Welcome to our YouTube Spiritual TV channel. Thank you. Thanks that I could interview you because you’re a special woman..

Welcome to our YouTube Spiritual TV channel.
Thank you. Thanks that I could interview you
because you’re a special woman. You have a lot of qualities and can
show the world who you are. Can you explain to me what you’ve done
from past to present? How are you
entered the spirituality? I came in spirituality,
by life itself. Because there are many problems, I
seek the values which are very important to me. I ended up in iridology. I have worked 20 years in the hospital
with an ear, nose, throat doctor. I also saw that there was only work symptomatically. Fine, but it is not complete. So that’s actually
why I started to study in iridology. And definitely iridology
as a mirror of the soul. And the body 2nd.
That’s important to me. It’s very special. Are there many people come to you about
what you are doing now? Yes, very much. But a lot of people because they
not really get any further in the regular health care…
Everything is examined, they are ready. And yet there are complaints. There are complaints from people,
it is because their diet is not good? Nutrition is a very important point
. And based on the iris
you go watching, This person should this
diet have, but another person not at all. A person who has suffered from
the intestines will have to do very much… with foods. Someone who has a lot of bother
of the joints, rheumatism, can do a lot with nutrition. I also believe in what you are doing
because,I’ve seen you at the fair. There are rows of people sitting
waiting for you. You’re a very special woman.
A lot of people have… confidence in your work. My husband and our friend
have been with you, It has helped my husband and our friend
. But I do not dare to come,
but I’ll come. In this you are invited. Perhaps the time
was not ready yet. My husband tells me you have to go there.
Go now, it’s good for your health. I know, one of these days I will come to you. My husband has confidence in you.
In all that you do. You help a lot.
A lot of people… Talk positively about you,
what you all do. It’s very special.
That’s good to hear. What is important,
iridology is an scopy. It’s watching.
It is not a diagnosis. No, it is not a diagnosis.
That should do the doctor. The doctor has his own work.
And we have our own work. Therefore, what you are doing
is very important for the… people here on earth.
People have it necessary. Everyone has their own qualities. I am proud that I could interview
today. I’m so proud, at
am so proud of you. I’m sure there are quite
many people come to you. Thank you, nice to do. And a lot of success, even with this. You also thank you and good luck.

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  1. helemaal mee eens, want niet alles is met de wetenschap te bewijzen. er is meer dan hemel en aarde. jammer dat sommigen niet verder kunnen kijken en denken dan hun neus lang is…

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