Jordan Peterson’s opinion on Antidepressants

So, the question is, how do you differentiate the utility of behavioural/psychotherapeutic treatments for conditions like depression Versus medical treatments?.

So, the question is, how do you differentiate the utility of behavioural/psychotherapeutic treatments for conditions like depression Versus medical treatments? Okay, so the first thing I would say is, um, don’t underestimate the utility of medical interventions. Depression is a catastrophy. It carries with it a very high suicide rate. And it also levels people out, and it’s really hard on their families. And so, and it’s physiologically extraordinarily damaging. And so, if you’re in a depressive state, and it’s severe, you could try an antidepressant. You’ll know in a month if it works. If it works, well, maybe it’ll help you get your life together. Like, we could say, well, maybe you’re depressed because your life isn’t very well together. Could be. Sometimes people are depressed, and their life is just… It isn’t fine, because no one’s life is fine. Everyone’s life is a tragedy. But sometimes people have their lives in order as much as you could expect anyone to have. They have friends, they have an intimate relationship, they have a career that they like, you know, they’re qualified, industrious people, working hard on what they’re doing, and really, playing a minimum number of games with themselves and they’re terribly depressed. Antidepressant, man. Sometimes that will just fix it. And so, hooray! Like, you’re a biological entity. If there’s something out there that can help you strengthen yourself so that you can prevail, great! And you know, people… you hear, ‘everyone takes antidepressants, you know, everyone’s taking them.’ It’s like, no one takes those bloody things without serious consideration. Half the time I spend with my clients when they’re depressed is often a 2 years long attempt to try to get them to tentatively try an antidepressant. Because they’re so guilty that they’re relying on an external crutch to sort out their lives, that they can’t even tolerate it. But, you know, I say, well look, man, what if you had diabetes? You’re not going to take your insulin? It’s like, you got stressed, you blew out at your weakest point, that’s what happens when you get stressed; if there’s something out there that might help you, it’s like, try it, for god’s sake. You’ll know in a month. And you just stop if it doesn’t work. Now, having said that, you want to do a multidimensional analysis. It’s like, well, do you have any friends? Do you have an intimate relationship, or are you pursuing one? Do you have a reasonable career? Are you as educated as you are intelligent? Do you have something useful to do with your time outside of work? Do you have a drug or alcohol problem? Are their other behavioural issues like sleep dysregulation or lack of eating that are contributing to the pathology? You want to differentiate all of that, and wherever you can make a behavioural intervention, so much the better. But sometimes, too, you’re dealing with people whose lives are so wrecked that they don’t even know where to start. They’re different from the ones who have everything in order. And you say, well, try this, man, maybe you won’t cut your throat in the next month. Because if you’re dead, it’s going to be hard to work with you. And so… so… medical interventions, anything! If you’re sick, you do what’s necessary to get better. And you leave your pride behind if you have to. And that says nothing about the utility of behavioural intervention. You want to hit the problem with everything you have at your disposal. But some antidepressants, especially for people whose lives are together and who are depressed, antidepressants can be absolutely miraculous. So… you know, you hear about the clinical evidence in your favour being iffy, and that’s partly because the diagnosis of the depression isn’t very well formulated It’s very different to have a terrible life than to be depressed. And antidepressants can only help you so much if you have a terrible life. So… yeah.

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  1. But I read antidepressants risk side long-term effects? I also read there's a risk of relapse if you take them then stop.

  2. 2:36 Yep my life is a wreck and I don’t know where to start. But my depression, ADD, OCD and anxiety is so crippling I can barely function right now.

  3. I have taken antidepressants for 25 years. Now my life is just the same tragedy as everyone else in my life. They allow me to function. I'm almost never happy. But I'm still alive and rarely consider giving up.

  4. Do you have any friends
    Do you have an intimate relationship
    Do you have a reasonable career
    Are you as educated as you are intelligent
    Do you have something to useful to do outside work

    No to all of the above. But I've had those things before and I was depressed and anxious. Nothing helps.

