Iridology Terms – What is a Nerve Ring?

hey I’m Beth Hovis with Trinity School of Natural Health and today we’re going to talk about nerve rings also.

hey I’m Beth Hovis with Trinity School
of Natural Health and today we’re going to talk about nerve rings also called
stress rings or contraction furrows that you might see in someone’s eye when
studying iridology these stress strings or nerve rings that
we see in someone’s eyes can go back from four generations and usually show
up in someone’s iris when they have been in a lot of tension or stress or there
has been a lot of tension and stress in past generations including parents
grandparents and great-grandparents so they are showing up in the Irises of our
children today what are contraction furrows? what do they mean to us? usually when we see contraction furrows or nerve rings in someone’s eyes
we know that person is a go-getter they’re a hard worker they tend to burn
the candle at both ends they are what you would call the type-a personality so
how can you help someone who has these nerve rings contraction furrows in their
eyes?… well first you want to help support them
with minerals and B vitamins because people with contraction forrows they burn
through their minerals and they are so stressed out sometimes they need a lot
of B vitamins also making sure that we’re eating foods that are high in
minerals foods are the best way to go we want foods that are high in minerals and
high in B vitamins like your natural grains including brown rice and quinoa
things like that don’t go out and eat wheat go out and get some good healthy
grains and include them in your diet as well as your green leafy vegetables and
other vegetables that are high in minerals another thing that we want to
do is help that person to relax and to de-stress their life and just a side
note I have contraction furrows in my eyes so I know what I’m talking about
here so yoga meditation peaceful calming music things like that and learning to
laugh at ourselves and take things easy is a great way to help calm the tension
and reduce the stress in our lives

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