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– Hi I’m Steffany Haynes, I am your iridology instructor, and I want to welcome you to your “Introduction on.

– Hi I’m Steffany Haynes, I am your iridology instructor, and I want to welcome you to your “Introduction on
Iridology Certification”. Now if you’re curious and are interested in becoming a certified iridologist, the video you’re about to watch contains information on
what you’ll be learning in Level One and Level Two
“Comprehensive Iridology”. You’ll also gain valuable
details regarding the requirements necessary for
achieving your certification. And as a bonus, there’s an
additional course available on basic strategies on building
your new iridology practice. If, after the video, you are motivated to take the next steps towards achieving your
iridology certification, then go ahead and enter your email to receive course information and details for upcoming classes. I’m so excited for you to
begin your iridology journey, right here, right now. Enjoy the video. – [Steffany] Welcome to
“Iridology Education, steps towards achieving
your certification”. Iridology has advanced
exponentially over the years and it is my honor to be
able to share with you this evolutionary education. Iridology can stand
alone as one of the best, non-invasive and effective
assessment systems of identifying and managing
genetic predispositions. Or, if you already have
an established practice, by including iridology
into your evaluations, you’ll be able to enhance your methods of healing for your clients, even further. You’ll be taught iridology at its roots, which is the main focus
of any iridology modality. You’ll be educated with
the core principles, along with additional
iridology perspectives that will allow you to address iridology from an even greater holistic approach. As your iridology instructor, I’ve been educated and trained from the top iridologists in the industry. And I am accredited and qualified through the International Iridology
Practitioners Association, to teach you and to ensure that you meet the highest of standards
in iridology education. We all have to begin our training with the basics in iridology. This is where your journey will begin. Level One, Iridology Basics. This is a three day course, where you’ll be introduced
to an analysis system that is revolutionary in understanding genetic predispositions and
current health conditions. Iridology has been around
for thousands of years and you will discover the history and evolution of this science. You’ll be introduced to the
new iridology terminology, and get to know the meanings behind iris colors and constitutions. You’ll also learn how to
correctly use a light and lens to do an iris examination. By the end of this course, you will have earned your
Level One certification, and have the basic iridology comprehension to practice your skills on others. Level Two, Advanced Iridology, is where we get to dive deep into the next phase of iridology. At the end of this level, you will have everything you need to go all the way towards
obtaining your certification. This is a more in-depth course curriculum that will encompass five
days of intense training. Upon a review of what
you’ve learned in Level One, we will delve right in and go even deeper and discover iris subtypes,
markings and their meanings. We will learn about the pupil and the importance of its purpose in validating and clarifying
iris observations. There’s seven body systems
that we will identify, and determine their locations throughout sections of the iris. We will also look at the sclera, the whites of the eyes, and uncover science that will corroborate your iris findings even further. We will also touch on
another level of iridology that will give you a unique
and holistic perspective. This is an opportunity
to learn a point of view that will encompass a broader
range of interpretation. This is an intensive training
that will prepare you to efficiently and effectively assess your clients at an advances level. Your certification
training exam preparation begins once you’ve completed
your Level Two training. You are now ready to encompass everything you’ve learned
and put it to practice. You are almost there, and this is where we will
work together and prepare you so that you will easily pass
your certification exam. Your certification and training is setting you up for success and now that you’re ready to begin, you will continue to
study and train with me. I will guide you and mentor you to set you up with a successful outcome. You will put into practice all
your new skills and knowledge doing live iris readings. And when you are ready, we’ll prepare 10 case studies that you will hand in for grading. I’ve given you four to six weeks to complete your assignments and be ready to take your exam. The exam is completed online through the International Iridology
Practitioners’ Association, and once you’ve passed all the sections with a 90% or above score, and have met all the requirements, you’ll receive your certification through the IIPA organization. It’s imperative that you
have everything in order to be qualified to receive
your certification. This is to ensure that you
have all the requirements to be accredited as a certified
comprehensive iridologist. Here are the steps to
finalizing your requirements and becoming certified in iridology. You must complete Levels One and Two, Comprehensive Iridology studies, by an IIPA-approved certified
iridology instructor, submit proof of an Anatomy
and Physiology Certificate, transcript or diploma of a degree through an accredited course, submit 10 iris evaluations
for evaluation and review. This is part of your preparation for exam, and this is a part of
your examination process. You also have to be a member of the International Iridology
Practitioners’ Association. Once you’ve completed Level Two, and as part of your
certification training, I honor your commitment with
a complementary full year student membership to get you started. Once you’ve passed your
certification exam, your membership status will
advance to the next level, and you’ll be listed as
a certified comprehensive iridologist on the IIPA site. After your first year, it will be up to you to maintain your qualifications and
membership with IIPA. In the past, you were given a certificate and then sent on your way. There was no follow through
with what comes next. So I’m here to offer
you an additional course that will help you get started in building a successful iridology practice. In this one day course, you will learn valuable tools to begin building your business, such as understanding how to
interact with your clients efficiently from a natural
healthcare perspective. You’ll gain understanding regarding the processes and procedures,
like forms and iris equipment, to encompass a full iris evaluation. You’ll become informed on the most current online marketing strategies to
help you evolve your business and build your clientele. These strategies will help
you to begin your business and establish yourself
as a leader in iridology. I have over 25 years of natural health and iridology combined experience, and my goal is to share
with you everything I know, so that when you graduate from the comprehensive iridology program, you’ll be set for success
in your iridology journey. Imagine the possibilities
of achieving this knowledge, that in some countries, only the medical profession can practice. This is your opportunity
to receive the best and the most current
education in iridology today. I am here to facilitate
the educational standards and to ensure that
every one of my students becomes the next generation
leaders in iridology. There are dreamers, there are thinkers, and then there are doers. Be a doer, take massive action, and walk into your future today. I am Steffany Hayes, I am a Diplomat in Holistic Iridology, a Certified Comprehensive
Iridology Instructor, and a natural health practitioner. I am passionate and dedicated
at educating my students with the highest of standards to inspire and support
them through their process and to motivate them to break through any limiting beliefs that prevent them from achieving their full potential. I believe in you and I am looking forward
to working together towards your iridology certification. Thank you everyone, I hope to get to know you soon.

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