  5. I had a low baseline mood for pretty much my entire life. On a normal day, my mood was 4/10. That might not sound terribly bad, but constantly being mildly depressed can be absolutely catastrophic to one's social life and relationship prospects. 6 dried grams of psilocybin mushrooms is what cured it. Ever since then, my baseline mood is a constant 5.5 or 6/10. This despite the fact that I still don't have an intimate relationship.

  6. I am kinda disappointed that he wasn’t able to research antidepressants before going on them.
    Yeah they’re there. But magic mushrooms could help. Like, that seems like a less destructive substance….
    if you have diabetes you should be eating decarboxylated cannabis, that can regulate your insulin and even your weight. I’m sad Jordan didn’t figure these things out.

  7. Maybe I will have to listen again while not scrolling to read comments. Edit: I cannot multi task except of the ones I can do through God..
    ..feel taste etc.

  8. Antidepressants are a serious business.
    if you need them, then by all means take them. But get advice from a doctor and ideally a psychotherapist.

    There are other things, certain supplements, that can help them.
    Basically everything is on the table.
    I always thought it was ironic how a pill can be considered a holy intervention of sorts.
    Yet by the same token, supplements and food are consumed and WILL have an effect on you, as well as day to day activity.

  9. Welp i been on about 100mg of ssri for two years now and im still suicidal, though i must say i think psychotherapy has helped me alot.

  10. I wonder how are you about to get antidepressants if you need them, really. Nobody in my close proximity ever got treated in this way.

  11. Would've been nice to have met a psychologist as bright as this guy back when I was at my worst. Instead I sat with a bunch of useless people who never helped one bit.

  12. I just smoke weed everyday. That's not me being funny, either, that's actually what I do. I smoke a bit every night before bed, and every day I can actually function like a well-adjusted human being. My judgement and reflexes aren't impaired since the high wears off by morning, but it helps keep my attitude in check. I'm usually happy, I don't get angry as quickly, and I feel motivated to get up and do things that I need to do.

  13. I like Peterson, but I have to disagree with is assertion that "everyone's life is a tragedy." Admittedly, some people's entire life may be one big tragedy after another, and everyone's life probably does include tragedy on some level (e.g., family member dying, job loss, etc.), but to make a blanket statement that everyone's LIFE is a tragedy, overstates things a bit.

  14. OK, so this one stops me in my tracks… Jordan said “are you as educated as you are intelligent”. What difference does that make? I am not very well educated, but I think I’m pretty intelligent, so I would really like him to expand on that remark. No amount of education can buy wisdom, but no one asks a wise person how much education they have.

  15. My therapist, PhD clinician w/ 20 yeara exp, told me i should take antidepressants for the rest of my life.
    Im 35. And my first suicide attempt was at age 5 or 6. Very vivid memory. After all these years you'd think I'd be used to the mental suffering. But the beauty of manic depression is you get those beautiful escapes! That delicious moment in time when youre flying so high. Im a "very beautiful" woman in my community so that has forced me to retreat indoors because my whole life ppl have tried to hurt me because of my looks. I am being as objective as possible here. I have been sexually, physically, mentally and financially abused. My new doctor wants to switch me to Serequel(sp?) But i just lost a good amount of weight and i dont want to gain it and become some zombie. But i am scared i will attempts suicide again. Im not saying that to get sympathy! Sometimes the thoughts overwhelm me and im just tired. Im tired of this fucking brain. Im lucid in this hell! But then my memory is hazey because ive lived many years not being present. Not fully aware of my surroundings… Isolating myself…anti social behaviors… Bouts of rage… Cutting out sugar and processed food helps!!! Exercise helps but lately it triggering a response of fear and subsequent anger.. I walk outside and. Sometimes im catcalled or giving ugly stares. I get distracted. Thanks for reading

  16. I don't think its as clear cut as take a med, wait a month. Once they got you on a pill (90% of doctor's are either getting kick backs for it's -subscription- perscription, else are literally invested in the company's success of selling its meds via "investment portfolio") they will encourage its use, but you'll complain about it not working or side-effect – ah ha! Yes, they can fix that with more pills! Woot – more money for them – YAY. Am I exaggerating? Hell no – 1 in 6 Americans are on an Antidepressant – that is up selling a disease. Look at the charts – 110 in 1,000 Americans are on antidepressants, but every other country, say UK – its only 70, or say France 50, or say Italy 42, or say Estonia 18…yeah, America, we love drugs.

