
and where we have plant trees. It will be a little corner of paradise,
an oasis of health. This is under way.
This place was a desert. Dr. Gacon, who bought it, has planted 2000 fruit trees there. He says:
“I want it to be a pazadise.” Paradise is in a garden,
whether we like it or not. We can make a piece of paradise,
to people want to recover their paradise, their health, their joy. Anyone will be allowed
to come to this place and stay there. We will train…
We will complete the training of the interested therapists, in a practical way. They must experiment it on themselves
and be in full health first, because an unhealthy therapist cannot give health to his patients.
We must be realistic. If you were released into nature,
like a wild animal, if you had no tools, only yourself… All creation species get food on their own. Obviously, humans are smarter
and invented lots of things. We invented lots of things
to destroy ourselves. If you were released into nature, only with your teeth, your brain,
your hands and your feet, what do you do? What do you eat? Would you catch a hare, a wild boar or a bird and wring its neck and bite it, like carnivores do? Could you do that? No. It’s important to know
that when you eat meat, it is rich in proteins, but you eat a corpse,
whether you like it or not. You had to kill it
to put it in your plate. So… You feed them with corpses,
dead food and stimulants. About stimulants… With meat, you require alcohol. With cereals,
you require coffee, tea and Coca Cola. A stimulant is no food. A stimulant… Here is an image.
There are two tired horses. You give to the first horse
water, he drinks, oat, he eats, and a litter, he sleeps.
The next day, he can carry on. You give to the second horse
no water, no oat and no litter. If you want him to carry on immediately,
what do you do? You hit him with a stick, a whip. Under pain influence, his glandular system will draw in its energy reserves
so he can carry on. For how long will he carry on,
in so doing, before to collpase? When he’s out of energy, he collapses,
if he cannot make energy. This is exactly what’s happening. It explains why there are so many… so-called psychosomatic diseases, whereas they are
somatopsychic diseases. There are so many suicides. The current suicide rate
is incredible. It is certain that when people are
in low and destructive frequencies, when they have no more hope,
and we believe there are many causes. No. The explanation is our humor quality and the cellular function, which allow us to think, love, and connect to the creative intelligence. Our foods must transfer to us energy
from water, earth, air and sun, that they draw from these elements. Our main fuel is energy. Energy from life. Cooked foods are deprived of energy. If you put cooked seeds
into the ground, there will be not be any harvest! If a hen broods a cooked egg, she will wait long her young chicken. We managed to… Nowadays, the civilized man since… uhm… I believe that the original sin is cooking our foods. Since we started cooking them, we have destroyed their energy. It is certain that, scientifically, a dead molecule and a living molecule
are two molecules, it does not matter. But if a hen broods… We brought to the laboratory in the naturopathy school two eggs
— a cooked one and a raw one — and we received
exactly the same analyses. Has science forgotten life? This sounds the best explanation
for me. That’s why we do so much harm, on all sides. When we claim to heal diseases in sick people with poisons
that would make healthy people sick, must stop dreaming and restore common sense. If you give a drug to a child,
to someone… he will get sick. As for natural medicine,
Hippocrates medicine, the true medicine, it maked health. It is a health medicine,
not a disease medicine. With this disease medicine, it is not a problem,
some people receive benefits. Eighty years ago,
pharmaceutical groups barely existed. After the last war, science has indicated and promoted meat for proteins, dairies for calcium, saccharides for carbohydrates. With that, we filled hospitals,
we created all possible diseases. Someone gets benefits: pharmaceutical product companies, that developed so much for 80 years, that they have become some of the most
powerful world corporations. But these people are poor. Poor, because real wealth cannot be bought.
You cannot buy them with money. Real wealth are wealth from life. It starts with health, i.e. with our perfect balance. All the rest is illusion. The world
currently lives in illusion, power, fear and interest. But these are wrong values. Life is something else. It’s far more marvelous and simple. And… “Guérir”,
which means “heal” in French, is composed of the words
“happy” and “laugh”. Heal means being happy and laugh, which are normal states
for healthy people, whose role is to build the magnificent world
for which life gave us everything. It is certain
that as soon as you give living foods, i.e. fruits, vegetables, greens, or also sprouted seeds… Sprouted seeds
are a true reconstruction food, They contain 20 to 40 times
more proteins than meat, four times more calcium than dairies, three times more iron
than animal liver, not even mentioning enzymes
and energy. The plant germ
contains energy of the whole plant. This is a reconstruction food
that costs nearly nothing. The day when we will know give fruits for breakfast
to the children and everyone… By the way, eating a meal
of sprouted seeds, vegetables, fruits, and greens, the entire world will change. Every time our body
recovers some energy, it will use it to expel its residues. And… Our energy will be used
to expel them. This means we will be tired. We won’t have energy to walk, to move, think. We will be in sort of… low frequency. If our body wants to expel
viscous matters, it will get hoarse. I still have some, you see,
there is a lot of it. It will try to expel,
to take out these viscous matters, which can create choking as well as slowed breathing, asthma in particular. But… We don’t feel well. Expelling these viscous matters will not be painful.
It will be annoying and embarrassing. To expel uric acid, given that this acid must change
from a solid to a liquid state, and given that it will burn, it will be painful, it will inflate,
it will distort, and… We will say we are sick. In reality, we are not sick. Our body defends itself,
it expels its residues. We must help him do this job
as efficiently as possible. As soon as its job will be done, it will recover energy, get a bit up
and replenish its energy. When it will have some more,
it will do a small elimination crisis. This is not a disease. It will has fewer and fewer crises and it will recover a balance, that will be increasingly happy
and wonderful. It is required to go through
this process of elimination also. The true job of a natural therapist is to restore the body energy, provide it with the missing elements, so it has the required energy to get rid of its congestion. That’s it. It is so easy. We should help and understand it. It is certain that… I remember I learned in catechism that to extricate yourself
from the netherworld, and go to paradise,
you need to pass through purgatory. The netherworld is the world of suffering. Paradise is the world
of creativity and joy. But you need to pass through purgatory.
What is purgatory? I laughed when I understood it. It is the place
where you purge yourself, as we need to purge. We made bathrooms for the outside of our body. But we did not make bathrooms
for the inside. We need to learn to clean the inside of our body. Nature gave us plants, everything we need,
to do this cleansing. Furthermore, all religions
