Jamie Oliver’s Secret Herb Garden

Let’s go get some herbs. Now, it’s just an opportunity to get out of there, but herbs, wherever you live.

Let’s go get some herbs. Now, it’s just an opportunity to get out of there, but herbs, wherever you live – sorry it’s a miserable day here herbs are a really really important part of cooking, and this is where I live in Essex when I planted this up, this was sort of 14 years ago we’ve really added and replaced nothing. OK? So before anyone starts saying “Oh, you’ve got a whole garden” – listen Like, in my whole life, wherever I’ve lived, right I’ve always had herbs in flowerpots, in buckets In most local parks in towns and cities around Britain and around the world have things like oregano, rosemary, sage So just have a little look here This is some simple chives that have come up we’ll have some of that You can see at this time of the year, even though it’s a miserable day Look at the color, look at the color We’ve got oregano here, so these are gonna bring such life and deliciousness, and the sort of list the sort of unmentionable list of benefits from herbs that we don’t even know about It’s phenomenal, history’s told us so much about – so, you know This is, this is my front garden, but it doesn’t matter Even when I lived in London, in a one-bedroom – no, a studio flat I had flower boxes everywhere, full of this stuff I’ve always cooked in exactly the same way. So come over here. Got some mint You gotta be careful with the mint, cause there’s loads of stinging nettles in it I’ll tell you a funny little story So when I did the Naked Chef, just before that I lived in a studio flat, I had like six herb boxes and then when I became famous doing the Naked Chef It was before the days of social media, so I can’t remember where it was but someone basically said: “Oh yeah, I remember, I remember that you used to live in Hampstead in this little studio flat, and I remember you had loads of herbs out of your front room window and I came home drunk once and I **** all over it” and I’m like “Oh, thanks for that”

100 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver’s Secret Herb Garden”

  1. Your herb garden is way better than mine but I would be lost without mine. Love a Flippin good herb garden nothing like fresh picked herbs.

  2. basil, parsley, thyme, tarragon, bay leaves, rosemary, mint, oregano, lemongrass, chives. these are my top ten. Lovely garden Jamie, and yes, even the medicinal qualities of herbs are quite impressive.

  3. I just moved to my new house and I'm starting my herbs this week. My basil is already growing in a little pot.

  4. Jamie I'm the same my back garden has loads of herbs growing I've also got 2 allotment sites as well so fresh veg just setting up a poly tunnel so can't wait so keep the recipes coming so I can try the produce out!

  5. Have you ever seen the Tales of the Unexpected episode 'The Sound Machine'?

    Chives have feelings too, y'know. Also, can you please do a video of you maintaining your grass. You don't have to go all Titchmarsh, but some advice on growing some herb outdoors would very much be appreciated.

  6. jamie looks so awkward trying to catch his breathe while trying to talk to the camera while trying to walk backwards

  7. God bless Jamie Oliver, how much I love him because he teaches me a lot, I wish that I could meet him someday. ❤️😭

  8. Herbs are so easy to grow all year long. I grow them in a window and transplant them out in the spring !!

  9. I absolutely love your house! And your herb garden is so incredibly amazing! I love growing fresh herbs! I don't have a lot of time to keep up with them 😩 and I remember you using your herb boxes on your naked chef show! That was the best part!

  10. Same here. But I just have to have them steps away from the kitchen. And under eye, for bugs and watering.
    Your garden is huge though. Very neat. Good on you, Jamie.

  11. Seriously love all these 'weed' comments. Much like film and literature can introduce and slowly help us familiarize ourself with subjects like homosexuality or having a black president, so does the inscreasing exposure of cannabis in pop culture. I think it's all part of the process of cannabis finally becoming legal/decriminalized.

  12. dream home right there. Well earned <3

    I always wondered how to grow or what kind of herbs to grow, because where I live its so hot most of the year
    would really love an episode on the best herb to grow depending on climate

  13. I couldn't agree more ! Herbs are the most powerful ingredients, you put so little and it adds so much taste, it costs nothing, and is so good for health.

  14. This is sooo cool I live in NYC but have house outside and just planted herbs for the first time soo fun and yummy!

  15. Jamie PLEASE can we have tips on how to grow herbs indoors? I've managed to keep things like Basil, Rosemary, lemon Thyme, coriander for about 2months and then they all seem to die off! I've almost given up but willing to give it another go as I love using fresh herbs in my recipes! 🙂

  16. Need to come up with a new idea for ours haven't had much luck with them in hanging baskets. Nice place you have Jamie.

  17. Great Jamie! I always kept my herbs on my balcony, it´s just great to come out, harvest some herbs and simply pimp your basic dishes x 10 ! So easy and so good. Love your inspirational attitude!
    You are one of the chefs I saw as a little kid and got me into cooking. Love it so much ever since 🙂

  18. j ai vue votre vidéo dans votre jardin pleins aromatique moi dans ma maison en corse j avaient pleins planté aromatique et les sainet bio et un Olivier et des abres fruités figue mes enfants adoré sa il adoré aidées récolter et parfois manger les légumes des qui était laver vous adoré etre avec vos enfants dans leurs explique l amours des bonne choses saine vous êtes un papa qui aiment ç est enfants comme moi avec les miens car leurs papa avait un métier très dur il était militaire il pouvait partir pqrfois un ans ou plus mes quand il rentré il passer six mois jours et nuits a s occupé des enfants et son départ a son métier assez dur les enfants étaient bien triste avec parfois des larmes depuis je ne sais plus voir triste les enfants car se sont des bénédiction et sacrée pour moi maitement il obt grandit et maintenant que mes enfants sont adulte et même jeûne mamy je veux que mes petits enfants sont tristes je suis la toujours la mes. leur papy leur manque car il et décédé il y a un moment et mon dernier petit enfant a bientôt trois ans et ç est mon papa qui a pris sa place pour qu'il ne soient pas triste les week-end en famille ou vacances sont sacrée pour moi une petite famille française et petits enfants qui vous trouve un bon papa et un bon époux qui adore sa belle petite famille je vous souhaite mes encore félicitations pour votre cinquième enfants il et très. mignon se petit ange tous mes vœux de bonheur et amours en famille continuer votre combat contre la malbouffe en France ont est avec vous Jamie Oliver une petite famille française

  19. "her boobs are really really important part of cooking" (0:14) 😂😂😂😂😂 #autogeneratesubsbelike

  20. I wonder what colour Jamie painted his house in the end, as I saw it was covered in test patches 😂

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