  17. This video really makes me go like "Yeah, but…".
    Antidepressants can be necessary, yes, but only in probably 10% or less of the time. 
    If you are catatonic, phobic, manic or suicidal, yes. But most of the time it is really the mind that you need the change. Not the hormonal balances.

  18. I have just heard that he is now in rehab because he was taking one of these drugs but benzodiazepines I think it were.

    So he obviously has problems but the drugs did not help he is trying to delude himself to make himself feel better I guess it's sad I can see that drugs were not the answer.

    He shouldn't be promoting them without saying the negatives on then which he now clearly knows what they are

  19. Best anti depressant is $1,000,000….if you aren’t happy after receiving a million bucks the next best thing is a bullet to the head

  20. JP spoke a lot of good sense here! He does come across as deeply caring and I bet he is as good a therapist as one could find and he's absolutely bang on- if you're sick you have a duty to do everything in your power to get better and that includes accepting all and any help,including medicines!

  21. Note: I’m the paranoid type
    Everyone is different biologically and neurologically. I think medication can help people be themselves that’s why people still take them but it can also cause more problems in some people. It doesn’t happen to everyone but I feel like I’m one those people who should stay away from antidepressants.
    I have in the past just taken antidepressants and I’ve also taking multiple meds to treat different things. Stacking meds is never good it can really bring out bad symptoms in the medications. BTW I learned that by looking up the drug reactions because the doctor didn’t think to check that fact before he prescribed me the medication. I get we are all human and you can’t remember every drug symptoms or reaction but maybe look it up first!
    Anyway this is why I’m scared of antidepressants, because I’ve had bad reactions to them in the past. I feel crazier, I’m pacing, I’m seeing things, I gained a bunch of weight quickly, I becoming almost bipolar and that’s when I stopped taking them. Then you get symptoms for not taking them. I started to feel like any drug that suppose to fix your brain really makes you more crazy and more dependent on the drugs. Maybe it’s just the newer stuff I mean they just pump out new drugs all the time. Plus, there is so little we know about the human mind. Yet we act like we do even though everyone complains about all these symptoms, but they don’t stop the selling the drug they just say try this or have more of this. Why don’t you try first? It’s scary. Well, maybe people complain about their symptoms and maybe they don’t but it doesn’t seem like anyone is keeping a record of that. Maybe they’ll stop a drug if there is a lawsuit. It just seems there is a lack of check and balances to the whole thing and it seems that drugs are getting made easily, now. I feel like sometimes people are too accepting of things and they don’t question anything and because of that people can prey on everyone to thrive. People who are never insulted or had a moment that someone made them reflect on themselves grow up to be the worse, I’ve seen it. It just sad, they never learn to stop on their own. Also, the whole white coat thing, people either hate doctors or think they always know best. Even though they are human and they can’t know everything and sometimes they just become jaded too or they don’t care.

    And that’s how I feel about that. Now, prove me wrong please. Please.

  22. He is talking about depression and potential suicide and I'm thinking cowboy boots and academic cardigan make a sexy combo.

  23. I officially lost 50 Lbs 2017-2019 by just being off my antidepressants and an antipsychotic. Now I have 50 more Lbs to go. I gained 100 Lbs between 2016-2017 after being on Prozac and Invega. I still get made fun of for my thighs and weight but at least I see a real difference especially in my face.

  24. Hes right about most things, massively wrong about this. Even as follower of Jordans work I cannot agree with this nonsense. As for him saying people dont take antidepressants without "serious consideration"… antidepressants are being doled out like candy at a fairground. There are US states where 1 in 4 women over thirty are on antidepressants. Comparisons to diabetes are demonstrable bull***t because diabetes is a physical illness which can be treated with physical chemical intervention using the disease model of medicine so his comparison is invalid. If antidepressants work on psychiatric problems how does he explain why their rates are on the increase? If you want to hear someone who actually knows what theyre talking about re antidepressants then listen to Peter Breggin MD. Hes one of the worlds most qualified experts on the effects of these drugs and isnt a college lecturer, hes a top level qualified medical doctor who actually has the guts to tell the truth.