have one day of fasting per week and 30 or 40 per year. While our body does not eat, it does not use energy. Digestion alone uses 50 % of our total energy. When these 50 % are available, our body uses them to clean itself, to eliminate its humors, and to change its frequency. That is why religions said that we should fast so that we reach
a high spiritual level. It is all related. But the body is not a heart, a liver, it is a set of elements, physical elements, systems, that will allow us to love. I mean… Who better than our soul
can allow us to love, to think? Spirit, it is the information system. The three elements are the soul, the spirit and the body. What is health?
What is disease? I discovered that disease, the fact to pronounce it
“mal-a-di-e”, to pronounce it phonetically, would mean that we are sick because we did harm God, life and its rules. I discovered this thing, I have practiced it
and it has been confirmed, throughout my long career. We do not get sick by chance, because of microbes or viruses. We get sick
because of our wrong food choices, which our body, that is always
looking for its perfect balance, is trying to eject, which tires him, which can make it
painful and annoying, but… When we are sick, our body
is trying to get rid of and to expel the so-called food residues
that we have put in it. Either we understand
how our body functions and we help it get rid of so we are truly healed, we have purified our humors, our body works better and is better, either we do not understand it, and under illusion and fear, we stop quickly
this elimination crisis, that we called disease, and we force our body
to enclose in its deep humors the residues
it was trying to eliminate. This way, the diseases we create
are deeper and deeper, more and more serious
and degenerative. Currently, one in three person has cancer. Plenty of Alzheimer
and Parkinson diseases, multiple sclerosis and suicides. This is exactly the consequence of the fact we ignore and disrespect
life rules. Infantile diseases are… The more the children
are robust and strong, the greater their defense system, the more they will make
elimination crises and significant diseases to eject, to take out of their bodies, the residues of the poisoned legacy given by their progenitors. We will see it, either colloidal diseases, which means annoying
and embarrassing phlegm expulsions, either painful diseases with fever. What is fever? Fever
corresponds to uric acid melting. Small uric acid crystals, which by melting, increase the body temperature. They melt so that they can pass
into the blood and be expelled into urine and sweat. Either we help them be expelled and fever stops as there is no more
or there is less uric acid, either we stop fever
and we ask to to body to shut up, and to stop doing its job, and it encloses all its acid residues that will destroy minerals
in contact with them, and we will make diseases that are deeper, stronger and subtler
thereafter. These diseases can be physical,
psychological, mental or emotional. This will reflect on the child’s
character and behavior, during his adulthood too. This ejection
of residues and poisoned legacy, that children received at birth, will allow them to regenerate,
if they are removed. If we enclose them instead, then the child will degenerate. The genes will slowly degenerate. Nowadays, we make
worse and worse genetic diseases. Dairies… The famous dairies
we need to consume to have calcium. It is true that the cow milk
is very rich in calcium, as it must triple the veal’s weight
in three months. Except that the veal
has a digestive system which enables him to digest
his mother’s milk. As long as the veal
has no teeth to eat its adult food, herb and hay, he can… His digestive secretions
can transform milk and digest his mother’s milk. As soon as they have teeth, their digestive secretions
adapt to their new food, and they cannot digest
their mother’s milk anymore. By the way she has no more milk. It works the same
for all mammal babies. Cow milk,
that has a high calcium content, Cow milk, made for calves,
that has a high calcium content, transforms
inside the human digestive system into an acid solution which burns and destroys
our calcium and minerals. I noticed and observed that all severely decalcified people,
— I hope dairies lovers will hear it — all people having osteoporosis,
rheumatisms and deformations all of them
are great dairy consumers. One recognizes the tree
by its fruits. The fruits, which make you fat,
seemingly… I have a case.
It was a man who weighed two years ago 120 kg. He has eaten fruits,
fruits and fruits. Look at him now. All the best slimming cures I have made
were cures with fruits. Fruits are called fast-release sugars, but they bring so much energy
to our body and they leave few residues which are eliminable anyway, while the famous slow-release sugars always leave lots of residues
in our organism and bring very few energy,
not to say not at all, because all slow-release sugar eaters
need stimulants. With fruits, you weigh 120 kg,
this is what you get. He has eaten fruits
and he loves them! He delights, he has energy
and he smiles. That’s it!
Here are the best true slimming cures. It consists in giving to our body
food that nature intended for it. It’s so simple. I made a baker lose 30 kg. The only fruit she liked
was the banana. She used to eat lots of cakes
and croissants. I told her: “Every time you crave for
a cake or a croissant, eat a banana.” She lost 30 kg in 2 years. When we eat raw, living food,
there is energy. Energy is our fuel. When we eat cooked, warm food, then it means we eat
cooked and dead food. In this case,
our food does not make energy. We need to heat them
so that we temporarily feel warm. But if you… When we skied in Alsace
with young children on Sundays, we wanted to enjoy the sun
while others were in the restaurant, we used to eat fruits. We ate them in the shade and went back.
None of us was cold. Try it. Experience it yourself to realize that we do not have to cook our food, that we can be warm
and that living foods are caloric. Dead food are not. Do you know any other species than man
that cook their food? This being that believes he is
the most evolved being of creation. Everyone can eat raw food.
Babies… Babies love to eat raw food. Prepare a fruit puree for them. They love it. At breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will have everything they need: proteins, calcium, etc. We have a frugivore digestive system,
whether it was wanted or not. Fruits, vegetables and soft roots
contain everything we need. I have eaten vegetarian food
for 55 years. I became a raw vegan later. Now I am 83 years old
and I do not feel too bad. I wish everyone to be as well as me
at this age. Are there any takers? My favorite colleague
died when he was 108 years old. He practiced in complete lucidity
until the age of 103 years old. He surprised all the people
who came to see him. Obviously, he ate raw vegan food. Doctor Colucci in Lisbon. When my youngest daughter studied medicine,
as she wanted to study medicine, At Christmas,
during her second year of study, I brought her to Dr. Colucci
as a Christmas gift. When she saw his 90 year old wife
who opened us the door, she was impressed though. The youth is a matter
of state of mind and energy. We can be old at a young age
and young at an old age. This is true youth. The youth of heart, energy and life. My grandson, Sébastien, who was 5-6 years old, and his parents
had a hotel and a restaurant… Obviously there was a big salad bar, but also all the rest. The little guy passes in front of me, with his hand in the back, so that I could not see
what he was holding. I saw there was a Mars. Obviously he did not want
to show it to me. So I call him:
“Sébastien, come here.” I asked his 2-3 friends
to come with him, and I said: “You know, Sébastien,
