Iridology Terms – What are Lacunae and Crypts?

hi I’m Beth Hovis with Trinity School of Natural Health what is a lacuna what is a crypt? these are.

hi I’m Beth Hovis with Trinity School of
Natural Health what is a lacuna what is a crypt? these are little terms we hear in
Iridology sometimes and what does that mean what are we seeing in someone’s
iris when we see a lacuna or a crypt? there are fibers in the iris that come
out from the pupil to the edge of the iris and when there is a separation of
the fibers it forms a little hole in the iris and we call that a lacuna if it’s
really small we call that a crypt and when we see these separation of fibers this
lacuna in the eye we want to look at what area of the body is being affected
because usually there is a deficiency a lack of energy flowing to that area of
the body depending on how gray or dark gray it is will indicate how little or
how much energy is actually getting to that organ usually we see crypts those
tiny little lacunae anywhere in the eye but mostly we will see them along the
collarette and when we see these crypts we know that that is an indication of
bowel disorders in past generations of the family so what that means for us
when we’re looking at someone’s iris is pay attention to the area of the body
where a lacuna shows up that will indicate to us where we need to support
the body if we see the little crypts in the iris along the collarette or along the
nerve ring we know we want to help support the digestive system when we see
lacunae it does not mean that this person is actually having a problem with
that organ or gland it just means there’s a potential there there’s a
potential that the energy isn’t flowing there like it should be so what can we
do to help support well if there are a lot of lacunae if we usually want to
help support the glandular system because that usually means there’s a
weakness in the glands if there’s just a few lacunae in different areas of the
iris we want to support whatever organ or gland is being shown in the iris and
that usually means you can do things like herbs or even exercise to help and
don’t forget water when you see lacunae in a friend or family members
just know that that’s a potential for a weakness there it doesn’t mean that that
person has a problem it’s just a potential for problem and when we study
iridology and we see these signs now we have a clue how to help that person how
to help ourselves support the area of the body that a sign is showing up in

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