    EDIT- Having made this comment I was reading up on this online and found a quote by a medical doctor. I was reading through a lengthy piece and found he mentioned comparisons of psychiatric drugs to using insulin for diabetes. I was surprised his thoughts mirrored my own :
    "It is often asserted that taking a psychiatric drug is like taking insulin for diabe­tes. Although psychi­atric drugs are taken continuously, as is insulin, it's an absurd analogy. Diabetes is a disease with a known physical cause. No physi­cal cause has been found for any of today's so-called mental illnesses. The mode of action of insulin is known: It is a hormone that instructs or causes cells to uptake dietary glucose (sugar). In contrast, the modes of action of psychi­atry's drugs are un­known—al­though even advo­cates of psychiatric drugs as well as critics theorize they prevent normal brain func­tion­ing by blocking neuro­receptors in the brain. If this theory is correct it is another contrast be­tween taking insulin and tak­ing a psychiatric drug: Insulin restores a normal biologi­cal function, namely, normal glucose (or sugar) metabo­lism. Psychi­atric drugs interfere with a normal biological function, namely, normal neuro­receptor function­ing. Insulin is a hor­mone that is found naturally in the body. Psychiatry's drugs are not normally found in the body. Insulin gives a dia­betic's body a capability it would not have in the absence of insulin, namely, the ability to metabolize dietary sugar normal­ly. Psychiatric drugs have an opposite kind of effect: They take away (mental) capabilities the person would have in the absence of the drug. Insulin affects the body rather than the mind. Psychiat­ric drugs disable the brain and hence the mind, the mind being the essence of the real self."

    So yeah, Jordan is way wrong on this one.

  25. I'm sorry, i think there are ways to get the whole transcript or capture all that's said in this extract/video and maybe using the subtitles(dnt know the methods), but i don't know them, can anyone help me and suggest how i can do that(apps or other ways)? I'd need to have it written down and then i'll translate myself for who i have to give this to.
    N2: i need someone like peterson or someone as qualified and who thinks and observes, works, evolves, studies, is in touch with the current reality too. I think that too many therapists or psichiatrists do not want to… to know more or even know how to work. I think sometimes you need to have someone really qualified and it's just really hard to find, sadly. I think many people who seek psicological support end up basically doing by themselves and could do without, almost. But if you REALLY need help, it'll be very, very difficult to find it. Health is a real luxury. If something goes wrong in your life, you are probably either doomed or really lucky. But i'm… not suicidal and i have to find help.

  26. You can;t just stop taking anti depressants, they calcify your serotonin uptake receptors causing severe withdraws.

  27. Jordan Peterson is my antidepressant, i take him twice a day. Seriously tho his ideas cured my chronic depression. He's awesome. I took responsibility.

  28. Give this a try: apple, beet and carrot smoothie.
    1 apple,
    a bit of beet,
    a bit of a carrot,
    about 200ml of water.

    Drink in the morning. It's good for your health and it elevates your mood naturally (you start seeing results after about a month). It has vitamin B6.

  29. We have a history of depression in my family. Real depression, not just feeling down. Antidepressants have been a lifeline for us. They contain seratonin which the brain produces naturally. If your brain is not producing enough seratonin, then taking an antidepressant is luff changing. With a few weeks it was like someone switched the light back on. This happened to all of us who are affected. We have all been on antidepressants for years. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Trauma and anxiety can cause depression too, but here I would say is where you need extra help and support from a therapist, with short term antidepressant help. I would advise people to take antidepressants if their doc advises it, otherwise you are not helping yourself at all. Peterson is right on that score. Everyone's life is a tragedy? What about 'Life is what YOU are prepared to make it'? Some people are pessimistic and others are positive. It's tragic when we die, but your life doesn't need to be a tragedy. Millions of people go about their lives happy and content, while others continue to bemoan theirs. Then there are the people who really suffer terribly. It depends on the luck of the draw and really where and when you are born. That will dictate the kind of life you may have.

  30. To me, it's a simple route.

    The first thought one gets on a particular subject is the one worth pursuing.

    On top of that, if it's an effort, it's worth doing.