you know, my boys, “life gave us everything, “so we can be happy, “so we can help and love each other, “so we can make from life
a genuine paradise. “However, “nature is not alone on Earth, “a little devil made his way in here, “he does not want nature to win. “He wants men to fight, struggle
and be unkind. “He made them sick. “Yet how did he do that? How? “How did he do that? “It’s so simple. “All that nature gave us is living. “All that devil gave us is dead. “With living elements,
we make life and joy. “With dead elements,
we make disease and misfortune.” My boy moves backwards, then he comes back
with an apple in his hand. I said:
“That’s it. You got it, my boy. “If you plant your apple, “you will get an apple tree
which will produce apples, “which will give apple trees
until the end of time. “But if you plant your Mars, “or all the Mars you want, “you will never get a Mars field, “because your Mars is dead. “It cannot give you energy. “You are in illusion. “Ah, so…” Two weeks later, my small guy calls me and says: “Grandma, Sylvain is next to me “and he does not want to believe me
when I say candies are bad. “He does not believe candies are dead.
I cannot convince him, please tell him.” That’s it. That’s just it. We make life from life. From death, we can make only death
and suffering. It is as simple as this. What happens if I let drop on the table
some jam, honey or something? Some flies, or a bee, come to eat it. How have they been informed?
We do not know. But they come quickly. When an animal
is decomposing somewhere, maggots come, to devour it, to give it back to earth. When our body
eliminates its residues, when he is in the middle
of an elimination crisis, when he takes in its depths
all the toxins to make them pass through blood, to eject them
through intestines and urine, in this stench come microbes an viruses, to enjoy this putrefaction we made. It is certain that when our scholars saw them
through their new microscope, they could believe
that these make us sick. But microbes and flies
do not make us sick, Truth is that the state of putrefaction
in which are our humors that allows them to live. It is different. If we say that microbes make us sick, it is as if maggots were killing the animal
they are devouring. Our objective is not to kill microbes
and viruses to stop being sick. We should deprive them of their food, by cleaning our humors, so that they have no food
and they will disappear. I had such cases. I had two cases of AIDS, with a massive viral overload. After 3-4 years, the virus was gone. They had an incredible
and wonderful energy. Sprouted seeds
were already Essenes’ food. Sprouted wheat, ingredient of the Essene bread. Apparently,
Jesus was bred among the Essenes, which allowed him
to have a high spirit and to be directly connected to what we called God. I called it the universal intelligence
or life intelligence. Everyone calls it as one like. That said, for certain, when our cells receive food that bring them
the energy they need, they can capture
the highest frequencies which transport ideas, feelings and all elements that will turn our life into something wonderful. Once our cells are exhausted, deprived, asphyxiated, malnourished, and they bathe
in a poisoned environment, their frequency drops. They cannot capture
high frequencies anymore, and then, At some point, the frequencies…
I call this reverse intelligence,
we move backwards. The ideas we receive
are non-constructive, destructive ideas. The feelings that we receive
and can produce, are not love
and communion feelings anymore, these are distension
and destruction feelings. With this, we made all wars, all conflicts, and all world suffering and miseries. For certain, when we are sick, our body is poisoned, it tries by itself
to take the poison out. To do so, it needs energy. To make these elimination crises,
it needs energy. That is why I use dietary supplements to help the body expel the poisons. The more we eat sprouted seeds,
the less we need dietary supplements. They are the most concentrated
and the cheapest dietary supplements. When we’ll feed sub-developed countries
with sprouted seeds, when we’ll send them
seeds and seedbeds, there will be
no more hunger in the world, they will become creative, happy,
and they will not need anyone anymore. Abundance is here.
We have everything, and more. I told this to these children. Nature gave us everything
to turn our life into paradise. We have everything.
We just have to pluck, This is absolutely marvelous. How do you want to delight more than with a handful of cherries, two apricots, two peaches, or a melon? We really need…
We have missed out on wonders of life. It was said to us:
You have eyes and do not see. You have ears and do not hear. We were unaware. We have missed out on
the true values of life, and we are paying
a very heavy price for it. We live in illusion and conditioning.
We are not our own masters anymore. We are dominated, shaken, heckled,
and we suffer. Wouldn’t it be hell? For instance? I am strongly tempted to believe it. To replace fruit sugar, we made white sugar from beet, cooked at 140 Celsius
for 40 minutes, it is reacted with methylene blue,
benzene tetrachloride and animal black. Is it not a good product
for our children? Are you not surprised to see them
fickle, not well, grumpy and choleric? We make them so,
we turn them into alcoholics. All children that have consumed
a lot of sugar head later towards alcohol or drugs. Well done, white sugar. White sugar is a real poison. It has nothing to do with fruit sugar,
which is the real sugar. Fruits made their sugar
thanks to energy from earth, water, air and sun. This is life energy. Only them can deliver it to us. You cannot deliver
something you don’t have. The prettiest girl
in the world can give only what she has. Trainings? Obviously! I offer consultations for 55 years. I also advise to every person to do what they can to make their life better, preserve and improve their health, and most often recover health. People who come to see me
have lost their health, have done lots of things, and do not recover their health,
so they try, maybe it can work. Yes, it works.
It works very well. I have had cases.
Wonderful cases. Cases of leukemia and cancer. All cancerous who come to see me are simultaneously seeing
a professor in oncology, which is well-inclined
towards true and natural things. I do not know
if I should mention his name. I will not mention it. But finally, there are physicians that are aware that the medicine
taught by medical faculty is not a health medicine. In reality, there were taught
to switch off the red warning lights. It means
that each time the patient body attempts to eliminate,
it is suffering and in difficulty. The medical faculty
taught to the physicians to stop these phenomena which make people sad and sick
at the time. However, if we proceed this way, without understanding
our organism functioning rules, we made diseases
more and more serious and deep. By continually silencing
our immune system, it finally becomes mute. And it surprises us. Trainings?
I enjoy dispensing trainings because I can explain our body functioning to all trainees and show them in practice how we can feed ourselves simply, economically, ecologically, and this is the starting point of all environment problems
and world problems. It begins here. Every situation starting point will lead it to its destination. Let’s take for example
water from the Gotthard, the Gotthard massif in Switzerland, where a river flows southwards into the
Rhone that flows to the Mediterranean. The same water flows northwards into
the Rhin that flows to the North Sea. Depending on the starting point, the destination
will be totally different. If we consider our body works… There are four
basic functioning rules. Respiration,
