It is Possible to Cure Ulcerative Colitis with Herbal Remedies in Ayurveda !! & Real Testimonial

Hello, Ms. Parneet! Hello. Since you’re here with Dr. Vikram Chauhan, kindly, let us know regarding what health issues have.

Hello, Ms. Parneet! Hello. Since you’re here with Dr. Vikram Chauhan, kindly, let us know regarding what health issues have you been taking treatment from Dr. Vikram? I felt really bad about my health. I had pains all over my body especially backaches. Then, in June, 2015, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis. By that time, I would pass stool about 25 times every day. In the beginning, I would pass stool about 10 times daily then the frequency went up to 25 times per day. Sometimes, I had to use the toilets after every 5 minutes. When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis, I was given some tablets which didn’t work and my body would ache all the time. After a week, I stopped taking those medicines and they gave me another set of medicines which had the same side effects. Which medicines were you prescribed? You were going to the toilet 25 times a day when you were diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis in 2015 and you must be pretty depressed because of your diagnosis!? Very depressed! We have a business and I would stand there and cry all the time with no reason. People would ask me why I was crying or how I was feeling and I had no answer to that question. I had not been feeling very well, I was so low and had fights all the time. What did the doctors say? Did they tell you anything about your disease? They didn’t tell me anything. They just gave me the medicines and said these are for life! They said, it was for life and cannot be cured? Yes, can’t be cured and the medicines were to be taken all my life. You were given Asacol, Mesacol, Salazopyrin. Did you face any side effects of these medicines? Yes, I did face a lot of side effects, hair loss was the most and then, depression was the worst, we had so many so many troubles in the family. My husband and I would fight with no reason. I would feel angry all the time. One becomes irritable because of the disease and the agony associated with it. How did you find Dr. Vikram Chauhan? When I taking Salazopyrin, I was feeling ok but I was still looking online for a quick cure in a day or two then I found Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s YouTube. My brother and dad came here and took medicines for the first month. I started feeling fine in the initial two weeks. My body was completely changed, I felt really happy and calm. So, you consulted online and ordered the medicines from England? No, my parents would come here to get the medicines and then, parcel them to me. Yes, her parents live near our clinic and they would send her the medicines. My family is from Patiala. Dr. Vikram, what medicines did you prescribe her? Here’s the prescription. She lives in England, Liverpool and she came here and started her treatment since September, 2016 till now, so, basically around eight-nine months. Can you show her prescription to our viewers? Yes, sure. I’m giving Pitta balance, Kutajghan Vati, Vatsakadi churna, Arjuna Capsules. Such are the herbs which I’m usually giving to my patients who complain of a high stool frequency of 10-20 times with blood and cramps in the abdomen, then, there is irritability and depression. I just want to tell my viewers that there is hope and it’s nothing to worry about. Ayurveda is there, we have so many natural herbs which can cure the problem from its root. There is a very common herb called Marigold. If you don’t find any other herb, there are marigold flowers, you can crush its petals and consume its juice. You can take banana, yogurt everyday but don’t take milk, buttermilk and cheese. But yogurt is very good. You can also take Pomegranate juice. Did you take Pomegranate juice? Yes, I use to drink it every day. I’m still taking it. 50 ml twice a day every single day. Coconut water is very good, it’s very cooling and soothing for the ulcers. Slowly, the ulcers will heal and then there will be no problem. How are you feeling now? I’m feeling really good and healthy. I’m really thankful to Dr. Vikram Chauhan, I saw his videos and came here. Her husband is also here. No, he’s my brother. Oh! I’m really sorry. Her brother is also here, you can ask him if he knows anything. She has come here for the first time. Oh! I didn’t know that. So, you took these prescriptions? We came here. It’s good! Now, I’ve asked her to stop the medicines. She’s going to stop the medicines, now? She’s going to live without medicines. She’s happy and I’m also happy. This is what I want to tell my viewers that it’s possible to live without medicines. This is really a great thing! I want to tell something to the viewers, that if they can’t get a cure anywhere else they should come here and try this for a month or two and I’m telling you, it should work for you all. Thank you very much, ma’am. Thank you.

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