    Brings belief in oneself, gets one going, brings results.

    Even in less active times of life, I find it to be the guiding solution to maintaining a minimum level of activity and achievement.

  31. Antidepressants almost killed me. Threw me into a complete state of psychosis and I downed a whole bottle of purple xanies and went night-night. Woke up with a tube down my throat in ICU.

  32. In the UK the Tory govt has been COMPOUNDING peoples everyday problems , damaging mental health : we' re under constant economic threats and punishments effected in various ways – whether in work or on benefits: while dealing with domestic , personal traumas and griefs – we dont even have a fundamental sense of security about having a secure roof over our heads and basic income while facing these .

    Hence the horrific rise in depression /anxiety , suicide and homelessness – but they dont want to join the dots , because their money madness : That's their mental illness .

    The Tory govt has been truly despicable .


    The scornful dismissive attitude that can be conveyed when people say depression is not "real "is being scornful of people's emotional trauma and demons : arrogant and self centered – and thereby that attitude is * itself* a mental illness symptom .

    Mental health involves how we (mis) handle our emotional experiences and ego – and we all ( mis) handle these our own way – and the process is largely sub concious .

    It is about how we * process * experiences : mental illnrsses are not brain diseases / damage like Alzheimers.

    However deep-seated or whatever symptoms are manifested , this is whats at the root of mentsl illness.

    Chemical effects in the brain are more likely to be the * symptom * rather than cause.

    So its about * mindset *. However :

    Tragically there has been a gross misunderstanding about certain words and phrases – including " its not real " – used in the matter of mentsl health .

    Being ' positive' does not mean be happy in a silly fake way but positive we can address things to resolve them constructively for our dignity .

    Be angry sin not . As wrong as it is to lash out recklessly, repressing emotional issues because guilt fear and shame inhibits us from dealing with matters that leave us feeling aggrieved or indignant will lead to depression ( anger turned inward) and then physical disease – yes , including brain – not least as a consequence of resorting to habits to a dangerous extent for cold comfort escapism or misguided sense of control in life including OCD habits – ie addiction .

    Physical illness/ limiting condition will adversely affect our mood . Deprivation of nutrients is de facto our body under attack : we' ll feel vulnersble . Any habits that we indulge eg non nutritious diet – because depression anxiety that then affect our health will affect our MH : a vicious cycle

    And – unsurprisingly – most of the issues arise from the family situation – the dynamics involved in our most significant emotional base . Theres the book called something like " your family f**s you up" : however its the overly senttmental attitude towards the *institution of the family that is a block to dealing with issues.

    We need to remember 'parents are people too ' : unfortunately in some cases the worst type of people.

    Anxiety speaks of insecurity and we take undue responsibility for situations or events . If anything has any value to us we will fear a loss / not achieving so we can get anxious – though we can put misplaced value in things/ status – but the state of distress behind it needs respecting.

    Anxiety * disorder* arises from a deep trauma.

    We then try to seek a sense of control in misguided ways . Some of this insecurity can be rooted in our basic sense of low self-worth and then we look to others for approval or validation mistakenly.

    Meds have a place but often only mask over matters and they do have side effects. But whatever you feel works for you – though often these do what any other drugs ie illegal substances or alcohol junk food do and is why people resort to these.

    An addiction to * anything * ie where we indulge to the extent we seriously risk our well being and is self destructive – is a symptom of a problem ie emotional torment : the ' thing" is not the problem .

    People need to be careful not to condemn ' drug addicts ' if they take meds is the point I want to make : Its all about emotional torment and facing up to issues can be extremely painful.

    However when we are arrogantly in denial that we have issues and wreaking havoc in others lives people will likely lose sympathy – fast .

    Yes mental illness can express in behaviours that are harmful to ourselves or others . Theres been the PC-ification of mental illness to distance the perception of it from the old idea that a person is inherently a danger to others – but it is not helpful for anyone :

    Basically a lack of humility about how things affect us is what leads to psychopathic mentality .

    Forgiveness towards others and ourselves is important for our health.We can then move on within an arrangement or away from it : it does not always mean reconcillation .

    Of course some things can't be resolved and we try to live with best we can .