we cannot live without breathing, I challenge anyone, I challenge the most clever one to prove
he can live without breathing, Food. It is true that today people live
from respiration and do not eat. I was trained by such people
to understand. They exist. I’m not there! Sleep, so we can digest. And elimination
of residues from all combustions. When these four basic rules work, normally, naturally, we can love, i.e. make the choices
that will lead us to what fits us most, because love is not given by chance. We love. When love makes us
truly and deeply happy, calm and serene, then it is the right way, and we must head this way. When love makes us unhappy, it is reverse love.
There, all painful passions have always lead to suffering, and this is not the purpose. But if a being is not intoxicated,
there is no painful passion, that said. So, it is certain that to think, love and act, our body, our life laboratory
must work perfectly, and in harmony
with universal intelligence. This way, everything is fine. We are made exactly
like our body cells, which role is to work
through and for each other, for the benefit of the whole set. Our role on this Earth is the same: to work through and for each other
for the benefit of the whole set. Yet for this purpose,
we must be well. If we are not well, we cannot,
because under influence of fear, we will refrain. In reality,
we are exactly like a source. We receive information. A source receives… Wherever it gives its water,
it receives water. As soon as it is blocked
and cannot give its water, it dries up.
Water will flow next to it. Energy, all happy feelings,
and constructive and creative ideas, will pass through us
as long as we transmit them. If we keep them for ourselves, then, we will dry up. Nothing is only for us. All that is ours
belongs to the entire world. We need to be aware of that. It is the greatest marvel of life. We were born naked
and we will leave naked. We will not take anything.
What we’ll leave behind us matters more. What will we leave?
What role will we have fulfilled? I am wondering this for some time. I do not want to leave without to communicate
what I have figured out, what I have learned,
what I have practiced, to a wide audience. Knowing things is useless if these things are useless, isn’t it? Now, raw cuisine, also called crusine.
First of all, when we talk about dietary transition
or dietary transformation, we may think… we may fear not to eat properly, to be a bit deprived, weaned,
frustrated. Well… Cyril, my nephew, when he arrived here the first time, was thinking in the train… His father told me he had a son, he goes to bed when I wake up
and conversely. I don’t know what to do. His son was completely unsettled. He used to live at night and party. He spent the day doing nothing. He used to sleep to recover.
And at night he had party. So do lots of young people, sadly. It is certain that… I asked his father
to invite him one week, and we’ll see. I will see who he is,
if it’s possible or not. Between the train station and here, I already knew it was a good kid
and he was going to do well. He was wondering in the train:
“What food will I get? “One carrot, one cabbage leaf?
How will I get a pizza?” He was very worried. When he discovered what he ate here, he was so happy, today he eats like this
everywhere he goes, at his sister’s, at his friend’s. He leads them to live differently. He says: “It changed my life. “I had energy, I could think clearly,
I wanted to do things, I was happy. “That was totally different “than when I used to drink and party
all night long, “and when I ate pasta and pizza
during the day.” The famous pasta, they have done much harm. One in seven children is asthmatic
nowadays. A child that cannot breathe
and that is suffocated by the mucus that is inside
of his pulmonary alveoli and that must inflate
to detach and to leave. Sadly… What do we do?
What has science proven? To stop this suffocating,
we stimulate the heart. We give heart stimulants
to asthmatics. The attack stops. The asthmatic keeps on eating
his dear bread, pasta and potatoes. He is more and more intoxicated. And then, he dies at 40 years old,
not because of an asthma attack, he dies of a cardiac failure. So died my husband. It made me think a lot and go further in naturopathy studies and really understand
how the human functions. I can say currently, that thanks to,
or because of the death
of several young loved ones, well treated with medications, that I sought, that I told myself
if the Creator existed, he could not want these creatures
to suffer as much as I did, and people who suffered around me. When you seek,
it is written somewhere. Seek and you will find. One day, I met someone,
that put me on the track. When I found it out, I did not stop. Because it spoke to me
and it was right. And it works. Life rules, life principles,
call it as you want… There are functioning rules, that life has set for our body. If we do not observe them,
we get sick, we get sad, That’s all. If we observe them,
everything is well, and even very well. I am enthralled by the beautiful things
happening at every moment. For sure, when we eat living foods… Raw food
is different than living food. Raw ham is raw. Can you bite into a pork leg, in his ham, a living pig? Could you bite into it as a carnivore? You cannot. Then someone has to kill him,
carve him up, to put the raw ham… Whether you like it or not,
it is a slice of a cadaver. Sorry,
but you cannot make life with cadaver. Humans cannot. For certain, there are raw foods… Dr. Seignalet has written a book
about raw food, with plenty of… I have his cookbook
established according to hid methods, it contains lots of raw meat,
raw minced beef and raw stuff. This man died very young. I saw him two weeks before his death,
at his conference in Montpelier, and I saw he did not look well,
for some reason. Of course, because we are not made
to eat just “raw” foods, we are made to eat living foods. Living foods are necessarily raw, but it has to be plant-based. In practice,
there are a few tolerances, like seafood, oysters, sea urchins, and mussels, that we can eat raw. It is living, so we can. And maybe also eggs. If we were released in nature, if we found a nest
we could swallow an egg. There are a few things
that belong to… that are from animals
but that still belong to our food. Can we eat too much? It is certain that
in front of a living raw vegan food, we will not eat excessively, because the instinctive stop
works very well. Our body will tell us quickly
when he has enough. I remember a time, when I was staying
in Baleares with my husband, I loved figs and there were fig trees
in the countryside. I enjoyed them. At some point, the figs I found very tasty at first, burnt my mouth
and I could not eat more. Why? Because my body had enough. My cells said:
“Stop, we have had enough.” But in front of a cooked
and transformed food, there is no more instinctive stop,
so we can eat far more than needed. I agree that excess body weight is not necessarily a pathology, but still… The body is made to be harmonious. It can function properly
only if it is harmonious if it has functional shapes. As for obesity in USA,
extending to the entire world, it is not a sign of health, is it? It would be ideal to start eating our favorite fruits, the fruits we like most. Our cells are very smart. When we see a fruit or a vegetable, our cells know which one we need. We like it and we will go to it. I made some experiments
with my grandchildren, and other children with them. I put fruit baskets. Depending on
their temperament and constitution, I knew what they needed most, and they were not wrong. One took bananas, dates.
Another one took lemons. But, this is clear. Instinct works very well. The fruits and vegetables you like,
the ones you prefer, are, without a doubt,
the best for you. I do not know what they contain, a wild animal does not know either if there is calcium or other elements.
I do not care about it. What I feel is far truer, it is what my cells know. They are far finer
than all existing laboratories. As for breakfast,
when we stand up in the morning, usually we already… It is good to drink, for starters. Cold, lukewarm or warm water. It makes a stomach rinsing. Where possible, an infusion,
because water alone… If you put water alone
in the washing-machine, the clothes will not be washed. Nature gave us all plants, which contain solvents, saponifiers,
expectorants… There is everything. Nature’s pharmacy,
called God’s pharmacy, is complete. The pharmacist, Louis Sevelinge, who is at the origin of Dietaroma laboratory. He refused to sell chemicals
in his pharmacy. He was sued 13 times
by the French Chamber of Pharmacists. But he stood firm. He said: “Nature gave us the plants, “we made essential oils with them,
we can do everything with that. “I will never sell their filth.” Anyway, he was right. Unfortunately, few people
have such a state of consciousness. I am happy to speak about him
and to quote him. At breakfast here, after drinking
a glass of cold or warm water, or with some essential oil drops, or with some hydrosol or an infusion, we can do that. Then, for breakfast,
everyone can eat their preferred fruit. Some people will opt for oranges. Other people
will prefer bananas or dates. For other people…
Let it happen. Let your instinct guide you, and you will feel well fast. If you start breakfast
by giving to your body food that bring energy to it, food that it can digest very easily,
hence food that do not tire it. It is known
that digesting some dishes, some meals said to be complete, put the individuals in a condition of dreadful digestive leukemia,
leukocytosis. Hence the importance of drinking
a coffee or a liqueur, but then they may not be in good shape
and may not have clear ideas. That said, If our children and us
eat fruits in the morning… It is simpler to eat them naturally. We can also, us, civilized humans, we can use a blender, a mixer, to prepare fruit cocktails and purees
that are absolutely delicious. For a child, for instance,
you put one banana, an orange, red berries,
peaches or apricots. You can put anything you want. This way, you can prepare
absolutely delicious fruit purees. I used to ask to my grand children: – What do you want for breakfast?
– A fruit puree, Grandma. – What do you want for lunch?
– A fruit puree, Grandma. – And for dinner?
– A fruit puree. Children love fruits. They like vegetables a bit later.
They are first strongly drawn by fruits. That’s what they need most. If we eat fruits in the morning, then we will maybe eat conventionally at lunch or at dinner. But quickly,
we will need to eat naturally, and eat more living raw foods, like raw vegetables, salads
and sprouted seeds. We will slowly transition. If we do not start with the morning, it is far harder, because we are back in the usual cycle and we’re there! Our old tastes, our old cravings
reappear. The more our cells
bathe in a poisoned environment, the more they ask the product creating
the poison in which they bathe. Here, we are food dependent,
food addicted. Some people like chocolate
because it is a liver stimulant. When the liver is congested,
it needs his stimulant, that is chocolate. When the nervous system is exhausted, we need coffee, alcohol or tea. It is impossible to eat slow burning
carbohydrates without a stimulant. So we are fed and… Almost the entire civilized world
today feeds on cooked dead food
and stimulants. And we want to thrive on that.
We want the world to go well. Don’t count on it. For now,
the world can only be upside down. If it is upside down, we will find
upside down solutions to heal it. But… well… We live in illusion. We have lost our connection
to life intelligence. We do everything upside down. This will make some people rich.
But money cannot buy everything. You can buy a house, not a family. You can buy medications, not health. You can buy entertainment,
not happiness. To access true wealth, our cells need to function well, and we need to know
how to access true wealth. Its worth is much more expensive
than all wealthy people in the world. Let me tell you the story
of a leukemic little girl. One evening in my office, I had a couple,
which came for a treatment with me. On that evening,
they brought their daughter. I had never seen her before. When they entered my office, I… I had a true kind of… When I saw the little girl,
I knew she had leukemia. I told them:
“I do not know what to do with you, “I do not receive you today.
Please put your daughter in bed. “But we have not come for her.
We can for us both. “I know. Please go home
and put your daughter in bed. “I do not know what I will do.” They might have believed
I was disturbed. After that, I went home. I asked for help
to whom it may concern. My daughter-in-law had an idea.
At that time she was a junior doctor in pediatrics
in the Mariva hospital. I called her and told her
what preoccupied me. She told me: “Send her to the hospital,
we will examine her.” I sent them… “We did not want to go to the hospital,
we want to go to you.” “Go to the hospital and do… At 6 a.m.,
she came to my bedroom and said: we carried tests on her all night,
the little girl has a leukemia of the most serious type.
For us, she has at most 2-3 months left. Alright… What should we do? I call Mr. Marchesseau
in naturopathy school. I call Mr. Sevelinge from Dietaroma. Both told me: “Put her in the hospital.
You cannot do it alone.” You must combine both methods. We put her in the hospital. She was treated by the hospital. However, in parallel,
we modified her ground. The little girl
was nourished by juices. I asked to her parents to stay continuously next to her
with a juicer, and each time she wanted something, to juice carrots, parsley, and other elements I indicated. When my daughter-in-law,
junior doctor in pediatrics, asked to her boss if it was allowed, He answered to her:
“We have nothing to lose.” He authorized her parents to stay
and prepare juices for her. Moreover,
she had indicated dietary supplements. Moreover,
she was magnetized every day. Moreover, she had essential oils. We… We did not spare essentials oils, that were diffused in her room
and used to friction her. Two months later, after she lost her hair,
after she underwent the medical treatment for leukemia, the little girl was beginning to… She was getting better and better. Some time later, she went out, cheerful,
in the triumphant arms of her daddy. She had to go back once per week
to the hospital, for a maintenance therapy. After a few weeks, I realized that the treatment was over. We had to stop the treatment,
because she did not recover. I talk about it to her parents,
obviously they were not willing to… They were scared
not to go to the hospital. So we waited some more time. Curiously, three days later, when her parents
brought her to the hospital, she reared back, she threw a tantrum
in front of the hospital gate. Her father said he could not force her,
she would have broken in two. She refused to enter the hospital. Hence, victory. They came back home,
they did what I said, and eight months later, the medicals tests could not even detect
that there was a leukemia. Since then, she got better and better,
her hair grew again. The interior of her eye vascularization
was red, it was heavy as lead. She was healed. She married lately
and she’s very well. All the fuel
we put into the human body has an effect on our entire being. There is no specialization,
there is no hearth disease… It is a whole set. If we gave only herb and hay