    Everyone suffers depression anxiety at some point as the consequence of certain life events, but some of us may be inclined to it as part of a personality trait . Managing mental health involves respecting our shared humanity.

    People who are impatient with others MH symptoms are in fact secretly indulging their * own * self- pity which they would accuse others of : they resent that another person is acknowledging they have issues – not feeling they can allow themselves to do the same . So this impatience itself is often a sign of mental ill health.

    However you should be aware that people who do care sbout you can get scared as they dont understand, frustrated about how to help – and need assurance its not them to blame

    Venting in safe space to someone trustworthy who listens without judgement gets things off our chest helps . Or physically venting in a safe space.

    This is how we try to manage our mh and hence our physical – and yes the wheels come off from time . It helps clear the smog of demoralisation from our view on life fostering our self respect – then we will be able to ' smell the roses ' .

    We need to bring our authentic * selves to the world :

    So in some cases people who would tell us to 'be positive ' – would not like it if we were .

    We do this so we dont cheat ourselves out of living – NOT because we fear being an ' inconvenience ' to others.

    At the socio-political level we are being gaslighted : the government is being emotionaly and psychologically abusive .

    People are set up for failure ( the myth of meritocracy ) but then feel themselves failures – hence skyrocketing depression anxiety rates.

    Moral panics / fears are whipped up – the policies brought in are next to nothing to do with protecting people/ the vulnerable – but to control and exploit the population – including revenue raising scams .

    However the alt left is damaging society too : the bad faith fomented by cynical antagonistic PC ideology propogating adversarial tribalistic mentality – is making people feel they are walking on egg-shells all the time for fear of causing unintended offence .

    No – its not 'just a bug going round' .

    So we are then deemed faulty and its profitable for the pharma industry to get GPs to fob people off with meds.

    Even if you suspect GPs are too ready to diagnose sadness as depression accounting for the increase in stats to dish out meds this* itself *betrays something cynical about the system.

    Its only in recent years mental health is something thats been recognised as a concern to be given even lip servce by the government.

    Our emotionality is a fault – a 'nuisance' – to the government – except of course they exactly rely on manipulating us through fear guilt and shame.

    The neoliberal crony capitalist system is making people ill : its *that * which is sick .

    Right wing govt will compound peoples everyday problems before offering appropriate help: its despicable

  33. I've been taking Wellbutrin for about 3 years now. It's completely changed my life for the better. Like I wish I started taking it when I was in middle school, then maybe my grades coming out would have been better.
    To clarify: This medication works for me. I can't say the same for everyone. By taking it, I can encourage myself getting out of bed in the morning. I don't feel like my head is filled with a warm swarming fog. I just feel like doing things is finally…justified. I can't explain it in any other way. It doesn't have any negative side effects (that I'm aware of), and I overall get along with everyone else.

  34. The only thing that cures my depression is running. It’s hard to start when you’re depressed but once you get going it’s great. You have a few hour window where you feel ok after when you can get stuff done. Seems like 20-30 miles a week does the trick for me.

  35. you are recommending poison to people. you dont even consider the mind control that is used for us the sickly and you weaken us for oyur text book poison

  36. The last two sentences…. what he he points out here: that having a terrible life is different from being depressed, I found that important for people to understand. After my partner died with sudden heart stillstand and he was just over 50 years old, some people said to me the following weeks that I was depressed. Maybe things like this could lead to depression, but hey, I was sad, I was grieving the sudden death of my partner, I showed a perfectly normal reaction! The following year I became ill, lost my job, had two kids to feed on my own on very little income, the landlord increased the rent and I couldn't find a cheaper flat to rent, and yes, then it was all too much and I became depressed. But it was because of the circumstances, not just because I felt down and couldn't even name a reason. There were reasons. Problems that I was unable to fix. I appreciate that Dr. Peterson pointed differences out there.