to the cows, these poor animals,
as it so happens herbivores, would not have got sick neither mad. It is exactly the same for men. This is not rocket science. If we respect life rules and principles,
everything will be alright. I have started this book
more than 25 years ago. I wrote my observations… This book recounts all my work, all the things I have understood
and observed. It recounts all the consequences
of our inconsistencies, how we made
the most serious diseases. Of course, when I say I am vaccinated
against vaccines, I may not please everyone. When I say that
when we heal the child fevers, serious child fevers,
we turn the child into a hunchback. When I say that if we heal
3 ear infections before one year old, we turn the child into a deaf-dumb. And yet, that is how it exists. When we heal all bronchitises
and asthma crises, we made AIDS Well, yes, we should become aware the reality of things. We have no choice. Either we get back to life rules,
understand them, function
as life intended we function, either we will pay
the hard price for it. Suffering exists just to notice us that we are wrong. It is the warning light that switches on
so we stop as something is wrong. What do we do when a warning light
lights up on our car control panel? Do we switch it off, so we can keep
driving without to be annoyed? That is what university of medicine
taught to the physicians. We turned the physician
into Dr. Knock. We did not make of him
a health physician, We do not know health. In medical school,
they do not even mention food. My youngest daughter
wanted to become a physician. She had her reasons. When she was in 2nd year,
she called me and said: “Mom, really, Today we had courses on all digestive pathologies,
on all digestive diseases. We had all medications, all pathologies, all operations, but we have not spoken about food. Really,
we could have spoken about that. Well, yes. Food does not exist. The physicians learn to switch off
the red lights, without wondering
why they switched on. It is clear. Fortunately, some physicians
have understood these things and try to live
and practice true medicine. Thank God, we have to gather
all the people working for a true health, and combine
all our efforts and knowledge in order to put the world back again
on the right track. The track of life
and all its benefits. The publisher Editions Jouvence
told me three years ago: “Your book looks like a best-seller,
Ms. Grosjean, but I cannot sell it.” I showed it to Editions Ariane
and other publishers. Same answer. You need to understand
the meaning of this book to have the guts to publish it,
it is certain. Otherwise, it could seem mad, and I could seem like a crank
and a complete madwoman. I am no madwoman, because I know what I say
and I can prove it. And I am willing to. We do not function on specific aspects,
we function as a whole set. It is completely crazy to make such medical specializations. A right leg specialist,
a left leg specialist. The left leg is called this way
and the right leg another way. We have put extraordinary hard names
on all symptoms, so that we do not understand
anything. If we want to be understood,
we speak people’s language, we do not speak
an exclusive language. For sure, I want to talk to people. In order to convince,
you need to be convinced. You can be convinced
only if you have practiced. For certain,
the type of life I propose is the most economical. It is ecological, economical. Moreover, social security should give to healthy people a bonus. I have not used my social security card
for fifty five years, I have had a dental appliance issue, because I ate lots of diaries
when I was a child, and my teeth… So I wear a denture. I went to social security in Tarascon
and they told me: “We do not have a card in your name,
Ms. Grosjean. “When was the last time
you used you social security card?” I answered to her: “When I gave birth to my last child,
55 years ago.” She said: “If you do not use
your social security card for 20 years, “then you are dead.” “Sorry, I am alive.” Really… Frankly, when you live,
when you treat properly your body, you do not need
social security anymore. Social security
could save so much money. In my opinion, healthy people should have a bonus, as for car insurance, and the unhealthy people
should have a penalty, because it is abnormal to be sick, and to need society
to ensure your care services. Let’s be logical, current treatments
are destruction treatments. We should not say
that food is expensive. Even if organic fruits
cost a bit more than other fruits, we eat far less
than when we eat pasta, which require meat,
cheese accompaniments, as well as coffee, alcohol, and medications. With a few raw vegetable,
you can make a huge salad. If you cook them,
there is nothing left. You need to use electricity, energy, and you need 5-7 times
more vegetables. Last night at dinner,
you ate raw asparagus. With 5-6 asparagus,
you almost get a full meal. If you cook them, you need at least 500 grams
per person. Sprouted seeds cost nearly nothing. For sure, you do not need to eat everything raw. Sometimes, you will still need and crave for a warm meal. That is why I invented
warm raw soups. You have tasted them,
they are delicious, aren’t they? It is just a bit warm, but in winter, after a raw meal, because it is important
to eat raw food first, in order to activate
digestive secretions, and then as a dessert,
some warm soup, instead of the infusion. A small… A small velouté, a small creamy soup, of mushrooms,
or cauliflower and curry, or red pepper and ginger, or carrots and sage, or plenty of delightful things. You can find recipes on the website There are about ten soups, thanks to them, if you like soups,
you can prepare a delicious raw soup. They can be prepared in two minutes,
with much less ingredient volumes than cooked soups. I believe I have had
all possible disease cases, as long as the sick person
has not been excessively treated with powerful medications, meaning the person self-defense system
has not been destroyed, and as long as the sick person
is determined to do what must be done… It won’t happen by itself,
it requires efforts. We have awful habits, we live in a world
where we are completely conditioned to do everything upside down. To my mind, all diseases are curable. It does not mean
all sick people are curable. There is a nuance. I had AIDS clients, of which the
chairman of Genova AIDS association. There are many chairmen. After four years
of deep transformation, he was in an extraordinary shape,
and he had no more virus. The second man became
in two years the boss of the firm where he works. He is well. Humans,
when they eat the wrong foods, fill the hospitals, prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and need weapons factories. We are not made for this. Humans are made
exactly like their body cells. There is no most important human,
like there is no most important cell. Every one of us is made to work through and for each other
for the benefit of the whole set. Happiness and creativity are here,
not somewhere else. One of my clients Simone Jouglas, who was
the famous santon-maker in Marseilles, that I… I took her for treatment
when she was 75 years old. At 90 years old, she told me: “Ms. Grosjean,
please speak about rejuvenation. “This winter,
I worked more than the usual, “I am 90, “I did not feel the cold,
I am not tired, “Since I started eating all raw,
it is amazing. “Please speak about rejuvenation.” We can be young at 90 years old, and be old at 15 years old. After this,
can we say anything better? Life can be only good,
from every angle. I am grateful to life everyday. I run out of time to be amazed
by everything it gives to me, and by everything it gives
to people that follow it. That might be paradise.

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  6. On a besoin de dirigeants de cette trempes…qui prêchent pour tous les humains non pour amasser,conquérir…détruire.
    Vous êtes une belle et grande Dame Irène 🙏

  7. Jcromprends pas… Tous ses bergers qui existe depuis la nuit des temps.. même dans la bible on parle de bergers dans pas mal de versert.. Irène Grosjean fait souvent mentions de DIEU quand elle parle de santé. .mais si la viande était un poison pour l homme, il n'y aurait pas tous ses gens qui en vivent depuis des décennies et vont très pense que c est l alimentations moderne, transformé et tt ses pesticides et j en passe.. plus, le stress, choc émotionnel etc.. qui a complètement bousillé notre organisme. .les fruits et légumes ne sont pas disponibles partout et tt le temps.. il n'y a pas toujours eu d avions pour en transporter et n y a pas toujours eu des extracteur de jus, tt cela n'est pas naturel.. par contre il y a toujours eu des bergers, des élevages et des fermes ..bien-sûr que la viande et le lait n avait absolument pas la même qualité dans nos campagnes que celle qu on nous vend aujourd hui dans les grandes distribution .. . Mais bien-sûr tt cela et juste mon humble avis.. prenez soin de vous. . C est l essentiel ❤❤

  8. j'ai toujours mangé des fruits/ légumes cru .pour mes grignotage bin c'est des branches de celeri ou carotte ou feuilles de salade vais 3fois au selle par jour j'ai aucun problème d'estomac aucun rhume en hiver.