  37. I've had anxiety and panic disorder for as long as I can remember and I dont remember really trying the medicine they gave me. I thought I could figure it out on my own, diets and working out, and sometimes it just doesnt work. I'm starting a prescription today. If you are holding yourself back from taking medicine, why? I've suffered so long because of something that wont matter in the end, and I dont want anyone else too. Doctors are doctors for a reason. Sure there are bad ones but listen to them, and day by day you'll slowly get better

  38. he´s wrong about something Depressed people are so so depressed they want to die but cant cause of depression
    On the other hand Bipolar people are more common to commit it heres why:
    A depressed guy without medication wont get up from bed or do anything
    A bipolar has changes on his brain like no other so if for 4 months he was in a really depressed state the other 4 months wil lstart growing like lets say energy (will start having more neurotransmitors on his head) this will provoke on the bipolar to commit his act, leading to death

  39. Why not try to fix your life instead? We are depressed because we feel empty and not loved and invisible and a failure and ugly or bad or meaningless. Let's face the reasons instead of making it look like a sickness that happens to us.

  40. im scared of them bc my cousin was on them and her personality changed a lot when she was on them. i think i just nned to shut the f up

  41. my issue with antidepressants is this: i was going through a very bad stretch of – rational – stress, based on real world stressors; couldn’t sleep and was getting very frayed. inquired with a doctor about sleep inducing meds. i was given a six question tear off pad ‘survey’, with lilly drug co logo on the bottom (lilly makes antidepressants, naturally).
    based upon this ridiculous ‘diagnostic tool’, the doctor says, oh, you suffer from depression, i can write you a prescription…
    i told the doctor, you are a quack, shilling for a drug company. how much are they paying you to be a saleswoman?

    i got through the situation just fine, and needless to say found a real doctor.

    antidepressants are over prescribed, and based not upon proper diagnosis, but financial incentives offered by drug companies to quacks.

  42. My life is not a tragedy. I wake up every morning to find ethnic women sleeping under my blankets made of silk. I walk into the kitchen where I am breast fed by my mother who has already prepared an extravagant 3-course breakfast which includes raisins from Somalia, Swedish fish, and turtle soup comprised of the hatchlings served in the father's shell. I then proceed to the bathroom where I sit on my titanium toilet outlined with blood diamonds fetched by starving African kids during world war II. I masturbate furiously for 30 minutes and make a phone call to my dad and tell him that he is not my father. I think that you guys who claim to be experts in psychology really underestimate the living standards of certain people. I am the exception to his poorly-based statement, "everyone's life is a tragedy". Next time, ask me for permission before you decide to speak. You're welcome.

  43. They can increase the risk of suicidal thoughts or actions when you start taking them. They all give the warning, but I am speaking from experience. I wouldn't become too dependent on the drugs if you have a choice. I personally believe they may be useful short term. Try to reorganize your lifestyle in the meantime to help accommodate a more healthy mental state and then see if you can manage without the medication.

  44. What if I don't take Antidepressants because they're designed by big phrama to get you hooked on a serotonin boost from a pill instead of natural neurological healing?

  45. "you leave your pride behind if you have to". hearing this after seeing in an article that Jordan has checked in to rehab makes me all the more proud of him

  46. as much as I like Jordan. I don't agree with his opinions on anti-depressants. The side effects usually say outright suicide warnings: look at Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, on and on.

  47. "….antidepressant man – sometimes that will just fix it…." BUT please consider confirmation bias (as in homeopathy) e.g. and the pills will change something most definitely. Therefore you will think it's 'working' – more confirmation. I'm not convinced with SSRIs and the long term outcomes seem to be worse – see and Robert Whitaker, Dr David Healey, Meddling with Serotonin recycling mechanism – serious stuff. (Me: 22 year SSRI taker).

  48. If only he had taken antidepressants for long term treatment of depression and anxiety, instead of going for the benzos, when tragedy struck. The man can’t follow his own advice.

  49. This is bad advice. Antidepressants hook you and dont let go. If you dont mind being medicated forever go for it. If you dont want to use them forever, dont even let a single pill touch your mouth. Withdrawal from these pills last years not weeks.

  50. so if everyone's life is a tragedy what is the cause to live this life?, Depression is like Diabetes. What if you have both, becouse of antidepressants, you gained weight? I don't like that truistic paratherapeutic quotes.

  51. After his rehab now he knows the dependency and withdrawal from the drugs he's talking about are worse than the depression they are supposed to help

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