  9. Cette supetiorite blanche, Les pays sous develippes sont bien plus portant phtsiquenent et mentalement que l'occident et populace .

  10. On ne peut pas faire de vie à partir de ce qui est mort? Donc les vautours qui se nourrissent de charogne, les hyènes, les goélands et de nombreux animaux qui se nourrissent exclusivement ou presque de cadavre ne devraient pas pouvoir vivre alors?

  11. Bonjour madame Grosjean,je vous ai suivi de long à large sur votre plaidoirie c'etait édifiant mais j'aimerai avoir une précision sur l'évacuation des résidus du sucre dans le corps.Vraiment la distance fait defaut sinon j'allais personnellement prendre contact physique avec suis en République Centrafricaine et je fait 115 kgs pour 1,70m et je voulais perdre un peu de poids par rapport à cela.Merci et bonne réception

  12. Irène, vous êtes une femme magnifique, pleines de savoir et de bonne sens , vous être là grand mère que j jamais eu , Kamila 30 ans {Algérie}

  13. ou peut on avoir les informations sur cette école au maroc ? J’aimerais étudier la vraie naturopathie comme toi, plus en profondeur pour devenir médecin naturopathe frugivores crudivore 🥺 mais je suis en Belgique et il y a rien sur ce métier 🥺 je veux réellement soigné le monde

  14. Bonjour madame pourriez vous me dire si l'on peut endormir le virus destein bar avec de l'argile charbon etc…
    Merci beaucoup
    Mon naturopathe est loin et cher et contact difficile
    Je suis en Bretagne
    Merci madame

  15. Merci Madame Grosjean
    Je cherchais à changer ma façon de m'alimenter et je crois avoir trouvé la bonne voie pour. Je remercie notre Seigneur Jésus pour ce que vous nous partagez. Merci aussi à mon ami Alex. Soyez bénie 🙏👋

  16. mais pq? attendre pour vous de VIVRE ??
    la vie est si belle depuis le premier jour de votre vie, malgré, les joies, les peines, les soucis, les super problèmes et qui bien sur vous aident à apprendre. J'ai 88 ans et vis mieux que dans ma période d'ado et mariée (bien sûr mes enfants, petits-enfants, et arr pt-enfants c'est super pour moi et ils me le rendent bien !!)
    Vivez AUJOURD'HUI !! en bonheur

  17. J ai beaucoup aimé ces conseils nous devons tous les appliqués il s agit d un probleme de santé mondial l etre humain s empoisone avec ces produits
    fabriqué et de ces animaux mort.

  18. J ai découvert la vidéo de Mme Irène Grosjean, il ya quelques jours, son expérience, son partage m ont complètement fait changer ma façon de penser, j ai été captiver pendant 3 jours à regarder ses vidéos, ce qui me donnait de l énergie rien qu à l écouter, le soir avant de me couchais je ne pensais qu au bienfait de cette nouvelle alimentation
    Bien sur dès le lendemain je me précipiter à passer à l acte pour une meilleure santé..
    Vivement dans un mois pour commencer à avoir des résultats
    Merci Mme Grosjean 🌹

  19. Mais comment fait-on pour nettoyer la lymphe dixit l’humeur ? Jeûner ? Tisanes ? Combien de temps ? J’ai pas mal de colle à éliminer…. Merci

  20. J ai pris une sacré claque avec votre vidéo. Arrêtons de perdre notre temps avec les Netflix, ou match de foot! Ç est le type de vidéo que à mettre à la télé . Merci encore

  21. De quel livre parle-t-elle ? Celui qui a l’étoffe d’un best seller… refusé par les éditeurs…. Il est sorti finalement ?

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